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Sacramentum Foundations
« on: January 23, 2009, 01:54:24 PM »
Sacramentum Et Res
Not Behind, But Within

Born in Sardis, Greece, Charon was the third son in a family of six boys and three girls, each child was named after important persons to the Greek Pantheon, but not after the Gods themselves.  Charon was the ferryman that shuttled souls from the land of the living across the river Acheron into the land of the dead.  If Charon wasn\'t paid, the souls of the dead would be lost and restless.  Charon was viewed as an being of importance, to be revered, who received money, who had a purpose.  It was a strong name, and later, an ironic one.

Charon lived a long and prosperous life as a hard-hearted merchant.  He married the daughter of a wealthy merchant in order to expand his business and had five daughters in ill attempt for a son.  After beating his wife to death for her failure to produce him a boy, he remarried and soon received two sons, unbeknownst to him he was the father of neither.

Old age came earlier in those days, and in his early fifties his body began to fail him.  On his deathbed, he learned of his wife\'s infidelity - a parting gift from a woman who hated the man she married - and confessed his sins and dreams of violence to the priest, who believed he would be condemned by Hades in the underworld.  He received a strange visitor at night, who spoke of theories about returning someone from the brink of death, would health be restored or would the body not well receive the shock of dying?  Charon, at the time, did not understand the litany that poured from the dark stranger\'s lips, who then bore fangs and drank his blood, insisting that should he drink his blood back, he would not tread the path of death.  Charon did not wish to die, so he drank.  His sire, who\'d suspected his fledge wouldn\'t survive the transition, did not wish a fledling on his hands when he was proved wrong, and gave the barest of instruction before departing.

Charon exacted revenge on his widow and her lover as his first victims, and has since walked the earth for many centuries, hibernating for many as well, which have taken their toll on his appearance, making him unnaturally gaunt and unwholesome, no longer passing for human - not that being restored from near-death hadn\'t lent a hand in any case.

The Romans
Charon watched as the Romans built their empire, slept as they continued in their organised militant work, and watched again as it expanded throughout Europe, the northern parts of Africa and Western Asia.  He dwelt within Roman lands and passed himself as a native Roman.  His name, Charon, was accepted by either pantheon, and though Greece was considered an ally, he ingratiated himself with the civilisation that seemed set to dominate the world.

The Twins
Twins were mystical beings surrounded by prophecies in these times.  They were rare, and in 55 BC, Charon befriended a set of twin brothers after they were attacked in an alleyway after drinking themselves to a stupor.  He came to their aid when he recognised them to be centurians of the Roman army.  Somewhat taken aback by his appearance, they treated him more with interest than with horror, and so he did not flee after being identified by them.  They introduced themselves to him as Tiberius and Valerius.  In the five years that followed, they had many conversations about life, vampirism, death, love, war and fidelity.  At first, the twins were die-hard soldiers and they spoke passionately about their sacrament - the oath of allegiance they swore to their emperor and superiors.  Charon was fascinated by the idea that they took this sacrament so seriously and he teased and questioned them about it, pondering something so binding, so powerful, so heartfelt that people would die for it.  He grew to love them, to miss them each night he could not be with them to talk to them, and they found themselves thinking more and more of a life beyond battles.  He whispered of them being his sacramentum, of their precious relationship and the significance they held in his life.  All three of them began, thus, to refer to themselves as sacramentum in singular and collective ways as the twins were properly educated in the kind of creature that Charon was and what an existence like his entailed.  A bargain was struck that would seal their sacrament permanently: they would be sired by him, and so he did, on 50 BC, a night apart so as not to weaken himself.

There was a catch.  The brothers pleaded with him to not let their younger brother Lucius age and die.  He\'d not heard of a younger brother before their siring and though he felt betrayed by their conniving, their cries and begs did not fall on deaf ears.  The three of them travelled to the home where their brother lived, feasted on those that shared his house, and brought him into their new world without explanation.  His trial was one of blood and horror, and his reaction to Charon\'s appearance was one filled with accusation of demons and evil work.  It took the twins the better part of the night to calm him, though Lucius was never forgiven by Charon for his initial reaction, and was thereafter considered a weak individual.

In spite of this, they lived in harmony and love, a sacrament of four.  Charon was tolerant of Lucius because the twins loved their brother so.  They were forced to travel from where the twins were stationed, and went underground before reinventing themselves as merchants some fifty years later.

Death and Fledglings
Following where there was to be the most trade, they moved to Byzantium (Istanbul) of the Grecian Roman Empire, a trading city that saw many imports and exports between Europe and Asia.  Byzantium was renamed to Constantinople after the Roman Emporer Constantine died, in homage to their leader.  In 532, during a week of riots that had broken out throughout the city due to the Hippodrome races and fuelled by politics, Tiberius was overwhelmed by a mob that burned everything in sight - a senseless riot that saw tens of thousands of citizens killed before it was quelled by the new Emperor\'s negotiations.

