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Jake McCloud
« on: March 07, 2009, 02:55:16 PM »

Name: Jacob(Jake) McCloud
Age [Appearance]:18
Age [Actual]: 276
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Factions: Anarch, Central District, The Ward

Hair:  Jake has short, brown, messy-looking hair, that is neatly styled in the modern fashion of teenage America. Sometimes he wears it up in spikes, but he has enough that it can be swooped up and combed to the side when he is trying to look more professional.
Eyes: His eyes are gray, but pick up the colors of blue and green and even brown when he is near surfaces that illuminate these colors.
Frame: Jake is on the shorter side, about 5'8. He is thinly built.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Jake has a tattoo. It's a tribute to his dead love. Jake also has a scar across his chest from a sword slash that never fully recovered. The reason is the wound was caused by a magic sword designed to destroy vampires and other undead.

Personality:Jake is at his heart's core a rebel. He feels as though established governments often fail due to hypocrisy, bureaucracy and corruption. He is a cynic of democracy, an opponent of Monarchy and a supporter of what he calls "Organized Anarchy." Due to his untrusting nature he has few true friends, but the ones he keeps are very close.  His most notable relations are Benny the Nosferatu and Connall "Conner" Iessan Jake relies on his cunning intellect, and makes decisions with the utmost clarity. He has difficulty keeping his emotions in check, and has been known to let them get the better of him. He's a gay man, pure and simple. Jake has had a few partners in his past, although, only one has ever wooed his undead heart.

He is vain and slightly narcissistic. He longs for the day when he'll be an ancient and be able to take the quick step in the sun and gain the tan he's always wanted. He has a fear of spiders and also doesn't like birds. He sees them as bad omens, particularly crows and ravens. He is wary of magic and has trust issues with beings other than vampires and humans. Despite his prejudice, he's learned to work well with demons, and other species due to his position as a District Leader. He also judges a vampire not on their age, or power, but on their heart, and mind.

As a Ventrue, jake can't help but crave power. This fact is in direct opposition with his views on government. Jake often finds himself working for government and secretly resenting it and dreaming of a better way to accomplish the tasks of ruling. Jake often wants to do the right thing, and is altruistic at heart. The chaos in his soul and mind often interfere with his good intentions. 

History: Jacob McCloud was born on March 30th 1740, in a town outside Dublin Ireland. He was the son of a fisherman named Patrick, and as a child was close to his mother. The church made him the town's Militia Commander on his eighteenth birthday. This was because of his skills with weapons and the knowledge he possessed, from the church, about dark creatures. He led the hunt against local vampires in the area, gaining him the nickname, The Angel of Darkness. He ended the undead life of five Vampires before his nineteenth birthday. He took vampires during the waking hours and killed them while they slept. His town had not been subject to the advances of the science age, and due to their religious nature, had not forgotten that the dead still walked the streets at night.

One day, an artist and traveling merchant named Sophie DuBeck was passing through Ireland. She met Jacob at the local pub and asked the young man to join her for a walk. Seeing no harm with taking a walk with a beautiful lady Jacob followed her. She was in fact a Kindred herself, a Ventrue of the Camarilla to be more exact. She dominated his mind and opened it to the possibilities of becoming a vampire. She read his mind and showed him that the lustful urges for other men could be fulfilled as a vampire. Jake basked in Sophie's power and was horror struck that she could read his mind.  After this vision from Sophie, Jake willingly gave himself over to her, and rejected the life he once possessed for life as a vampire.

Sophie told Jacob about the governments that vampires often established and that the Prince of Paris, an old vampire by the name of Meetaran had heard of his vampire hunting. Prince Meetaran had instructed Sophie to kill Jake to end the threat he posed to vampires on the British Isles. Sophie also told Jake of the masquerade; that secrecy was important to the survival of their race. The Cammarilla didn't want vampires in the spotlight, and Jake had made too much noise to be left alive.

Sophie, going against the direct orders of the Camarilla, was put to death three years later for siring Jacob. He was saddened by his sire's death, for in the three years they had been together, Jacob and Sophie had developed a close bond. However, their relationship had never been sexual. In fact, she helped Jacob to accept his attraction to men and taught him that just like being a vampire, this strange attraction was just a part of who he was. Her death would fuel a dislike for the laws of the Camarilla that years later would manifest itself.  Before Sophie was beheaded she left Jacob her large fortune that she'd gained throughout her life. Through lying and bargaining with the Prince, Jacob got the blood hunt on him called off, and began his life as a Kindred alone.

