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Trissa Hindrole
« on: February 11, 2009, 04:36:16 AM »
((She has a sister in roleplay own by Macabre Beauty named Clearia))
General Information

Full Name: Trissa Hindrole
Nick Name: Tris
Age (actual): 15
Age (appearance): 15/16
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Place of Birth: A small town not far from the Academy
Occupation: Assassin in training/student
Current Financial Status: Though not rich, she certainly isn’t dirt poor.
House: Cruori
Title: Student
Level: 7

Hair: Kept long and flowing, Tris only puts it up when she’s practicing, otherwise she likes it loose. Very thick, though cut kind of raggedy and always kept green, though sometimes different shades, for she likes to try different ways of dying it.
Eyes: Large, round, almost cute hazel eyes. Kept at a slightly upward angle of those who smile a lot.
Nose: A small button nose, very cute.
Lips: Full and pouty lips, just enhancing the cuteness all the more. Practically always seen in a smile or smirk or something of the like except when she’s concentrating, that’s when she frowns.
Skin Color: A light tan color with practically no flaws, she works hard at keeping it that way, too.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Though she works hard at hiding scars, she has one on her right collarbone that shows clearly and a blood red butterfly tattoo on the back of her left shoulder.
Height: Five feet even
Weight: 105 lb
Frame: Slim, slight. She looks weak and nimble, but she has some muscle on her. A very feminine figure shows though, distracting her weakness.
Clothing: Though she’s seen in her robes often, as most students are, she tries to wear them a little as possible, preferring still a nice white dress, with sleeves going to her wrists, and almost, but not quite, see-through, causing an almost ghostly effect.
Carried Weapon: Poison tipped darts and a blow tube, backup knife in either a boot, her hip, or up her sleeve (depending on what she is wearing and how she feels when she dresses).
Physical Attractiveness: Very pretty, or more of cute, though one can tell she spends hours at looking so good; it doesn’t make her any less attractive. She tends to rely on her fine figure and pretty(cute) face to distract people(either in stares or disgust) to allow her to strike first, usually with her blow dart. If she allows herself to be seen in the first place, Tris is very good at hiding.

History: Trissa didn’t grow up in what is called an average family, actually she grew up in very much opposite of that. She grew up taught to skulk, sneak, spy and assassinate. The youngest of the family, she didn’t try to go for greatness but instead Tris wanted to enjoy her life.
A disappointment to her parents, Tris loved to laugh and have fun, only her idea of fun was far from normal. Though she tends to hurt some people with what she says.
The least of the family, Tris was often times overlooked by her family. The only one who paid any attention to her was her sister, Clearia, and even then it was a kind of slight awareness of existence. Of course, Ciery doesn’t like anyone and Tris was well aware that Clearia didn’t even like her.
Her superstition of death started a little after the death of Eric, she had seen the lifelessness in his face at the funeral and felt slightly cold inside. Not scared, not even uncomfortable, just cold. He was so... empty.
Ever since she has treated the dead with respect.
When she had joined the Academy four years ago, she had started her advance quickly, like all of her family, for they all knew the basics, and even some of the slightly advanced. But she soon slowed, mostly because she didn’t care how long it took her to graduate; she just wanted to have fun until then.
Education: Pre-school training from her parents in reading, writing, some math, and assassinating and spying. Fours years of training from the Academy.
Mother: Lives in a small town near the Academy, is still an active assassin.
Father: Lives in a small town near the Academy, is still an active assassin.
Siblings: Eric, deceased, Molly, Veneficus, and Clearia is in Purificio.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity (if applicable): Olidammara
Personality: Smart mouthed and quick tempered. Tris’ mouth tends to get her into all kinds of trouble. She says what’s on her mind and doesn’t care what people think of her or if she hurts their feelings.
Growing up in a house of assassins trained her to appreciate death and the art of killing. She felt no sympathy at the death of her brother, Eric, but it did make her extremely superstitious. The only thing she’ll pay respects to are the dead, for deep down inside, they scare her. The dead are the only things that she can’t understand. A smart and cunning girl, Trissa can’t handle things she doesn’t understand.
Tris tends towards the girly side, unlike both of her sisters, Molly and Clearia. She is prone to flirt and fall in love least two times a week. One of her favorite things to do is try and steal boys from their girlfriends, then ditch them a week later. Though, her major rule on boyfriends; stay with her own species.
Once she sets her mind on something she won’t stop until she has it. Extremely determined and strong willed, she’ll kill her own parents if that meant getting something she really wanted... they would approve.
Likes: Flirting, boys, getting what she wants, causing mischief, joking, laughing, and somewhat death.
Dislikes: Being overlooked, being hurt, crying, being told no, anything really different, even though fascinated by it; she fears and hates death, etc.
Character Strength: Tris is a confident, strong willed, happy, almost caring young girl, who’s easy to get along with and to like.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Tris tends to be snobbish, bratty, over-confident, can sometimes be cruel, and, though easy to get along with, also easy to annoy and get annoyed from. She’s short tempered, but just as quickly the other way around.
  • Balance(natural, training enhanced)
  • Bluff (natural)
  • Climb (trained)
  • Escape artist (trained)
  • Move Silently (natural, training enhanced)
  • Tumble (natural, training enhanced)
Sexuality: Bisexual though lends much more towards guys than members of her own sex
Relationship Status: Single... Momentarily.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Superstitious but, strangely, fascinated with death. She also loves seeing dead things.
Hobbies: Other than flirting?
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Color: Mistyrose