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Jeru the Dastard
« on: December 25, 2008, 08:47:35 AM »
Name/Nicknames: Jeru the Dastard (real name unknown)
Actual Name: Jeru is actually the long-thought-dead Jarek Red Dragon.
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Age: Looks to be in late hundreds. For a dwarf, that isn\'t saying much. He could be fifty, or he could be five-hundred. Is actually a little over two-thousand years old.
Allegiance: Unknown.
Actual Allegiance: Jeru\'s allegiance is to himself, and to his friend Cyric. He\'s never cared for his homeland, or for Darkwatch. The last thing he\'d do would be helping either unless it helped him.

Description: Stands at four feet tall, is barrel chested and stocky. Bald, with a waist-long red beard, Jeru keeps his beard braided into two braids. Has dark green eyes, and rough tanned skin.
Identifying Trait(s): Has a number of scars, but few that really stand out.

Profession: Seems to be some sort of wanderer. Could be called an adventurer, but whether or not Jeru has any real job or motivation is yet to be realized. From the stories he\'s told, Jeru seems to have been quite a number of things already.
Education: Unknown. Actual: As a prince, or as close a dwarf can get to being a prince (they simple prefer being called proper dwarfs), Jeru had formal training in quite a few matters in his early years. Over the two-thousand years of his life he has expanded much on that. Jeru is very intelligent, very insightful, and knows more than most human scholars do. He\'s a walking library, but he usually keeps it to himself.
Social Class: Unknown. Actual: Banished once-prince of Ballin Delvez. Would still be considered a noble, for his renown in various fields of work. Several lords have offered Jeru nobleman status, and he\'s refused every time.

Clothing: Not much. Jeru wears simple pants tucked into heavy metal shod boots. Has some tattered thing that might be a shirt, but it\'s always covered in armor anyway.
Armor: Wears heavy dwarven plate-armor. Every bit of Jeru but his head is covered in armor. His head would be covered in a simple sallet, if he hadn\'t lost it when he tried using it as a makeshift club for goblin bashing.
Items/Other: Jeru has a pack full of ale and camping gear.

Weapons: Has a single-bladed battle-axe with a long handle. Has several knives he could use if he had to, although he\'d prefer a weapon with a little more range of swing. Usually carries a bow, but his has been snapped. Jeru has a tendency to pick weapons up as he goes.
Weapon Proficiency: Very skilled with axes and bows, can use short swords effectively enough to stand his ground.

Magic: None. Might know how to use a relic or two, but Jeru despises magic and will avoid it at all costs, even if he has to take a few swings at it with his axe.
Skills and Talents: Skilled fighter, is very rugged and will hold his ground against anything. Can match any bladesman with an axe, and can split a flying arrow in two with an arrow of his own. Jeru, despite his mysterious age, obviously bellies a long past of fighting.

Habits and Mannerisms: Jeru often tugs on his beard braids. He does this when he\'s bored, anxious, nervous, angry, tired, and a number of other things that make it an impossible habit to see behind. Jeru also has a tendency to mutter under his breath (usually in swears, even if at nothing).
Personality: He\'s a crabby old man, a dwarf to the bones. A stubbern, fire-bellied, sharp-tongued, stone-skulled, goblin-slaying lunatic. Aside from that, Jeru is experienced and cautious. Although he\'d run headlong into combat against a dozen dragons knowing he\'d die, he would take the easier and safer path if he saw it and knew it\'d work.

History: Unknown.
Family: Unknown.