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Amphelice Fowler
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Full Name and Title: Mister Amphelice Fowler

Age: 32

Birthday: November 28th

Occupation: With a flick of his finger and a bat of an eye, Amphelice can convince you to pay all the silver you are carrying for a new product. His ability to sell anything as if it were a fine ruby has made him an incredible merchant, well known in the area as \'the purple suited man\'. He usually won\'t make a move that he does not think will further his career; every acquaintance he meets he sees as a business opportunity. It is this attitude that has brought him so high up the ladder from where his father stood, for while his father was a caring man who did everything to supply his customers with what they wanted, he was too interested in the people and had the tendency to avoid getting his hands dirty. Amphelice is known for the glittering gems he has come to acquire after far and wide treks to the most desolate areas of the uncharted maps. Though his inventory is not limited to this, the wealthy man will try to sell anything he gets his hands on.

Religion: Talon

Hair: Finely cut, Amphelice\'s hair is lopped off to above his ears and rarely shines of oil. It is very deep, like Ebony and is sometime compared to it.

Eyes: Since birth, the vision in his  black eyes have been almost completely blind. He can perceive light, and see minor details of his surroundings if he is up close and staring deeply, though not much else. This disability isn\'t well known among the public, for his excessive violation of others\' personal space is seen as over friendliness. As far as interactions go, Amphelice has a trusted youthful assistant, Raulin, who knows of his predicament and quietly informs his master of the identities of the men and women who approach him. He has trained his ears to listen for voices, and does well with that on his own if he has to. Only those of an exceedingly close nature know of Amphelice\'s condition, although it is silently rumored by some of his best customers.

Nose: Narrow and slightly pointy, his nose often makes him appear prudish or very arrogant. The way he holds himself, it is always pointed upwards and can be offensive to those who do not know his standing and wealth as a merchant.

Lips: A pale shade of salmon, his thin lips are almost invisible underneath a thick bushy mustache that frames each corner. Despite the lack of hygiene many have with the upkeep of their hairy lips, Amphelice has taken up the habit of combing out his mustache to remove any bits of food that might have nestled away in there.

Skin Color: Though golden and sun soaked in the peak of the Full Strawberry Moon, his skin turns ghostly pale in the Long Dark Moon as if he has never seen a day of light. It is smooth to touch and cleaner than most commoners would ever dream to be.

Height: While standing tall with his back straight and shoulders upwards, Amphelice is of medium height and typically is put around the range of 5\'6-5\'8. He has rather feminine shoulders in the sense that they are not very broad, and compared to many soldiers he is a very small boned man indeed.

Weight: Unlike the majority of peasants, his weight never boils down to skin and bones. He is able to afford enough food to keep him with a bit of meat on him, but most of his wealth is spent on clothes and the upkeep of his appearance. Food is of the lesser priority, and so he will never be seen underweight or with a potbelly hanging keenly under his finely threaded tunics.

Physical Attractiveness: Amphelice looks his age; when he was younger, he may have been irresistible, but now he is just as attractive as any other middle aged man. Worry lines press his forehead, and his face always looks as though he knows a juicy secret. His features are well defined and he is in nice physical shape, but what most draws him attention is his status rather than the appeal of his body.

Clothing: The dress of this man is very rich, with items of clothing from all different parts of the lands.His tunics themselves are works of art; many have small jewels sewn into them alongside beautiful patterns of lacy decor. Though he predominantly wears tunics of varying shades of red and purple with corresponding tights, when he is wishing to look wealthier than he already does he will put on a luscious fur coated purple cape that he will typically only wear in the frigidly cold days of winter. It is heavy and keeps him very warm, but slows him down drastically. He always carries around a polished wooden cane that helps him navigate, though he insists to others that he has a limp.

