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Penbrook Church & Estate
« on: January 27, 2009, 07:16:42 PM »
Anybody can visit Penbrook Church during the day for the doors are not locked.  During the day there are a couple of clerics that tend to the church and assist troubled souls with advice.  They keep the building clean and well-maintained.  There is usually the odd visitor who comes into the church, usually to sit quietly for a while, before leaving.

Penbrook Church, though small (for it only seats sixty worshippers comfortably), is rich in architectural detail. The basement was where the chaplain once lived, with comfortable rooms underground and quick access to the church above via stairs. The pews and podium have been refurbished as well as the brickwork fixed. The stained glass windows managed to escape vandalism due to being bricked over on the outside. Their ethereal glow comes from electrical lamps that cause them to be permanently lit.

The church is fenced in from the estate by eight foot iron railings.  A locked gate can lead someone who possesses a key, up a winding path towards a bunch of cottages (which can be seen from the church), and then beyond that to a large mansion and grounds that makes up the rest of Penbrook Estate.


Built by Wallace Penbrook in the 19th century and last lived in during the 1950s, the mansion at Penbrook has seen much renovating and reconstruction in the past few years as new wealthy owners see fit to live there.  It is now occupied by a new family - the Sacramentum clan and their mortal companions and followers.

The mansion itself is a sprawling 20 bedroom manor, with ten rooms in the North and South wings.  There are also many other rooms such as the foyer (which could double as a main hall), a ballroom, a library, a music room (filled with many instruments), an artist\'s room (predominantly with paints, though there is a potter\'s wheel in one corner), several offices, several bathrooms, a conservatory, a gymnasium and an indoor heated swimming pool.  The courtyard and gardens at the back of the building is open and surrounded by ivy growing upon lattice walls. Paths take a person around the garden itself, where there is also a topiary area, an outdoor swimming pool, a duck pond and a half-gazebo.

Every room\'s window has plantation shutters, on the inside.

In the conservatory there is a trap door that leads to a network of tunnels underground.  Small lanterns light the way down a tunnelled path to the church at the bottom corner of the estate.

Recently, when Venture club had their protection magic updated, so too did Penbrook Manor. The surrounding estate is open to all, but the house itself has been warded and obfuscated from other magics.

There are half a dozen horses that are kept at the stables and are sometimes taken on midnight runs through open fields and into the woods around the estate.  They are mostly tended to during the day by mortal stablehands.


There is almost a small village of one and two bedroom cottages, built in a semi-circle where the original servants of Penbrook Estate lived as a portion of their wages.  The cottages are built of stone and are quaint yet refurbished to hold modern conveniences.  Those who are loyal to the Sacramentum clan and are closest and most trusted, live in these cottages.

These cottages overlook the church.
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