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Cyric Lorne
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Name/Nicknames: Cyric Lorne, Cyric.
Gender: Male
Race: Human.
Age: 41.
Allegiance: Darkwatch.
Secretly: to Dal\'Fal.

Description: Stands at about six feet in height, with a solid but sleek build. Has long, silvery-blond hair and bright crystalline blue eyes. Has fairly pale skin, and the veins around his eyes are slightly discolored. Has a very gaunt, haunted look, which most people assume comes from his three years of mysterious wandering. Even at first glance Cyric has a very noble stance and stature. His nearly-white blond hair and gaunt look give him an older, experienced look, which he isn\'t very far away from. However, as someone observes Cyric more closely, they\'ll pick up on the discolorations in his skin around the eyes, the distant look in his eyes, and the constant tension in his muscles that speak of a tired man walking on the edge of a knife. Despite Cyric\'s respected reputation and distinguished looks, he strikes fear and concern into people more often than anything else.

Identifying Trait(s): Most would recognize Cyric right away if they knew him, his grim stature alone speaks volumes about who he is. For those who don\'t know Cyric personally, the three faint, red stripes tattoed on his left cheek identify him. Cyric still won\'t explain what the stripes represent, but people assume they stand for his dedication to Darkwatch above his own person.

Profession: Champion Paladin.
Education: Taught by his father in all aspects of battle and principles. Cyric also recieved lessons in various fields from friends of his father. Since Aldon Lorne was, and still is a field commander of Darkwatch, he\'s a wealthy, respected man and could afford the best tutoring for Cyric. Cyric knows enough in mathematics and reasoning to confidently and efficiently command a full-scale battle, but also has an edge in understanding the very principles of battle and the various parts and roles of it, and can effectively eliminate the enemy before a full battle ever takes place. He\'s also had maps of the known world crammed into his memory with a passing history of each major region, so that he can maintain the upper hand in battle even on foreign soil.
Social Class: No social class in typical manner. Orynne isn\'t divided by nobility or peasants. Cyric is part of the warrior class. Aside from them, there are the merchants, farmers, craftsmen, etc. He would be considered upperclass, in any normal heirachy.

Clothing: Wears slightly baggy heavy cloth pants, and a lace-up shirt with a jerkin tossed over it. Also wears tall boots, and has a heavy black cape. Also, has two cloaks, one is a plain dark green hooded travelling cloak, and the second is a full black with gold trim and the knight\'s orders and prayers stitched in gold along the sleeves and hood.
Armor: Half-plate dwarven-made armor. Has no helm, but ties his hair back, and has a half-aventail, which half masks the lower half of his face, and his neck, on the left side. Has a buckler. Cyric\'s half-plate armor is sturdy, dwarven, steel plates over full-leather armor. His bracers, spaulder, and chestplate are covered the most in overlapped plates. With his chestplate, the top half is layered steel plates, while his stomach is covered in scaled plates. His back only has a few plates on it to cover vitals.
Items/Other: Carries as little as possible. Has basic fire starting and hunting gear.

--Hand-and-a-half great sword, with a long tapered blade. The guard is straight and gilded, and the pommel is shaped like a cross, and is also gilded. The handle is shaped to fit Cyric\'s grip, and is wrapped in black leather. He usually weilds it one handed. Cyric has always had this sword while apart of Darkwatch. It was the sword his father bought him the day he was knighted into the ranks of Darkwatch.
Weapon Proficiency: Swords, warhammers.

Magic: Unknown. Cyric is beginning to develop traits of magic that he doesn\'t quite understand yet. He can sense things happening and has a well of untamed energy within him that\'s ready to burst. He\'s not sure what\'ll happen when it does.
Skills and Talents: Cyric is an experienced warrior and tactician. Before anything else though, Cyric is known for his ability to carry a mission out to the end, no matter what. This dedication and ability to achieve is his greatest talent and his sheer stubborness has kept him alive longer than anyone could have expected (especially given some the missions he had to face).

Habits and Mannerisms: Cyric is a very controlled person and does not often exhibit any habits or mannerism. When he\'s under enough stress, he will begin to rub rings hes wearing or absent-mindedly sharpen his blades. He also has a tendency to smirk more than he smiles, and shows the white of his teeth in a warning smile to both friends and enemies.
Personality: Much more social and cheery than one would think a champion to be, he still has a very commanding aura. He doesn\'t take kindly to threats, but will serve his self-styled justice in a light-hearted manner. Recently, he has become more and more distant towards people, and usually broods in silence until spoken to. He still has his cheeful, social demeanor when around certain people, but it\'s strained and usually clouded in doubt.

History: Cyric\'s history is a very eventful one. The stories he could tell will be left to him, but for the most part he\'s spent his 41 years wandering. He joined Darkwatch early on to serve with his father. By the time he was eighteen he was already commanding others and going on missions by himself. His mother died when he was young, murdered by agents of a rebel faction in spite of his father, who led the war against them. Cyric has played a prominent role in many stories across the land, but is usually shadowed by the more famous Jarek Red Dragon. Cyric was the one who pushed Aahgmer Firehelm, king of the stone skins, into the pit of dragons; but it was Jarek disguised as a female stone-skin who stole the fame. Cyric\'s past is full of incidents like that. Now that Jarek is out of the picture, people are paying more and more attention to Cyric and what he\'s done.
Family: Cyric\'s father, Aldon Lorne, is a field commander for Darkwatch. He\'s always been there for Cyric and took a direct approach at raising him. Lately, the two have been distanced. Cyric is beginning to question his blind loyalty towards Darkwatch, and has tried to sway his own father\'s blind dedication. Cyric\'s mother was murdered when he was young, and he never had any siblings. He had a wife and two sons, but he had to kill his wife himself as she lost her mind to the darkness corrupting her body, and his sons were murdered while he was away on a different mission. His wife was a knighted cleric in the ranks of Darkwatch.