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59 Watson Avenue
« on: October 19, 2008, 09:12:05 AM »
The Exterior:
This colonial is one of the best-looking on the block. The grass is neat and trim and the willows which call this ground home grow tall and wide, draping their leaves all over the lawn. The gravelled driveway is moderately long and covered by a canopy of branches and leaves. It is a beautifully big house.

The face is painted white with accents of purple shutters and doors. There are two floors, as well as a newly constructed two-car garage. In the backyard, the family owns a few aches of land and trees. There is an in-ground pool and a hot tub, as well as a shed and a grand wooden deck.

The First Floor:
The front door opens to a small landing which harbors two sets of short stairs, one going up, the other down. Down the stairs leads to a small hallway. On the left side of the hallway is a spare room where Alexia\'s oldest siblings lived in the past. This room is now filled with random boxes and a desk, something which is supposed to resemble an unfinished office.

The center of the hallway leads into a large room which is one of the living rooms. It is the game room where a pool table is set up, as well as a large-screen television which sits in the center of an entertainment system. On one wall is a large leather couch and a love seat. A coffee table sits nearby and a stone fireplace is off towards the corner of the room. Off towards the back of this room is the laundry room with a connected bathroom, including a shower.

Alexia\'s Room:
On the right side of the hallway is Alexia\'s bedroom where she spends a majority of her time. The room is painted white and dark purple with accents all throughout in the forms of decorations and homey touches. Her full-sized bed, which is against the left purple wall upon entering, has an abstract black and white spread with sheets to match. There are lots of pillows lining the wrought iron headboard as well as numerous Christmas lights woven into the intricate design; she often keeps these lit. Typically there is some kind of large pile of clothing or miscellaneous objects which blanket the bed and Alexia has been known to push these things off onto the floor if need be, allowing these objects to root themselves to the floor for a week or two.

Against the far wall, painted white, is Alexia\'s wrought iron computer desk. One can see a variety of incense and ashtrays and other related things perched on the desk near the flat-screen computer monitor. She has decorated the iron with all the stickers she\'s ever found, so now the iron is a collage of color and phrases. Directly next to the computer desk is a large window draped with dark purple curtains; she has a view into the side yard and an easy escape if needed. To the other side of the window is Alexia\'s dresser, tall and white. Scattered across the top of this are all the belongings of her hair and body including (but not limited to) hairsprays, gels, straighteners, smell blockers, candles, and lotions.

The right wall, painted dark purple, has a small walk-in closet which is packed to the brim with all of Alexia\'s clothing. Near the door, as well as on the back of the door, there is a mirror which Alexia spends much of her morning looking in. Hanging on the walls throughout the room is abstract and conceptual pieces of artwork which would most likely deter any Christian woman from entering, including a watercolor done by Marilyn Manson depicting a three-headed Christ.

The Second Floor:
Going up the stairs upon entering brings you to a large open living room area. A large dark green sofa sits staring at the windows, angled at the Television in the corner of the room. Matching chairs and ottomans bring a sense of unity to the room. The occassional toddler\'s toy will be seen tucked neatly behind the couch, as there are often times when the nieces and nephews of Alexia come to visit the family remaining.

Attatched to this living space is the kitchen, a large luxurious room faced in stone to give a feeling of authenticity. The modernized stove and some counter space sits in the direct center of the room, pots and pans hanging over head from a chain rack. There are granite countertops, dark wooden cabinets, and a long varnished table which the family sits down to enjoy their meals.

To the left of the stairs are three doors: two bedrooms and a bathroom. The first door is the master bedroom belonging to Dana and Peter Blare. The room is simple, painted white with small accents of black, brown, and gold. There is a king sized bed covered in a dark brown and gold blanket and many pillows, as well as deep brown furniture. The second door belongs to Alexia\'s sister Samantha. This room has a blue and white color theme and resembles the set-up of Alexia\'s room with many exceptions (wood instead of wrought iron, neatness, and window number).