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Lady Ligeia Boivin
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Full Name and Title: Adviser Lady Ligeia Boivin.

Age: 35 years old

Birthday: November 22

Occupation: Economic Adviser to the King

Religion: Strong follower of Talon

Hair: Ligeia’s hair is a mixture of dark auburn and a brighter rust red and poofs out in thick curls. Unlike her sisters, Ligeia cut her hair to just a little above shoulder length. She usually keeps it under a simple court hat. The hats she wears are just a little more decorated than the average court adviser hat, but she tends to keep away from the unreasonable hats that require pins, laces, balancing, all that. Only a thin strip of her hairline can be seen just before the hem of the hat.

Eyes: Ligeia has round light green eyes. Her eyelashes are a dark brown creating a softer look around her eyes.

Nose: Ligeia’s nose is average in that it doesn’t call attention to itself. It’s rather thin. Her nostrils seem wide because of how thin the bridge of her nose is, but it isn’t that obvious unless one would like to stare at it for hours.

Lips: Ligeia’s upper lip and lower lip are even in size. The fact that they are somewhat thin is hidden by the dark rose color that creates the appearance of fullness. Ligeia is aware of this too as she applies gloss to enhance the color and fullness of her lips. Her lips are somewhat straight, neither turned down or up. Though due to age, they have begun to look more downturned in the last couple of years.  

Skin Color: A beige that appears darker due to multiple light freckles over her whole body.

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 155 lbs

Physical Attractiveness: Ligeia is aging well, with few wrinkles and only a slight change in posture (when sitting her shoulders hunch forward slightly more than they use to). Her body shape is that of an attractive curvy woman. Most of her weight is kept in her hips but it is proportionate to her large chest. Due to these ‘motherly’ features, Ligeia is considered more attractive than the average woman.

Clothing: On the normal day, Ligeia dresses in regular noblewoman dresses. She keeps her clothing very fresh and prefers tight sleeves to loose ones. If she could, she would wear pants. She doesn’t care too much for fashion but she cares about being looked on positively. When she dresses up, usually for events like parties, meetings, so on, the more decorative and expensive her clothing gets. This isn’t for fashion, but instead Ligeia uses this to show power and wealth. She usually wears deep reds, purples, and golds.

Mother: Duchess Glenna, she was a duchess by marriage. Known to be a very jolly woman that was highly generous with her money and funding projects, many speak kind of her. Many of her children grew up to be in well-standing positions. Passed away by bed death. Ligeia was not very close with her mother.

Father: Duke Joylon was loved and hated by many people. He was a very rambunctious man who indulged in food, mistresses, money, and wine. However he was also very laidback allowing his wife, Glenna, to give away some of their money. His reckless nature rewarded him with a very gossiped death which some nobles gossip that he was poisoned by one of his many mistresses from the streets.

Siblings: An older brother, Galen (a doctor, 42), an older sister, Adela (a Talon priestess, 37), and a younger sister, Tamsyn (a court painter specializing in portraits, 32).

Family: Ligeia is not married. She opted out of marriage to concentrate on her studies. If she had accepted marriage, she would have had to give up the possibility of advancing in the court as an adviser. Some nobles have criticized this decision, but Ligeia defends it with all her effort if brought up.

Childhood: Ligeia grew up with the influence of her older siblings Galen and Adela. Since her parents were often busy with other business, Ligeia looked upon Galen as more of a parental figure. Following him around everywhere, she quickly began to study since that’s all Galen ever did. Instead of studying about medicine however, she enjoyed to study about the human mind. Later in her childhood, she turned her focus on financial aspects. She grew apart from Galen in the fact that she didn’t care to help people but instead use them to her advantage. She became increasingly interested in taxes and family finances.

Education: Ligeia’s education was wide-ranged and thorough. Later in her childhood, her tutor referred her to a lord that was at the time the third-in-position economic adviser to the king. They quickly grew a strong mentor-apprentice bond. Ligeia’s teenage and young adult years followed her mentor as he rose through the courts until he was the top economic adviser. Her mentor was a man of rising to the top no matter the cost and Ligeia learned much as he successfully “eased” the two advisers above him out of the way. However, when Ligeia was about 30, her tutor had a heart attack. The position of Economic adviser was left open and Ligeia snatched it up quickly. At the beginning, many questioned her skills but as the economic situation seemed to be doing alright, the controversy died out and since then no one has really questioned Ligeia’s position.
She is not trained in many outdoor activities except archery.

Natural Talents: Ligeia is naturally talented at persuading and influencing other people. If  she messes up, she can easily rebound by talking her way out of it.  She also is a natural at logic games.

Hobbies: Ligeia enjoys to play logic games in her spare time. She also enjoys to create economic plans in her free time. Appreciation of food and wine is also a strong hobby of Ligeia’s.

Personality: Ligeia is a serious woman who likes to be successful. Her drive in life is to have power and influence others. She is resilient and stubborn. Failure is not an option in her plans. She is very realistic and doesn’t mind telling people when they are living in a fantasy world. Ligeia tends to be manipulative, but this isn’t easily noticeable by others. While she is arrogant, she has very fine social graces and uses manners to her advantage of gaining people’s loyalty.  She is independent and confident, known for getting many ambitious plans put together by herself. Ligeia thinks very highly of herself. She will do anything for friends of hers, but cross her and she’ll make life hell for enemies.