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William White
« on: February 15, 2009, 08:59:19 AM »
Name: William White
Age [appearance]: Late twenties
Age [actual]: A little over 400 years
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire

Hair: Will’s hair is a dirty blonde colour, thick and soft as he likes to keep it clean and well looked after. Until about ten years ago he kept it the length it was when he was sired, about shoulder length, but on an impulse he had it cut short and due to his being a vampire it hasn’t grown back, but he’s happy with it as it is. It’s a few inches long and it’s usually fashionably tousled.
Eyes: Will’s eyes are usually a cold grey colour. At times they appear blue or green, depending on what he’s wearing, but it’s just a trick of the light. When he\'s angry they grow darker and at times the grey looks smokey, as though the colour is flowing.
Frame: Standing at about 6 foot, Will is quite slim. His muscles are well defined, but he doesn’t have a bodybuilders appearance by any means.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: No tattoos, no scars; there’s a birth mark on his left forearm, just inside his elbow, but that’s it. Any marks from working the land when he was human have faded with time.

Personality: William is usually a figure that people do not notice. He lingers in the background most of the time, not trying to draw attention to himself because after much experience he has figured out that trouble isn’t always as much fun as it may first appear. He likes to have fun, but usually not in large groups… two or three are his preferred numbers. More than that and he grows bored because everything seems too vague and he will often leave it that is the case. He will prefer to be on the edge of a crowd, watching other things going on, but not taking part himself.

Will takes a long time to grow to trust people and as a result he had only ever sired three fledglings; one who died, one he argued with and abandoned as a result and one who simply disappeared, possibly to sire someone Will didn’t approve of, or perhaps he also died. Will doesn\'t know and he never bothered to find out. If someone strikes up conversation with him then Will will chat and seem perfectly friendly, but he won’t open up personally much at all until he’s known them for a while, although it might seem like he is. Will really has no problem lying to people, especially when he’s going to feed from them since it seems to make them more comfortable and that just makes things easier for him.

For the most part William will try not to kill those he drinks from, because killing too many attracts attention. If he does kill he doesn’t feel regret about it. After all, they’re only humans; fish gotta swim, bird\'s gotta eat.


William White grew up in England. Born around 1590, William spent his human years as a tobacco merchant, earning a good amount of money. He fell in love and married a woman called Susanna who he was blissfully happy with. When he was about twenty-seven (William can’t really remember the exact details) he and his wife boarded the Mayflower, joining the voyage in England, and headed for America, taking with them their young child, Resolved. Susanna gave birth to their second son, Peregrine, whilst on board the Mayflower, not long after the Pilgrims had arrived in Cape Cod and the fasmily created their home in the New World, in the newly founded town of Plymouth.

That was a hard winter for the Pilgrims, many died and it was later said it was of famine, illness and the unfamiliarity of their new surroundings. There was something else however, something else stalking the newcomers which the natives feared and warned them about. A few of the Mayflower\'s passengers had already died when that darkness came to the White household and William stood up to the vampire who appeared, challenging him to a duel in an attempt to save his family and the others in the town. The vampire was amused and was impressed enough with William that he agreed to no longer kill the passengers if he could feed from William regularly and his secret would be kept.

William agreed, but the vampire came often, feeding from William and leaving him with barely enough strength to work the land and keep his family. The others believed that it was illness which had befallen a few of the other Pilgrims which made him suffer and so asked nothing of it and William never told anyone the truth, not even Susanna. This situation only lasted a month before the vampire fed too deeply from William and almost killed him. But instead of letting him die, he sired William and took him away from Plymouth, back to his previous home where he had been feeding from various tribes of Native Americans.

William can’t remember a lot about his early years as a vampire, apart from knowing that there was a lot of violence involved as he was taught about being a vampire. His sire didn\'t care about killing humans and saw it as a sort of sport and taught William much the same, whilst savouring torturing his new fledgling whenever it took his fancy. Whilst some of it is a blur, at times parts of that horror stand out to William clear as day.

Years later, William returned to Plymouth to check on his family and he discovered that Susanna had re-married only a few months after he was sired and that is why he finds it so hard to trust people. Will can hardly believe she moved on so quickly, although he knows it was for the best for his children and he forgave her. He had left his sire to return to Plymouth, but when he returned his sire was gone. William decided not to hunt him down and instead began his own life, staying more inconspicuous than his sire had been and blending into society where he could. William travelled all over America and he hasn’t left the continent ever since. He has been in the background of a lot of historic events, but not played a large enough part to be named in anything other than passing.

After hearing about the city where so many supernaturals gather, Will travelled to find out more, his curiosity getting the best of him. He only arrived a few days ago and has just moved into a hotel, bringing only a couple of suitcases with him. Will still owns a house elsewhere in America where he keeps the rest of his things.

Awareness of Supernaturals: He’s run into all sorts of things in his time, but doesn’t set out to find out more about them so his knowledge is limited.
Occupation/Job: Nothing specific; he’s got investments all over the place, so doesn’t really need to work, but occasionally he does a job just to stave off boredom.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Will can play the violin and the piano. He hates the idea of flying, which is why he has never left America and he also gets quite seasick, something he discovered on his first journey which took over three months in rough weather. He smokes, but doesn’t like to drink from people who have taken drugs or been drinking; Will likes to remain fully aware of his consciousness.

Another habit which comes from his dislike of being unaware is that he will go to sleep as late as he possibly can (meaning that occasionally he’ll just collapse in his house) and he wakes up quite early as well, although he feels very weary for a few hours after waking due to this disturbed sleep.

Will always wears a silver cross his father gave him when he turned fifteen. The chain has had to be replaced a few times over the years, but he’s never lost the cross. He knows instantly if it’s missing because it\'s on more often than it\'s off and it feels strange to him not to wear it.

Playing violin and piano when he has them with him. He likes listening to music and always has the radio or music from his vast collection playing in his home. He has a vast collection of CDs and now his laptop is full of music. One of the first things he did when he arrived in the city was buy a large stereo system. Often he’ll fall asleep with it on.

Likes: Music. Being around crowds (but not necessarily being a part of them). Smoking. Animals, although they’re not so keen on him.
Dislikes: Talking with too many people at once. Not being aware of his surroundings or in control of himself. Flying or sailing, give him a car any day.

Strength: Will isn’t very good at mental skills, apart from blocking out others. He learnt to do that simply because his sire was constantly prying into his mind and Will wanted to stop him as soon as he could, but it still took some time to learn.
Weakness/Flaw: His reluctance to give up control. Will can get quite stubborn about this and loses his temper easily. It isn\'t control of the situation he needs to have, simply control over his own body and actions, which is another reason why he worked so hard at being able to block mental attacks. His sire would often force him to behave in ways Will was not happy about through mental domination.

Because he hasn’t travelled outside of America much Will doesn’t try to learn much about world events, and what he does hear he rarely remembers, so his general knowledge is terrible. He simply doesn\'t bother remembering things which don\'t concern him.