Mother: Amphelice remembers few details about his mother, Grace Fowler. While she was alive, she was a very timid and hardworking woman. She was paid little attention to by her husband, and as soon as she birthed the first healthy son, Eustace was too busy mentoring Amphelice as a Merchant to bother much with her demands. Affection was found in multiple affairs, and Amphelice often questions if he is legitimately the child of Eustace or of a particular Tavern owner who seemed particularly fond of him during his years of growth. A few months before Amphelice planned to make his first journey outside of the kingdom walls at aged seventeen, Grace grew ill and soon after died. The effect was mostly disastrous; the house fell apart, and Eustace knew that his son would not return and the rest of his life would be spent in great solitude. Amphelice did not postpone his travels despite the request of his father; he continued onward, and did not return for a number of years.

Father: His father Eustace Fowler was an honorable man who in his day was a well liked local Merchant. His business was known for giving truthful prices and never cheating even the poorest commoner out of one piece of silver. Although popular among the community, his sells did not go far from the kingdom; rarely did  anyone of notable stance make purchases. Amphelice viewed his father as a failure, and took over the trade as soon as he turned sixteen. Eustace currently lives in a hut supplied by his son, still kicking at the age of fifty. Amphelice will occasionally visit his father, but for the most part he is ignored and left to live out his last years in the company of loneliness.

Siblings: Before his birth, his mother had many miscarriages of both baby boys and girls. An older brother named Godfrey died a year before Amphelice\'s birth, aged three. Due to this, his parents were deeply concerned with his wellness throughout childhood.

Childhood: Many of his early years were spent in puzzled frustration, with much objection to the way things were run. He always saw a better way to clean the hut, or to sell a pair of seemingly ugly rugs. He was known by the neighborhood as a \'trouble\' child, for he questioned how everything was handled, with little control by his parents. Punishment from his father was rarely heard of, but on more than one occasion he would receive a thrashing from one of the guards for trying to tunnel underneath the castle walls. His ideas of a good time were full of riddles and senseless games that many thought to be more trouble than they were worth. He didn\'t play well with other children his age, and while playing hide and seek he would lock his playmates in huts until they agreed to do whatever he said. When he grew older and was placed with the responsibility of carrying on the family name, his troublemaking calmed and he was able to spend his time working on ideas that would improve his sells. Eventually he became more and more eager to leave the castle walls and explore the world; so he did, and returned at twenty with much knowledge and wonderful objects to sell.

Education: He never went to many years of formal school; once he reached the age of eight he was too much of a disruption and for whatever reason, Eustace decided that homeschooling would be the best option. After learning to read and write, most of what Amphelice learned came from books on mathematics and English studies that he taught himself. Through his journeys he met many people and became educated in other cultures; therefore he appears a bit more refined than many nobles who have never looked at life from the other side of the outer walls.

Natural Talents: Besides his business skills, Amphelice is an adept learner and knows the rundown of beliefs from each country he has visited. He knows several languages and is able to decipher even the thickest of accents, therefore making it simple for him to communicate with just about anyone.

Hobbies: Amphelice enjoys the methodical act of problem solving, whether it be how to sell a rotten egg or what war strategies to employ against the savages, he enjoys making plans that usually work quite well. He has an eye for talent, and will take the few he sees potential in, on into an Apprenticeship. He\'s never been much of a hunter, so while his fellow males are fowling or competing in sports or archery, Amphelice is scouting the area for a worthwhile challenge.

Personality: Though he is not the tender-hearted type, Amphelice has mastered the art of conversation and goes about it in a courteous and witty way. He has an intellectual charm about him that draws in the higher educated, but can also step inside of a commoner\'s shoes. He\'s a very versatile person - and it\'s likely that more people than nobles know him by name. Amphelice is friendly to the masses but a very private person regarding what he really thinks. The gestures he conveys are somewhat superficial and his real thoughts are much less warm. When he is being himself, he can be a delightful hardass. The merchant can\'t stand mistakes and often insists on triple checking the work of those he may be in a partnership with. It doesn\'t matter if it\'s a peasant, a high class nobleman or the king - if he has a disagreement with the way things are being done, he will eventually say it no matter the consequence. Amphelice\'s strong desire to lead is mostly seen as ambitious. Those that deal with him on a daily basis tend to tolerate his critical judgments because of the smooth and effective way that things get done once he is allowed in control. He tells the truth only when it assists him in his goals and sees nothing wrong with dishonesty - that is, as long as everyone is frank with him.