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Ismael Maybon
« on: January 09, 2009, 08:51:44 AM »
Name/Nicknames: Ismael Maybon
Gender: Male
Race: Once human, once vampire, now of Mareur.
Age: Appears to be in his mid thirties, Ismael is actually nearing 250.
Allegiance: Owes his allegiance to Jeru the Dastard.

Description: Ismael is a large man. Six and a half feet tall, he towers over most people, but he\'s also solid with muscle, a man of brawn. Ismael has short black hair, usually raked back with his fingers. His eyes are a dark brown, and have a very deep, peering look about them. Ismael\'s olive brown skin is laced with light scars, and scattered tattoos of hawks and dragons.
Identifying Trait(s): Ismael has a tattoo of a dragon on his left temple, the tattoo winds down and frames his left eye as well.

Profession(s): Before becoming a vampire, Ismael was a wealthy mercenary lord from Mercena. The Maybon family is still a powerful Mercenary clan in Mercena, and have even settled their own town in the lowlands near Nemesis. After becoming a vampire, Ismael only improved his renown as a mercenary. It wasn\'t until Darkwatch hunted him down and captured him that he even considered hiding what he had become. Ismael was taken because of his skill as a leader and warrior, and he gladly accepted the rank of general after passing the trials and becoming a Knight of Mareur. Ever since, he\'s been looking for a way to escape and take his rightful place as head of the Maybon clan. He now considers himself a proper mercenary again.
Education: Ismael was trained only in combat and tactics. Everything else he ever needed to know, he had an advisor for to keep the clan strong. Ismael\'s devotion to combat was well worth it and has given the Maybon clan a place on the map.
Social Class: Ismael is considered a Mercena nobleman.

Clothing: Ismael wears a simple brown tunic and dark leather pants. He also wears tall knee high leather boots that lace-up on the sides, and a heavy white cloak with a deep-set hood. He typically always has the hood up, which shadows his dragon tattoo.
Armor: Ismael wears a polished chest-plate over brigandine (armor of layered steel plates covered in leather). Also carries a buckler.
Items/Other: Doesn\'t carry much. As a restored vampire, Ismael requires little.

Weapons: Carries a plain, heavy longsword.
Weapon Proficiency: Longswords.

Magic: None.
Skills and Talents:

Habits and Mannerisms: