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Adele Carter
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Name: Adele Carter
Age [appearance]: Late teens - Early twenties
Age [actual]: 429
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire

Hair: Short, chopped. Goes to about her chin. Brownish-red with blond streaks.
Eyes: Hazel/brown eyes. A few blue spots in the iris.
Frame: 5\'6" tall. About 120 pounds. She\'s curvy, but thin. In shape.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: None.

Personality: She\'s very shy and to herself. She\'s closed off to a lot of people. (See History) After awhile, she\'ll open up and begin to trust someone. She does have trust issues and handles things not so well. She tends to over exaggerate and ends up asking Ivan for help. She\'s similar to a child.


 Adele grew up in Carlow Ireland during the English reconquest of Ireland. She was 18 years old when the reconquest was just ending. Growing up, her parents had a plantation, growing fruits and vegetables of all kinds. Her family was somewhat poor, but their farm gave them enough money to survive. She grew up as a ranch hand, soon she would marry and her and her spouse would own the ranch.

 But then the English invaded Ireland, making times even harsher for her family. Every few nights or so, a few of her livestock would be taken by some of the English. Her whole family worried that the English would attack the family. They did.

 She snuck out of her window at midnight. She was as quiet as a mouse, and stayed in the darkest spots she could find. She passed unnoticed, being as quick and quiet as possible. She eventually got past. As she was leaving Ireland, running away from the savages who killed her family and ransacked the city, she ran into a group of the monsters. They took her, taking her to an English tower where she was held captive for a few months. She was badly abused. They raped her and tried to sell her to English farmers. No one would take her. She begged and pleaded to be released, but they had no sympathy. They eventually got bored with her, and decided to let her go. But, they made a plan to ensure she didn\'t make it out alive. Before being released, they gave her drinks, making her extremely drunk. Once she was at the point of falling over, they let her go.

 She stumbled out of the castle, bumping into a stranger in the process. She slurred out an apology before continuing, but he soon stopped her. He offered to help her find her home and she didn\'t accept at first. The stranger was persistent and didn\'t want her to wander through the streets alone. He promised her she\'d be safe and he would not harm her in anyway. She eventually gave in, and went with him. The stranger was incredibly kind to the drunk, as if they have been friends for many years.

 He led her into a dark, deserted place. Making her do exactly what he told her to do. Without a single complaint, she did it. She enjoyed the pleasure brought on by the experience. The blood wasn\'t all that pleasurable, but she didn\'t mind it too much.

 Growing from a fledgling, she learned many things from her mentor, Ivan. He taught her some telepathy, helping her grow more and more.

 She\'s seen many places with Ivan, being nomads. Most people can identify where she\'s come from, due to her incredibly thick Irish accent. She\'s been almost everywhere in the world. Skipping a few places. France was mainly avoided due to the revolts and civil wars. Germany was avoided during the Halocaust. Eventually, they settled into the City, liking the scenery of the city, lack of violence, and all the people who inhabit it.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Werewolves, Shape Shifters, Vampires, Succubus, Hex-Beings, Sirens, Gargoyles, and Faeries.
Occupation/Job: None.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: She speaks Russian, Spanish, French and German. She\'s seen most of the world.
Hobby/Hobbies: Composing music.

Likes: Music, people, clubs, blood, the beach, amusement parks and coffee.
Dislikes: Anti-social people, sunlight, The Great Plains (No beaches), reading, silence, boredom.

Strength: Her experiences with the supernatural and her ability to read minds and such. She can speak four different languages.
Weakness/Flaw: She has trust issues.