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General Information

Full Name: Akarieen
Nick Name: Akari or Kari
Age (actual): 130
Age (appearance): 20
Gender: Female
Species: Sylph
Occupation: Bard, sometimes thief
Current Financial Status: Though it varies greatly, depending on where she is and how she does as a bard. But she always has enough to eat and sleep out of the weather.
Injuring: Don\'t need permission.
Killing: Please ask permission first.

Hair: Silky black with natural almost neon purple highlights.
Eyes: A deep darkgreen, can almost be mistaken for brown.
Nose: Medium in size, though has a kind of button nose shape
Lips: A thin, beautiful, line, especially when smiling, and only a little less so when not.
Wings: Translucent with an undershade of blue.
Skin Color: Dark, brown skin after her human father.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Dragonfly wings would be the biggest.
Height: 4’11”
Weight: 100lbs
Frame: Thin, narrow frame, but with a definite female figure. Weak an frail.
Physical Attractiveness: Extremely beautiful, but very fragile. Or maybe that adds to her beauty. Akari tends to make people like her just by looking at her, and can make almost anybody smile in return to her own.
Clothing: A long white dress that reaches her ankles and a semitransparent robe/cloak with a shimmering of bluish/purplish color.
Carried Weapon: None.

History: Kari doesn’t remember much of her childhood, except that she had never enjoyed it and had left at an early age, still considered a child by her species after her mother had been killed. Kari hadn’t seen her mother’s death, but instead found her torn to shreds, as if by an animal, but had not been eaten.
She had lived most of her life journeying through the mountains until around fifty years ago when she had gotten an unusual urge than the rest of her kind and headed down into the flatlands to travel among the humans and into their low cities.
Even more strangely, she is trying to find her father, but sometimes that gets shoved to the side, when something exciting comes.
Education: Kari can speak well but has no schooling. Meaning, she can’t write, read, do any mathematics, ect.
Mother: Deceased.
Father: She doesn’t know him, but is looking for him, unless she gets distracted by something exciting.
Siblings: None.
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Deity (if applicable): None.
Personality: Akarieen is generally a fun loving person who’s easy to get along with, but is easily angered and had a flighty personality that can get on people’s nerves. She always says what’s on her mind, but it’s usually very flighty and slightly random, and she says them for no other reason than because it crossed her mind and she wanted to share it with the people around her.
Her flightiness probably can describe almost every aspect of Kari’s personality. She thinks in the moment, which changes quicker than the second, but sometimes her thoughts are a little slower. As her thoughts change, so does her emotions, going from happy to angry to laughter to tears from the most random of reasons.
Loyalty isn’t something she understands, and can comprehend it lasting longer than the temporary feelings she gets. But, she knows love very well, so she says. Who wouldn’t when you fall in love around six times a month?
But, even though Kari is flighty and, sometimes, fuddle headed in nature, has no education, she isn’t stupid. She’s fairly quick to figure things out, especially when it doesn’t involve having to learn something. She also is very good at reading people, and understanding motives. She can usually tell when someone likes her, and in some cases, how much and the way they like her, or if they don’t.
Likes: Colors, flying, talking, good feelings, falling “in love”, people(as in other beings, not just Sylphs and humans) in general, night skies and day’s light, any thing bright and, or shiny, ect.
Dislikes: Darkness, being grounded, silence, bad feelings, being hurt emotionally or physically, people being mean or cruel, extremely cold or hot weather, moonless nights and cloudy, dark and dreary days, anything dulled or ruined, ect.
Character Strength: Akarieen’s biggest strength has got to be her innocent goodness. She’s truly innocent, even though she’s done things that aren’t innocent, her nature is innocent, and she’s most defiantly good. She’s generally happy and can make people around her happy. She’s okay in a fight, after all, she’s been in the “human” world for over fifty years, she’s picked up a bit. But, she can be beaten by practically anyone who knows what they’re doing.
Character Weakness/Flaw: She tends to overlook others’ bad nature and always thinks there’s good in the most evil of person, even if she noticed they are evil in the first place, which makes her an easy prey. Kari’s emotions can change in a moment or less, she feels no sense of loyalty to anyone but herself, and her “love” generally is merely (sometimes sexual) attraction. She’s physically weak, and when unable to fly, completely hopeless. She can’t handle being indoors, whenever she does she looses touch of her (meager) sanity.
Natural Talents: She can generally make the people around her like her, trust her and feel happy, not Magickal, she just has an extremely high charisma.
Known Magick: Sylph magic. Though not at well trained as her sisters’.
  • Balance; both natural and learned.
  • Concentration; learned.
  • Escape Artist; natural but (experience) training improved
  • Hide; natural
  • Listen; natural
  • Move Silently; natural
  • Spot; natural
  • Survival, mountain wilderness; natural
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single, all relationships are temporary, if they even last until morning.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Kari tends to seem fuddle headed and only has a distant touch with reality, the latter is completely true, just don’t confuse fuddle headedness with stupidity. She can make people around her like her and generally feel happy, sometimes, even make them “slaves” to her will.
Hobbies: She likes to do a lot of things, but never sticks with it long enough for it to become a “hobby,” except her search for her father, but that’s more of an obsession.
Favorite Food: Anything darkgreen.
Favorite Color: Darkgreen

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