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Ryos Solis
« on: December 18, 2008, 01:18:20 AM »
Name/Nicknames: Ryos Solis (goes by Ryos)
Gender: male
Race: human, turned vampire
Age: 26 when turned, now 29
Allegiance: Darkwatch: Order of Mareur

Description: He has shaggy, dark brown hair, kept somewhat short.  His skin is unnaturally pale, and veins can be seen through it.  His irises are crimson.  He stands at five feet and eleven inches and is well muscled from years of training and combat.
Identifying Trait(s): a big scar starts at his chin and moves up his left cheek, meeting close to his nose.

Profession: Knight of Mareur
Education: tutored through the knighthood since he was a child.
Social Class: From a wealthy family, he had patronage in the knighthood immediately.  Currently, he survives by what the knighthood gives him, and has no funds for luxury, nor any want for it either.

Clothing:  he wears simple clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, usually in dark colors.  Most of the time his clothing is hidden quite effectively by his armor.
Armor: His torso his covered by banded plate mail, a mix of metal plates, leather straps, and chain-mail covering the more difficult to protect areas.  There are also guards over his shoulders, lower arms and lower legs.  This patchwork of armor allows for mobility while still giving protection.
Items/Other: Ryos still wears an amulet about his neck with a sun emblem upon it, a gift he had received from a childhood love.

Weapons: Hell’s Bane is a holy sword, blessed by light, that knows true evil.  It hums very lightly when evil is near.  The pommel jewel is intricately cut and perfectly clear, held by a spiral of metal, which swoops gracefully down to the wire wrapped hilt.  The cross-guard is of the same segmented, graceful metal, part of it swirling down onto the blade.  The blade is mirror polished and double edged.  When in battle with creatures of evil, it shines a pure white light, and often sheds such energy off it.
Weapon Proficiency: Long Swords; predominantly.   Sword swords, spears, and kama; training in, but not weapons of choice.

Magic: his only “magic” can be directly linked to his sword, as he can launch holy energy off it for short distances, as will as smite some evil from contact with the sword alone.  Those who are holy and have good intent can be healed by the blade. (in short, paladin powers he lost when he was turned into a vampire)
Skills and Talents: Ryos has always been swift and agile on his feet, his vampiric blood only enhancing that, as well as it has given him precision on balance and an amazing ability to jump.  He is near silent, even in armor, making him deadly.

Habits and Mannerisms: Ryos is nervous and socially awkward, that only intensifying when he became a vampire.  He runs his hand through his hair a lot, and checks the straps on his armor constantly.  He also has a crooked smile, through which his fangs are not visible.
Personality: Though awkward, he is always friendly, and very often cheery.  He is very serious about his personal mission to help destroy the evil upon this world and to save the innocents who are often caught in the crossfire.

History: Ryos was born to the well off Solis family, in a smaller merchant town, and was the chosen son to be “donated” to the knighthood.  With that in mind, his tutelage was specifically tailored to him eventually become a knight, and he was well on that path when tragedy struck.  His town was razed and butchered by a wandering group of vampires disguised as a gypsy caravan, everyone dying.  Ryos, having been out in the field training, was spared, only to return home and find everyone dead.  This only further confirmed his want to be a knight, to combat this evil.  About three and a half years ago, he was ambushed by a vampire, who, upon learning his severe fear and loathing of the undead, turned him rather than killing him.  Ryos felt his career as a knight would be over were this to be discovered, so he effectively hid his vampiric transformation for over half a year, while still doing missions for Darkwatch, until one of Cyric’s companions pointed him out for what he was.  Shamed, Ryos went with them to regain his honor and hopefully convince Cyric not to tell anyone he had been turned.  At the end of their mission in failure, Ryos was intercepted by Darkwatch and made to become a wraith immediately.  After two years of arduous trials, he finally became a Knight of Mareur, and for the last year has been doing their covert, dangerous missions while still being kept on a tight leash.
Family: his parents, two brothers and three sisters were all killed by vampires when Ryos was twelve.  He knows of no other family, though his commander jokes that all vampires are his kin now, which Ryos loathes.
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