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Illian Arnimannes
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Full Name and Title: Lord Captain Illian Arnimannes

Age: 27

Birthday: 5th day of the Full Thunder Moon

Occupation: Captain of the Bahlirian Elites, Lord of Norchester and First in line for the Throne.

Religion: Grenthir: God of War and Death, an Illarian Deity. Illian follows Grenthir as most soldiers do, hoping that their prayers and faith will keep them from death’s grasp as long as possible. Despite being the God of War and Death, Grenthir is said to be very generous in his forgiveness, quite ironic, but this is the reason many follow him, they believe that they will be forgiven and thus, live on.

Hair: All soldiers of Bahlir wear their hair in a certain style, a fairly simple ponytail. Length of hair represents status, so a new recruit probably would have minimal length, where a member of the Elites hair would be quite lengthy. Illian, being a captain, as well as royalty, has hair that falls shortly above his waist and he tends to keep it wrapped in a cloth sheath. Illian’s hair is a dull golden color and some might consider it dirty appearing, but he tends to keep it fairly well washed and cut. He has never been one to fuss overly much over his hair, but when attending formal places, such as dinners with his family, or with other nobility he will take the time to take care of it. Illian also often has a short, scaggly beard that covers his jawbone and chin, consisting of a rather dark blond, much darker than the hair on his head.

Eyes: Illian has orange colored eyes, that seem to blend into a darker brown around the edges of the iris. They are not to large, and not to small, they seem to just fit right on his face almost perfectly. Illian’s eyes radiate power, intelligence, and strength, some of the more noteable aspects of his persona.

Nose: His nose is rather narrow and long. Not his best feature by far. Despite being a soldier, his nose has only been broken on one occasion, during a fight with a girl who had gone through private training with him to be a personal guard for the King, who would eventually guard him. She had given him quite the beating, which had surprised him, he had always thought that girls were for saving, not fighting.

Lips: Illian’s lips are between a full and thin appearance yet they are still quite small. He is a very serious person, and thus rarely smiles, even when in a good mood or laughing. Due to being a soldier, his lips are often cracked and pale. He often makes very random remarks, often scolding someone for something, and then when they go off to do what he had commanded, he would turn around and smirk to himself, one of the few times he smiles.

Skin Color: He is of a white complexion, yet he has been tanned by being in the sun a lot during war and training. Illian’s body is riddled with scars achieved in battle. Many of the Elites feel that scars mark your bravery and valour in combat. Those with few scars are either new or have chosen to remain out of battle and can be shunned or removed from the ranks of the Elites.

Height: Illian stands at 6’1”

Weight: Illian weighs about 200 or so pounds. He is quite well muscled as are most soldiers, and he takes quite a bit of pride in looking so good.

Frame: Illian is very strong, and very well built. The Elites of Bahlir are known for their great strength, stamina, and physical endurance in combat, probably resulting from their rigerous training. Some say that they will often run up and down hills for hours carrying rocks, and many of the new recruits will be found running the lengths of the great city. Illian has done it all, seen it all, and toughed it out, and has thus resulted in a very powerful body.

Physical Attractiveness: Illian is fairly attractive, certainly there are those that are much better looking than him, but he will still stand out in a crowd. Even though Illian might be quite attractive as most men go, it is terribly offset by his not-so-well-rounded people skills. Being a soldier gets you in tune with other people of that category, but he knows little of courting women.

Clothing: If not wearing his armor, made of mostly leather and chainmail, he will most likely be wearing rather bland clothing composed of browns and other dark colors. At festive gatherings or meetings of nobility, he would be found wearing his armor, or at least most of it.

Mother: Illian’s mother, Marissa Arnimannes is the Queen of Bahlir, she is fairly well liked, though is not very well known among most of the lower subjects. Illian respects her and loves her greatly.

Father: Illithual Arnimannes is a man of great power and fame. Reputed as a great swordsman, as well as a wonderful gentleman, he is respected and loved by all of his subjects. Illian has had several disagreements with his father that have resulted in many things, the latest of these arguments resulted in Illian’s recent mission, a very, very long travel to Oberon and other castles and nations in search of Allies, or in other cases, those that need to be, or will be soon conquered by the overwhelming forces of Bahlir.

Siblings: Illian has no siblings through blood, but has two adopted sisters, Miranna and Helen. Miranna and Helen were two fraternal twin girls that Illian and his Father found upon to streets a couple years after a great plague and had taken them in. They have been trained along with Illian and are now the acting bodyguards of Illian and the King, the king foremost. Despite not being related through blood, Illian still greatly adores his siters.

Childhood: As with many noble firstborns, Illian was selected to join the Elites of Bahlir, an elite group of soldiers dedicated to the protection of the king and the city. From the time he was able to stand and walk, he was put into a strict and very straining training process. From sun-up to sundown he trained, running, lifting, carrying, etc. All of this was easy compared to the weapons training. When finally the young boys are allowed to begin fighting with wooden weapons, things become violent and they are pit against each other in battles that can last for hours. These unbelievably difficult fights are what get them ready for the battlefield, when anything can happen. When Illian was eighteen, he joined the first campaign against the enemies of Bahlir and this was where he earned a great deal of respect from the others. He had performed many great feats of bravery and valor, and in the end, he was promoted to Lord Captain of the Elites, with only two men outranking him among them through seniority.

Education: As many of the nobles of Bahlir, Illian received a very good education. Knowing the basics of almost every subject as well as advanced skills in many of them. A man by the name of Arthur Kalidran had taught him - he expert swordsman as well as a great teacher. Along with his great teaching, his mother Marissa also taught him the courtly ways, and he learned to fight with the skills of an Elite by Arthur and Azam.

Natural Talents: Illian is a fairly smart person despite his teachings, and he is very well known for his good intuition and instincts that often get him through many situations. Illian excels in command on the battlefield as well around the castle and city. Illian has the ability to write very well, such as poetry and tales about his adventures on the battlefield, but he never uses this talent.

Hobbies: Being part of the Elites takes a great deal of someone’s time, there isn’t very much time off. The city of Bahlir is always in need of law and order as well as protection, so Illian is kept busy with the other men. When he does have free time, he will often join some of the other men and hit up taverns and other places where they can gamble and celebrate whatever they feel worth celebrating. Illian enjoys telling jokes.

Personality: Illian is not the ideal child of royalty. He despises many of the courtly affairs, as well as many people who seem to use their power for personal gains. Illian is known to be very nice to people of lower standings, and he rarely gets along with other royalty or nobility with the exception of his sisters. Illain has never been one to flirt, and his courting skills are pretty bad, he blames the Elites for many of his faults in these aspects, but he would not have it any other way. He enjoys beyond anything else being with those men, and feels that it is his true calling. He has always been known to be a gracious and forgiving person, especially on the battlefield. He is a fair person and always treats those who deserve respect with what they truly have earned.

Notes: Bahlir is a city that in the aspect of Oberon would be in a more Greek-like region. Bahlir itself is a city that spans miles and houses thousands of people. Built against the side of a mountain range, the city is set in teirs with great walls spanning the city to keep it safe.

After fighting with his father, Illian has been sent out into the world to seek alliances and trade agreements with other nations, such as Oberon. He has only a few other men from the Elites with him as guards.