Mourning the loss of one in their very close \'family\', Charon, Valerius and Lucius fled to Baltum, East Frisia (Scandinavia), and discussed on extending and expanding the family so that they were better protected.  They took on mortal familiars who were shown their existence and taken as followers - one of which received the lofty invitation of becoming a member of the Sacramentum family after three years.  Ari was chosen for his personality, very similar to the late Tiberius.  He was solid, reliable, loyal, responsible and clever.  Tiberius had been the steady half of the twins, with Valerius the spontaneous and passionate one.

They moved to Gaul (France) a decade after Ari\'s siring.  Fifty years later Valerius was fascinated by a woman, who was born in Rome itself but had settled with her family in Massilia (Marseille) as a child.  She remained unmarried even though she was in her twenties, and it was through sheer determination that she defied what was culturally and socially acceptable.  Valerius wished to sire her and sought permission from Charon, more or less insisting that he would sire her whether he had permission or not.  Charon begrudgingly allowed it but upon meeting Felicia found himself charmed by her as well.

Lucius, in the meantime, still sought those he wished to sire, and five years after Felicia was sired by Valerius, he found himself befriending twin children; a brother (Michel) and sister (Jeanne).  Desiring Charon\'s approval, he sought permission for the twins to be sired, and after the pair were taken in at the young age of twelve, they were kept as familiars until a decade later - on the year 600 - Charon gave permission for their siring.  Lucius did so, and soon became Jeanne\'s lover.  They then moved to Galicia (Portugal).

Forty years later, Valerius met a young man who looked so much like him he almost called him Tiberius.  This man was Marcelo, and was an arrogant nobleman\'s son.  His personality was more like Valerius in his drunken youth, but his appearance was seductive to all - even Charon.  Marcelo could not replace Tiberius of course, but to have someone that looked like their long lost twin was appealing on so many levels that he was sired by Valerius after a few nights, after receiving eager permission from Charon (who\'d wished to do the task himself but was argued off by Valerius).

Marcelo didn\'t take to vampirism kindly however, and found himself depressed and hostile against the family, encouraging arguments and ill will. One night two years later, after sharing his bed with Valerius and having his sated sire prone, he cut Valerius\' throat and bled him out until his sire was too weak to fight him off further, destroying him completely by decapitating him with Tiberius\' sword, which was displayed on the bedroom wall.  He was enraged by Valerius\' last words, which were a calling to his brother that he would be joining him soon, for Marcelo felt like his identity had been stolen by his sire and a twin brother he\'d never known.

Charon felt the loss of Valerius upon the bloodline, and in anguish immediately sought out and destroyed Marcelo, literally ripping his head off his body.  The twins were lost, and Charon blamed himself for Valerius\' death.  A rule was made, that no-one should sire a third fledge, for they were nothing but trouble.  Privately scorned, Lucius mourned his brothers by retreating into his own shell, and began to exist rather than live.  Only Jeanne and Michel could give him little happiness.  They fled Portugal and the memories they contained.

Felicia, after losing her sire, wished to have fledglings of her own though found herself refused permission time and again.  Eventually, to thwart her enough for Charon to allow himself mourning, declared that nobody should sire a fledge before their 500th year as a vampire, in order to create a fledge with enough strength to assist their survival.

On 1010 tragedy struck again when they were travelling to Egypt.  Michel was lost in a senseless accident on board a sailing vessel.  His philanderings with the captain\'s daughter had him sneaking out of her room and in an attempt not to get caught he lowered himself on the side of the ship with rope.  He meant to climb up and back on board though the knot that secured the rope failed to hold him and dumped him in the ocean.  He couldn\'t reach the ship before the sun\'s rays turned him to dust.  It was not until the next night that everyone felt the broken blood bond, except Jeanne, who\'d cried in her sleep beside Lucius, who was detached and distant upon waking.

In Thebes, a year later, Lucius disappeared into the desert and remained on the siroccos until the sun joined him with the grains of sand upon which he sat.  It seemed losing both brothers and then one of his twin fledglings was too much for him.  Jeanne wasn\'t enough, he had given up.  It was something Charon defiled his memory for, hissing that his blood had always been weak, never as strong as his twin brothers.  Jeanne remained quiet even though she\'d lost her brother and then her lover, she resolved to prove to Charon that she herself was strong.

The Clubs
At first they were gentleman\'s clubs, then they became clubs of discretion that others of their kind began to frequent.  Eventually they started running vampire clubs, networking their followers into finding vampire \'groupies\' to donate blood in a civilised manner.  Most of these clubs were little more than meeting places at convenient locations such as rundown hotels, but soon enough they ran a couple of inns.  By word of mouth they were known, and as the times changed, so did the style of the locations.  Their very first acquisition was a rundown tavern in England called The Squire\'s Pipe, and their last acquisition is a modern vampire nightclub in the United States, called Risk.

3rd Generation
The first fledgling to be created after the Roman brothers had all expired, was Catherine Hall.  She was a Londoner, and had been her entire life, a medieval nanny to aristocracy.  She was seduced to the Sacramentum by Felicia, whose intelligent wiles had her pledging loyalty within a few months.  A couple of years later, Charon permitted her siring with a blessing.  Over a hundred years later, Jeanne fell in love again, with the man who was her newest familiar - a young Englishman by the name of Leoric.  After many years, she sought and received permission to sire him upon his 30th birthday.  The couple are no longer together because of an affair.

