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Name:  Azael
Other Names: Azazel (pronounced ‘ăza’zyēl), Gadriel, Rameel
Age [appearance]:  25
Age [actual]:  Azael, once being part of the heavenly host, predates the universe.
Gender:  Male
Species:   Dark Angel (Azazel is regarded as the personification of Wickedness and Impurity)

Appearance: Even in darkness Azael\'s appearance has not changed one bit. His hair is still the golden mane of a servant of heaven, hanging to his shoulders in a great mass of curls that seem to refract light in the manner of a quartz crystal. His eyes are an effulgent blue, the colour of clear water. He stands 6\'1", weighing in at 285lbs, his wings have an impressive 16 ft. span, covoured in black feathers. A tangible corona of darkness seems to surround him at all times, casting his features into beautiful shadows of his former glory.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:  The shackles of the Most High cut into his wrists and his ankles for mellenia. The mark is such that even his angelic flesh has held a faint scar about each wrist and ankle.

Personality:  A bitter angel, indeed. After surviving so long in darkness, he returned to the world starving for it and begged for forgiveness only to be ignored by his creator. It was then that his rage took over. He has wholly embraced his darkness and refuses to look back. His pride will not allow him to deter from his course, making him a very stubborn individual once he\'s decided to do something. His actions were once motivated by love and the purest of intentions, but every endeavor he undertook was corrupted by his pride and vanity. He sees the general state of rot in the collective of human souls and recognizes his own sin, which on some nights makes him rather melancholy and criptic. He is an upholder of justice and fights in the name of Truth; though whose justice and what truth are left to the interpretation of his warped psyche. His opinions sometimes seem a bit skewed as he is capable of seeing a larger picture than most others.

History: In ancient times Azazel was imprissoned in darkness by the archangel Raphael as punishment for the wickedness he spread amongst the hearts of all mankind. He had taught man to make weapons and armor, jewelry and cosmetics and thus brought all manner of wickedness upon the earth. The flood washed away all of the impurity Azazel had spread, but there were those who would remember. Azazel was summomed forth by a small cult of demon worshipers. Dabbling in magics that they could not control, they released Azazel upon the world once again, who, already one with the darkness he inhabited for the eons of his incarceration, proceded to sacrifice the cult members one at a time, in a grusome ritual that made final his disconnection from all that is holy. That night in the gathering hall, part of the estate of the now late Ion Vasilescu, the brutalized boy that was intended as the sacrifice that would bind Azazel to the cult\'s will pledged his soul to the dark angel.

It did not take Azazel long to track down the remaining members of the cult and ply them to his will with powerful contracts, coercing them into worshipping him as a dark god. In exchange for his loyalty, he\'s elevated Traian Vasilescu, the son of the late Ion Vasilescu (and the inheritor of his estate) to a position of power within his cult. He\'s specifically tasked him with recruiting new members and scouting out new contracts. Azazel has taken possession of the Vasilescu estate and made it his home, converting one of the enormous den areas into a throne room where he allows his cult to hold a weekly \'mass\' in his honor.

Awareness of Supernaturals: He is very familiar with all forms of demons and celestials and is passingly familiar with vampires, werecreatures and fae.

Occupation/Job: Azael has been known to make contracts, blessing others with some manner of power in exchange for loyalty and the faith that strengthens him and fuels his powers. He uses these abilities to keep the slowly growing cult he controls pacified.

Interesting Facts / Quirks:  Azael has lost much of his luster in his exile, along with a portion of his memory. If he was whole he would probably be much more of a monster than he already is. Azael has also taken up the mantra of the morningstar, intending to "exhalt his throne above the stars of god" as it were. He intends to steal godhood, believing that this can be done once the pool of faith devoted to him (his cult) has grown large enough.

Likes:  Azael sees the likeness of early mankind in the innocence of children; he can sometimes be found where children gather, though he doesn\'t particularly like them, they\'re lucky because he is at least indifferent toward them. He enjoys music of any kind, and his home is never without it, whether he is there or not. He enjoys gemstones, rubies being his favorite. He also enjoys beauty of all sorts. The feel of a woman\'s skin (or a mans), the smell of blood as well as the feel of it warm on his skin. Last, but not least, Azael adores a well crafted, sharp, blade. Lately he\'s finding inspiration in the Khukri, an elegant blade designed for such a barbaric purpose.

Dislikes: He has intense hatred for the archangel Raphael, Azael also has a strong distaste for prudes and cowards. Hypocritally, he hates those who lie to him as well. He finds demons to be distasteful company and will not associate with them if it\'s avoidable.

Powers:  Azael has the ability to contractually gift another individual with some small manner of power. This gives him some small measure of the powers he once held to bend the laws of creation, fueled by the contracted individual\'s faith, although the wise read the entirety of their contract. Azael is also aware of anytime one of his names is spoken and by whom, along with a general sense of direction and distance.

He holds great esteem for impecable manners and hospitality. His virtue is fortitude, when he decides upon a goal, he will allow nothing to deter him from what he seeks whether it is to move a mountain, or destroy a particular human\'s life. Azazel has the advantage of knowing his fate, he knows that he will exist until the time of judgement and this knowledge gives him a particular freedom to do as he pleases without fear or regret.

Weakness/Flaw:  Azael is a creature of great and terrible pride.  He is also possessed of an unspeakable rage that can cause him to hinder his own goals should he lose control of himself.