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Name/Nicknames: Nazyphir Del\'Mireth Lokkur, commonly known as "the Corpse King", "The Knight of Roses", "The Undying"
Gender: Male
Race: "Cursed" Human
Age: Four thousand seven hundred forty eight years old.
Allegiance: His true alliegance is to the Vale of Roses, but since the new "crusades" came about he has allied with Darkwatch and lent his soldiers to their cause.

Description: Nazyphir was once said to be one of the most beautiful males in the lands of his birth, sporting the common "Fairemont" features, which was his original surname, such as the long silver gray hair, narrow face with strong features, even appearance slightly feminine, violet eyes, a slim, yet athletic body, but now he suffers under a tormenting curse that destroys his skin and leaves him with the appearance of a mummified human.

Nazyphir stands at about 5\'10". He is not exceptionally large, and is considered short among the people of his homeland, who are no longer in existance after many centuries of war. He weighs about one hundred fifty-five pounds, nothing to big, nothing to small.

Identifying Trait(s): One could say that the effects of the curse are a defining feaure, though his best are the Mask of La\'Elric, a mask of an ancient "God-Warrior" who was said to have slain countless men, before finally being defeated by the lich that Nazyphir recieved the curse from and later killed. The mask had originally frightened the lich so badly when he saw it that it gave Nazyphir the time to slay it. It is more a part of the man than a mask.

Profession: Ruler of the Vale of Roses, wizard with expertise in the limitless power of glyphical and mathetmatical Thaumaturgy which relies entirely upon a series of patterns, glyphs, mathetmatical equations, and occasionally sacrifices. Expert warrior, profficient in many forms of combat, an unparalleled master of the dual wielded blade and great sword.
Education: For the first few years of his life Nazyphir studied in the citadel of High Tower, his home, essentially being a good average student, and when his kingdom was overthrown and he was forced to run he spent a great time in many foreign areas that are no longer part of the known world studying the many cultures, and now has been self taught in thousands of schools of learning and is a virtual font of knowledge, if he can pull forth things from his memory that is.
Social Class: Essentially a king without a true throne, he rules the Vale of Roses as a lord and protector. Arch-Wizard of a class of magic known to only himself (as far as anyone knows, if anyone else is capable of the magic they do not have the means or schooling to do so, but it is not impossible) known as the Glyphical and Mathematical Thaumaturgy of the SoulSphere.

Clothing: Nazyphir is never seen without his body fully clothed in something, often tending to be a loose fitting and very volumnous black robe with an immense hood that drapes down his shoulders and back and is pinned to the front of his chest to hold the hood up with two red rose pins. The robes usually have the sigil of the Vale of Roses and his home, High Garden, the red rose with golden petals. This robe is usually worn over a set of black pants and shirts with black boots and gloves, the whole appearance makes him look quite wizardly indeed, and even a bite foreboading.
Armor: Nazyphir does not wear armor, and if he did it\'d likely be chain mail underneath his robes.
Items/Other: Nazyphir rarely carries many things with him, sometimes an occasional book.

Weapons: Nazyphir has three swords, two of which are with him at all times, the third is usually nearby.
Dawn: An ancient greatsword made of a bone white adamantium, so old in fact that it does look as if it could be made from bone, but it is still as unbreakable and sharp as the day it was forged in the fires of High Garden, Nazyphir\'s home. He often wields Dawn in single combat or from horseback, the massive blade giving him a reach that often outdoes his opponents.
Tal\'Krin & Yrdrim: Tal\'Krin, The Blade of Sorrow and Yrdrim, The Blade of Misery were forged in an unknown region by an unknown smith, Nazyphir acquired this blades when he was young during a sack on an ancient fortress, during the looting he had come across hidden rooms where he found the blades. Tal\'Krin is nearly a mirror of it\'s complimentary blade Yrdrim, but the blade has an edge and ripples of black while the rest is a shiny silver, while Yrdrim has a purple blade and ripples. The swords are extremely elegant and appear more for ornamentation than actual combat, but the spell-forged blades are older than the owner himself and have yet to be damaged and have taken more lives than he knows. A mere cut from Tal\'Krin can parylize an average sized human into a state of utter sorrow and despair within a minute or two, anything larger could take up to ten minutes or more, while Yrdrim can literally force the opponent into madness, several victems have torn themselves apart with their bare hands.

Ishmiel - Ishmiel is a small lizard of unknown origins which Nazyphir found in the Vale of Roses. It sports magnificent, reflective blue and green scales of all shades and a long feathery mane of all colors. It has golden claws and talons and an ability to refract light and draw in the air with its claws. This allows Nazyphir to perform his most advanced spells that must be cast in more than a 2D dimension.

Weapon Proficiency: Nazyphir is an expert with many forms of combat, including hand-to-hand melee and skills with weapons, mastering the dual blades and great sword. He is also an effective archer.

Magic: Nazyphir grew up being called a "Hole in Existance". There was a part of him that was always missing, later in life, after slaying a lich he had unleashed something within himself, and over time learned to control this particular new power known as the Glyhpical and Mathematical Thaumeturgy, using glyphs, movements, hand gestures, words, and many other things to accomplish spell casting. The school of magic knows no bounds for power, but the more powerful a spell, the longer it can take, and sometimes the most special means of casting.
Skills and Talents: Aside from his magical prowess and combat efficiency, he knows how to rule a kingdom as well as the battlefield. He has had a lot of time to hone many skills and talents, and can probably be figured to know at least HOW to do something.

Habits and Mannerisms: Nazyphir is known to act as an old man, though he appears no more than eighteen years old at best, (with the use of potions and magic to return his human appearance for short periods of time), he claims this gives him an advantage over what enemies he has.
Personality: On the surface, Nazyphir is a kind, quite gentle person, yet firm when necessary, but beneath his fluffy, frilly outside he is a brooding individual. He is extremely suspicious and often has these "feelings" as he refers to them as, that indiciate liars and fakes, which is surprisingly quite accurate. He is also a very cool and calculating person, years of existance have slowed him down and it sometimes takes him a great deal of time to come to an important descision.

History: Nazyphir was born as Theon Fairemont, but after he gave up his throne due to his agelessness, he assumed the name of Nazyphir Del\'Mireth Lokkur. Early in his life his home was taken from him, and he was forced to leave the kingdom, and over time he raised an army along side his sister Sylvanas who later became known as the Lady of Blood due to her vampirism, and together they returned and destroyed their enemies. After ruling side by side for a deal of time, they declined further ruling of the kingdom and deferred it to a cousin. After that they dissapeared from the kingdom and Nazyphir went off in search of a lich that had given him a great army to win back his throne. When he found him, the Lich attempted to kill him, but only succeeded in placing a curse upon him before Nazyphir escaped.
Nazyphir recieved the Mask of La\'Elric from a friend of his, and using it, defeated the Lich. After the death of the lich, Nazyphir inherited the magical abilities of which he has beleived to be mastered. After this, he went into exile, erecting the castle of High Garden in the Vale of Roses, from there he conducts his experiments, and rules his people.

Family: His father was Rhaegyr Fairemont, his sister was Sylvanas Fairemont, and his mother he never knew, she died early in the uprising. He only really knew his father through tales he heard.