Ari was urged to find someone worthy of siring, and he took his time with his choice, reminding Charon (only when feeling specially pressured) that a hasty decision only led to bad judgement.  In 1662, he finally met and chaperoned a young man, Royce, a native Liverpudlian.  The scouser\'s rough-ended charm both frustrated and liberated Ari into wanting a fledge of his own, though he didn\'t wish for Royce to deal with being a fledgling without someone to share the experience with.  Ari appealed to Felicia - the closest to him in the blood bond - to help find and sire someone for Royce to have a companion with.  It would take him another thousand years, he pleaded, to find someone else worthy.  Felicia agreed and once Charon found out what the pair were planning, he insisted Felicia sire a man to pair with Royce.  Her decision was quick and from the ranks of their followers, decided upon a British constable who had often assisted the vampire clan with moving and providing the following papers or negotiations for them to acquire property.

Unfortunately, Royce and his counterpart, Hugh, were ever increasingly competitive, and neither enjoyed the fact they had to share the process of their education.  They were often put together to perform tasks and both began to resent the other\'s existence.  The first hundred years was met with a lot of squabbling, and though that has died down now, there is still an edge between them, where each wishes to outperform the other.

4th Generation and More Tragedy
Two more fledglings were to be created after the two competitors, though it wasn\'t to be for over two hundred years and after a move to America.  Catherine, Felicia\'s fledgling, was past her 500th year and seeking a fledgling.  In spite of her sire\'s recommendations and suggestions, Catherine settled on a male of the mortal flock that followed their clan loyally.  For many years she\'d conversed with him and seen the values in him that reminded her of her mortal father, a family member she missed and had regretted leaving behind.  She sired George Blaise, originally from Boston, with Charon\'s approval.  He was a steady and stable member of the clan, and was readily accepted into their ranks - though Felicia held some initial scorn for him for she\'d hoped to have one of her female mortal followers sired in his stead.

In the roaring twenties, however, tragedy struck when a slayer caught wind of their vampire club.  He found the clan\'s home and was preparing an attack when the clan discovered their danger and fled.  The slayer was savvy enough to be able to follow them and so Catherine used herself as bait to lead him into the club itself, where an attack could be made by her and the many other vampires that frequented it.  The plan was a good one, except that the slayer managed to get behind the bar and create makeshift molotovs, burning the club to the ground along with himself and every vampire in it.  Many of the vampires that frequented the club (known as Voodoo) were destroyed, Catherine among them.  The rest of the clan were saved by her heroic act, and she is remembered as a heroine, her death considered to be the only one not in vain.

In the early eighties, Leoric and Jeanne decided together that they would sire a fledgling together to consummate their love and union.  They wished to find a boy who would be their son.  It took them over a decade of rejecting potential mortals from their followers before they began looking outside the clan.  Charon didn\'t wish to accept outsiders they knew, but they found the young man that would suit them well.  He looked much like a combination of both Leoric and Jeanne\'s looks, passing for their child (though in retrospect, their ages would make him pass more suitably as Jeanne\'s brother).  He was homeless, he was mixed up with a bad crowd and set to begin a life of drugs and crime.  He would not pass inspection with Charon.  Jeanne was incredibly saddened at this state of affairs, but Leoric took the matter into his own hands and through conversation, lured the young man - Taylor Campbell - into their sphere of influence.  Promising him what his existence would be like, Taylor became a willing victim to their secret siring, and found himself part of a newer, darker, and more thrilling world.

Charon was in a fit of rage upon learning that his opinion had been bypassed and that his rule of 500 years had been broken.  He threatened to destroy both fledgling and the one who admitted himself as the creator - Leoric, for Leoric had two years yet before he reached his 500th vampiric year.  Jeanne, horrified that she would lose her fledgling and lover, as well as her newly made \'son\', intervened and managed to calm Charon and reason with him not to kill the last loves she had left.  She\'d lost her original lover, she reminded Charon, and her twin brother, must she really lose more?  Leoric and Taylor were not destroyed and Jeanne could have her \'family\'.  Charon showed mercy to the woman who\'d earned his respect over time.

Charon, however, could sense that the blood in Taylor is much stronger than being the product of Leoric alone, and this is what made him merciful.  He knows Jeanne helped sire Taylor, though keeps this information to himself.  The rest of the clan believe only Leoric sired Taylor, except for Charon, Jeanne, Leoric and Taylor himself.

In 2009 the clan moved to the city after purchasing Risk some years ago.  They not only have their land, buildings and businesses, but also their close network of human followers, transferring with them. They have bought more shops, though the clubs are their most important businesses because this is how they keep up their network with fellow vampires all around the world.

In 2010 they lost Risk to a gang of werewolves who started frequenting the club and the vampires didn’t like their particular taste. Gradually Risk lost its vampire clientele and then it’s groupies and before Charon could sell the club, it was trashed. They opened a club called Venture in the city's south and have left Risk as an abandoned property for now.