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Murph Hilton
« on: January 29, 2009, 02:41:49 AM »
Name: Murphy Hilton
Age [Actual]: 25
Age [appearance]: Murphy looks to be about the age he is, although he can sometimes look a little younger when he’s excited about something.
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Sire: Lazarus ~
Siring Thread: Hot Tip ~

Permissions Given in reasonable roleplay:
(Yes = you don’t have to ask before acting in RP, No = You ask first)

Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: No

Murphy’s hair is a dark brown colour, but he sometimes dyes it to give it some interest. At the moment there are a few flecks of blonde through it. He usually keeps it a couple of inches long and spiked up in a way and looks like he’s arranged it carefully, which he usually has. Murphy usually keeps himself well shaven because he hates the itchiness of stubble.
Eyes: Murphy’s eyes are a rich hazel colour, showing many different colours in changing lights. At first glance they appear a dull brown, but look in more detail and you’ll see flecks of green and goldy colours.
Frame: Standing at about 6 foot Murphy weighs about 165 lbs and is an average build. He works out when he can be bothered, enough to make his body firm, but not with rippling muscles.
Tattoos/ distinguishing marks: Murphy has the mark of Risk tattooed on his wrist and a scar on his left ankle, but those are just about the only distinguishing marks he has.

Personality: Murphy is an enthusiastic young man, throwing himself into everything he encounters. Sometimes he regrets his decisions, but usually he simply puts it down to experience, but you often have to make the same mistakes a couple of times before learning the lessons… He’s intelligent, but sometimes get carried away with what he’s doing and lets himself get influenced to do things by people far too easily.

Murphy tries to see the best in every situation, but there are rare times when it gets too much. When he gets down Murphy tries to keep himself to himself so that he doesn’t inflict his bad mood on other people. The rest of the time Murphy’s quite good natured; if someone insults him he’ll try to just brush it off or ignore it and if they don’t let it drop Murphy will try to leave the situation. The only person he really loses his temper with is his father. He is considered a bit of a push over by some, but if it’s something he really believes in Murphy will stick to his guns. Some people don’t believe that his personality fits his job, but Murphy doesn’t let that stop him from doing what he loves.

History: Murphy grew up in the city and, like most people, he noticed odd things going on, but just brushed it off. He studied hard at school, he had to in order to get good grades. Murphy was never a part of the ‘cool’ crowd and nothing very exciting happened to him, apart from being hit by a car when he was 14, breaking his ankle and leaving him with the scar there. His mother died when he was just a baby, leaving him to be raised by his father who, for the most part, left him to his own devices and never interfered in Murphy’s life. He became a drunk, trying to forget his worries with alcohol and many nights Murphy had to be the one to put him in bed and lock up the house.

After leaving school Murphy went on to college to study English; it was the first time he’d been away from the city for any long length of time and it opened his eyes to how not everything in the city was quite as it was everywhere else. Murphy worked for the university newspaper and took part in order extra curricular activities. When he left Murphy returned home to his father and the city and he found a job as a researcher for the local newspaper. Little had changed with his father, but the drinking had increased and his health had deteriorated so as much as he wanted to move out, Murphy stayed in his childhood home to look after the old man.

Murphy settled back into the normality of life but after about a year he went to a club called Risk with a couple of friends, who knew what it was and things changed. That was when he found out about vampires. Murphy was fed from that night and he told himself he wouldn’t do it again, but he gradually found himself going back again and again and a few months later he had the tattoo on his wrist to provide himself with safety.

When his supervisor heard that Murphy went to Risk he set Murphy the task to write a review of it, since it’s so difficult to get an invite there and the man who was supposed to do it had mysteriously gone missing. Murphy wrote the review, withholding the secret of the club and making it sound like a brilliant place, but at the same time putting off a lot of the people who didn’t know the secrets it held by mentioning the high prices for alcohol and the difficulties of getting on the guest list.

His review came to the attention of the Sacramentum and on their instruction he was hired to do their work and was given a promotion at the newspaper. Now he covers the stories the Sacramentum (indirectly) tell him to, and when there is nothing that needs covering up he can cover whatever stories he wants. Murphy has never actually met any of the Sacramentum, which he finds frustrating. He\'s always given his intructions through one of their other followers but Murphy hopes that if he continues to follow their instructions he will meet them and be able to find out more about the secretive group.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Murphy knows about vampires and a few other the other creatures running around the city.
Occupation/job: Journalist.
Interesting facts/Quirks: Murphy is left handed. He really wants to write a novel, but for now he’s content in the job he has. Inspiration will strike one day. He’s never been any vampire’s specific pet and he usually tries to leave it a month or two before being fed from, but, as previously mentioned, he is quite easily persuaded. In the last couple of years he\'s grown closer to Ben and they often hang out and Ben feeds from him on occasion. Murphy also wants to travel, but that\'s something else he\'s putting off.
Hobby/Hobbies: Murphy writes in his spare time and he can also play the piano, although he doesn’t practise as much as he should. He doesn’t drive, but he cycles most places in the city and occasionally he likes to go swimming.
Likes: Music, cycling, swimming, writing, going out with his mates, although he hasn’t done that for a while since starting working for the Sacrament.
Dislikes: Living with his father; he’s saving up to move out but hasn’t got around to it yet. He’s not keen on drinking alcohol.
Strength: His optimistic outlook on life and his enthusiasm. He’s good at keeping secrets when it’s needed. Murphy will firmly stick to something that he really believes in… but there isn’t a lot he really believes in.
Weaknesses/flaws: How easily persuaded he is to do things. If there’s something wrong Murphy won’t tell anyone, but he’ll keep it to himself. Sometimes his ankle gives him trouble, but he tries to ignore it.