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Author Topic: Knocking on -someone\'s- door  (Read 2744 times)

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Knocking on -someone\'s- door
« on: December 16, 2008, 06:39:28 AM »
It had been an easy day for Blue, since, for some reason, most of his usual duties just hadn\'t needed doing today. For the most part, the students and masters he usually served had been occupied with other things and hadn\'t needed his help. Oh, he\'d brought up a couple trays of food and mended one student\'s robes, but that was all he\'d done, really.

That was why, when a messenger-boy had informed him of a summons to one of the student\'s chambers, he hadn\'t resented it in the slightest. "Who\'d you say it wa-" Blue began to ask the boy, for he hadn\'t quite caught the name the first time, but he was already off. The pixie sighed through a smile, then began to tidy himself up. Blue made it a priority to always look neat while on the job, and now was no exception.

Humming as he did so, Blue combed out his hair, straightened his sash, cleaned his face and hands and tied the string at his throat. When he left the servants quarters, he looked every inch the professional servant. The image might even have held, if not for the fact that he shortly began practicing a well-paced waltz down the hall.

Blue was quick to cease his frivolities if anyone approached him, but he didn\'t always realise they were there in time. He got caught twice, both times by students, before he finally danced up to the door he was supposed to be at - he thought. His memory was normally very good, but the boy had spoken very quickly and left no note... Oh well. I\'m pretty sure this is the right place... he thought. The pixie did one last check-over of himself, then put a smile on his face and knocked solidly on the door.

It occurred to Blue just as he did that the boy hadn\'t told him why this student - it wasn\'t one Blue had served before, he knew that much - had wanted him either. Dismayed, Blue looked down at his hand, then quickly clasped both behind his back. I hope this wasn\'t a prank, he thought, eyes betraying a little of his worry as someone on the other side approached the door. An angry student could be very dangerous, as Blue well knew. I\'ll just have to hope for the best! the pixie concluded as the door began to open.