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Jacob Elenstire
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General Information

Full Name: Jacob Elenstire
Nick Name: Jake
Age (actual): 28
Age (appearance): Mid/late twenties
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: New York City, USA
Date of Birth: March 6
Occupation: Cashier
Current Financial Status: Working poor.
Feeding: Don\'t need permission, so long as you don\'t kill or sire.
Siring: Please ask permission first.
Injuring: Don\'t need permission.
Killing: Please ask permission first.

Hair: Shortly cropped black hair, right up against his head.
Eyes: Sea green, seems to sparkle in sunlight and bright moonlight.
Nose: Medium, slightly thin but not narrow.
Lips: Full, but looks thinner from smiling.
Skin Color: Extremely pale.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has Celtic designs all up his left arm, stopping at his shoulder blades.
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 167
Frame: Extremely strong, his ways always two hundred pounds, almost none of it fat. He looks like a human cuddle-bear. Big, strong and cuddly.
Physical Attractiveness: Extremely attractive, even more so than is usual for humans. He has a aura of happiness around him, that makes almost everyone he talks to happy and usually likes him.
Clothing: Usually just tight jeans and T-shirts.

History: Jacob grew up in a middle class family, his parents and two sisters. They had been a close nit family until his father went bankrupt when Jake was twelve. Within two years they had moved three times to smaller places, his parents had had a divorce, one of his sisters had committed suicide and the other ran away until it was just him and his mother.
When Jake was eighteen his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he moved to the City after the funeral. He got a small apartment and a job as a cashier a block away. He found around two months later, that the couple in the apartment next to his were vampires. Over the last couple of months he has learned much of the Supernatural, though they made sure he never knew too much.
Education: High school.
Mother: Deceased.
Father: Deceased.
Siblings: One deceased, one ran away several years ago, Julia.
Personality: Jacob is a light hearted boy who enjoys enjoying things. He loves people, having fun, loving in love(though he doesn’t like the heart being broken part) and practically anything else. But, most of all, he loves to make people smile. That’s, what he likes to call, his mission: To make people smile.
He rarely ever gets angry, but when he does, he really gets angry. He absolutely hates hurting people, though he has been rightly accused of attacking people when they hurt one of his friends, either physically or any other way.
One of the strongest parts of his personality is his loyalty, which will never be broken by him. If you betray him, however, he will stop at no end to take revenge. Betrayal is the one thing he hates more than anything else in life.
Likes: Making people smile/laugh, people, love, falling in love, friends, daytime, nighttime, flowers, full moons, bright sunshiny days, beaches, cities, animals, anything happy.
Dislikes: Betrayal, his friends getting hurt, cruelties, having his heart broken, evil, gloomy days, moonless nights, dirty beaches, and anything that makes him lose his smile.
Character Strength: Jake is loyal to the end, except when betrayed. He’s physically strong and a good fighter, he loves and trusts freely, he never judges, he has strong faith, he has a strong will, and is very understanding.
Character Weakness/Flaw: Soft hearted, he’s easily hurt emotionally, he barely ever fights, he is a little too easy to get close to, he’s open for anyone, good or bad, to see, etc.
Natural Talents: He’s a naturally good fighter.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Awareness of Supernaturals: He’s aware of the existence of vampires, werewolves and that there are others, more different than that, but not much more.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: He has a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Hobbies: He collects miniature cars(any kind)
Favorite Food: Beef stew
Favorite Color: Sea green