Over the next one hundred years Jacob traveled Europe and had many adventures with all kinds of supernatural beings. His name spread like wildfire,  and his adventures of those days still haunt him today. He was known as a fierce killer and a horrible demon by vampire and mortal alike. The next major event in Jacob's life took place in 1844. Jacob was brutally attacked by the Sabbat. The reason he'd been targeted remains a mystery even to this day. Jacob's chest was permanently scared by a mystic samurai sword that was held by the Sabbat Archbishop. It was at this age Jacob performed the unthinkable feat of killing an elder. Jacob took the blade and ended the Sabbat Archbishop by decapitating him. He holds the sword to this day and considers it to be a part of himself. The blade's origin is unknown, and one of Jake's goals is to find what blade could scar a vampire for all time. After the attack, Jacob joined the Camarilla for about forty years and led several hunts to end the Sabbat in Europe.  It should be noted Jacob never acquired much status or rank. This was odd seeing as most Ventrue rose to power within the first ten years of service. Jacob never played by Camarilla rules and, had no interest in politics. The Camarilla was a means to an end, and that end was destroying the Sabbat.

The petty political battles and the overwhelming corruption of the Camarilla made Jacob grow tired, and so in 1884 Jacob stowed away on a steam boat, and headed to New York City. It was there he joined the Anarchs and began his career as a revolutionary. He even grew to hold the rank of Barron in Manhattan. Several Kindred joined the Anarchs in the 1920s and helped Jacob rid the city of the Sabbat and the Camarilla alike. Paradise ended however when the Camarilla came back to New York in 1930. Led by a ruthless Ventrue named Sebastien Lacroix, the Camarilla's forces scattered the Anarchs. To avoid a  total war Jacob surrendered to Lacroix. His rule as Baron had only lasted ten years. Jacob stayed the voice of the Anarch community, and ensured his sect wasn't destroyed or driven out. Because of Jake's involvement, Lacroix was forced to work with the Anarchs. The Camarilla was then challenged by the Sabbat and the great war for the city began. Jake, as he was now known, fled from New York after a blood hunt was called on him by Prince Lacroix. Since then he's been wandering the U.S., rallying the Anarch flag and ending the Sabbat wherever possible. He has only recently come to the city in search of a Anarch haven, and hopes he can find his purpose here. Upon the destruction of a Sabbat power cell Jake was made the Vampire Oligarch for the city. After the Oligarchy's collapse, Jake claimed the central district as his own. He has sired a child, Samantha. He works out the bar The White Rabbit, which he runs in connection with Anarch Lisa-Joe Hampton.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Jake's been around long enough to know almost every kind of supernatural. However, even Jake can be surprised sometimes. Above all else he's learned to never rule any thing out.

Occupation/Job:  Jake is a District Leader and former Oligarch for vampires. Prior to this Jake was a vampire revolutionary, and was independently wealthy due to a inheritance from his late sire, Sophie. Jake is also a smart investor; he pulled out of the New York Stock Market the week before it collapsed in 1929. He's more than tripped his original wealth. Jake owns the White Rabbit, however, it's functions are run by manager Lisa-Joe Hampton.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Jake behaves in the manner off a Brujah, but is in fact a Ventrue.  Jake is also one of the only known Ventrue to oppose the rule of the Camarilla.  Jake loves to drink the blood of the inebriated because it intoxicates him. 

Hobby/Hobbies: Jake enjoys a good book, but at the same time he's in love with the modern device known as the TV. He watches Gray's Anatomy and Glee almost every week.  Jake also enjoys video games. Although he's not a partying person by nature, he occasionally likes to go dancing.

Likes: Action, Weapons, comedy, theater, romance novels, history, good movies, sex, smoking, Ska music, Rock music, Lesbians, gay boys, mortals, other vampires.

Dislikes: Werewolves, The Sabbat, teenage girls, teenage boys who act like teenage girls, George Bush, vampires who lie about there age, Lestat Wanna Be's. This means vampires who are self centered and talk about their immortality as some big dark curse. He just accepts that being a vampire is part of who he is. Jake wants to bring a lot of immortals down to earth so to speak.

Strength: Jake is an extremely good fighter. Jake's also very good with all three vampire disciplines he possesses.  He does best with Dominance. His personal strengths include a good head on his shoulders, loyalty and knowing the difference between good and evil.

Weakness/Flaw:  He believes in a system of the way things should be, and is unable to accept the world will never take on his views. He is an Anarch, but without a cause to believe in.

Mystical object: Jake caries a Samurai Sword that he took from the first Sabbat Archbishop he killed. The sword was crafted by Buddhist monks in order to slay the vampires eastern cousins the Kuei Jin. The hunter it was made for lost it in battle to a Kindred. The blade's had several owners and  Jake is the blade's latest master. The blade's indestructible except by mystical means, and  can cut through anything, except for diamond. Also the blade was designed to slay the undead so it does extra damage to vampires and Kuie Jin (i.e aggravated wounds). The last interesting thing about the sword is that it has a bit of a personality. The blade has grown fond of Jake and can help guide his movements with it. Jake is unaware of this bond and thinks he's just a great swordsman. The sword has saved his life more times than Jake would ever like to admit. Jake knows only that it's indestructible and does damage to the undead. Its "personality" remains a mystery.

What joy is there in this curse? We are undead, yet we retain our free will. We are forsaken!

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