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Sacrament Businesses
« on: January 27, 2009, 07:40:40 PM »
The Squire\'s Pipe
established 1309

The Inn began merely as a meeting place for vampires, a haven for their kind to rest in, with boarded windows during the day and mortal familiars running it during the day to keep their guests and owners safe.  The real money was made by their nightly visitors, who paid a handsome fee in order to be protected while in the middle of travelling.

The Squire\'s Pipe was sold to a vampire who\'d been a regular visitor, for a good price, when the clan finally moved from England to the United States.

Gentleman\'s Club
established 1623

Shamrock was a place to meet but not to stay.  It hosted willing mortal donors, who were under the clan\'s protection.  Membership to Shamrock was by invitation only, and the vampires who were members paid a hefty annual fee to attend the club.

USA - Boston
established 1912
destroyed 1924

Voodoo was the first of the dance clubs with a full 10 piece Jazz band.  It combined a place to meet and greet, to feed with willing donors and to also network and do business in a VIP lounge above the dancefloor itself.  There were private rooms available for those who wished not to feed publicly, and an area for the mortals to rest and re-energise.  It was the first club to attract donors who were not clan familiars, but those drawn to the vampire race in and of itself.

The club was destroyed by fire along with many of its clientele and workers, as well as a clan member (Catherine), in 1924.

Liquid Empire
USA - New York
established 1935

Liquid Empire is currently managed by a close friend to the Sacramentum netword - an Ancient named Sotiris.  There are rooms available above the nightclub, setup much as a hotel - though it is a very private and elite hotel where one is invited to stay, rather than booking a room.  There is a way to request a room, but permission is given after a short interview rather than taking money alone.

Moonshine Hotel
USA - Washington
established 1970

Narration about Moonshine Hotel here.

established 2004
closed 2012

Risk was the first club that was purchased instead of founded outright.  The clan heard through their grapevine of dedicated mortal followers that there was an establishd vampire nightclub for sale and sent a scout to view it.  The response was impeccible and so Risk was purchased unseen by Clan members.  They subsequently discovered that there was a supernatural council in place called the Oligarchy which kept order in the city and were fascinated enough by this to make the move where Risk was.  It took them two years to get their things in order and make the move.

Risk is a nightclub featuring predominantly grunge and industrial rock music, sometimes with live acts on stage.  There are private screened areas in back, and a VIP lounge upstairs where vampires can conduct business.  VIP membership carries an annual fee and carries the promise of an extensive network and always very clean donors.  Risk donors who are protected have a tattooed mark on their wrist.  Only those humans who don\'t indulge in tainted blood (drugs, alcohol) are invited to bear the mark nowadays.

Risk closed its doors due to the changing climate of its location - shifting from vampires to werewolves.

established 2012

By the time Risk closed its doors, all of its clientele had been shunted to Venture through the means of flyers and notices handed out, with coupons that offered free drinks, or the handing out of $100 chips to lucky recipients (randomly), to use at their poker tables, or a free movie viewing at one of the two private cinemas available (for up to six people).  The coupons were available for use the moment its doors opened to the public - and Risk and Venture ran side by side, until the queues dwindled and Risk closed for good.

Venture is a nightclub featuring predominantly grunge and industrial rock music, sometimes with live acts on stage, or a live DJ.  There are private rooms with a glass wall that blacks out when a switch inside is flipped, and a lounge bar downstairs where those who don't like the frantic nightclub scene can enjoy something a little more mellow.  There is also a VIP lounge tucked away past the private cinemas and poker rooms.  VIP membership carries a hefty annual fee and the promise of an extensive network and always very clean donors (no drugs, no alcohol, good diet and exercise).  Venture VIP donors can display they are protected by the Sacramentum with a tattooed mark on their wrist, where a watch or jewellery might cover it up if they wish.  Only those humans who don't indulge in tainted blood (drugs, alcohol) are invited to bear the mark.  They have twenty seven donors available to them.
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