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Jake McCloud
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Name: Jacob McCloud
Age [appearance]: 16-18
Age [actual]: 279
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Clan: Ventrue (Antitribu), the Clan of Kings. Blue Bloods, Royalty, the Cult of Mithras
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Status: District Leader Central City District, Anarch Legend
Nickname: The Black Prince
Childer: Samantha “Sammy” Reade (by blood), Scott Pierce (ward)
Sexuality: Queer (masculine attracted)
Quote: “What good is existing for eternity if you never really live?”

Hair: Jake has short, messy-looking hair, that is neatly styled in the modern fashions of US gay culture. In order to look a bit more contemporary and younger he cut his hair down to a side fade. He left his length on top and has been swooping it over his eye. He can also slick it back or part it to the side if he needs to look “professional.” The color is a light, chestnut brown. Jake’s Scottish heritage shows up in his hair too, with certain lighting drawing out hues of red.

Eyes: Jake has large, doe like eyes that look a bit too large for his head. They are grey in color, but pick up blues and greens quite easily. His eyes have an almost supernatural pull if one stares too long and can change from kind to cruel at the drop of a hat.

Frame: Jake is five foot, seven inches tall, and weighs 145lbs. He has a slim build that gives him a twenty-seven inch waist, small wrists, and makes him read younger than his age at siring. His skin is smooth and hairless. He has no facial hair and looks more boyish than mannish, his human development not quite completed before his death.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Jake has a scar of supernatural making across his chest. The mark looks black, and starts at the top of his left shoulder and moves down and across his chest ending just above his navel. It is the one flaw in his skin. Rarely does a Kindred bare a mark of battle, but the particular weapon that cut him was designed to end the children of Cain. He doesn’t mind it though. As a warrior, he is proud of his battle scar. Jake also has two supernatural tattoos given to him by Sabrina the witch. The first is on his waist, just below his abs and slightly above his thigh. A heart is covered in roses and thorns. The thrones are piercing the heart and black drops of blood drip from it down his leg. Written across the heart are the words “True to my love.”  The second is his former Oligarch tattoo, which he would like to transform into the Anarch symbol.

Personality: Jake’s personality hinges on two contradictory convictions with a third conviction to provide harmony.

1. People should be free and not subjected to oppression.
2. It is my divine right to lead. It is in my very blood.
3. Leadership is a responsibility that I must be worthy of by being fair, just and humble.

Jake has noble blood from both his human and vampire lineage. This has conditioned him into the belief that he has a divine right to be a ruler amongst Kindred society. Throughout his relatively short eternity he has been a Sheriff to a Camarilla prince, been the Anarch Baron of New York for a brief time, and almost as soon as he arrived in the city was made the Oligarch for vampires. No matter where he goes Jake tends to rise to the top of the ranks, and nothing less would satisfy him. While he views himself as having a right to lead he believes that the right is equally a duty he is qualified for, and seeks to rule his subjects well and not just for his own personal benefit.

Jake was converted to the Anarch cause by Lisa-Joe Hampton, a prominent Brujah who convinced him that people should have more rights and freedoms than current governments allowed. He betrayed the Prince of London in a way that led to his sacking which branded the young vampire as a traitor to the blood. While Jake believes constitutional monarchy is the fairest system of government, he has dropped all but the most important laws from the books, letting his constituents explore more freedoms than when they lived under the Oligarchy.

Jake values cleverness, a sense of humor, prowess in battle, and someone who can shut him up. He does not value disrespect, foolishness, or those who would disagree with his right to leadership. His dating life has been non existent, as he cannot find a man he views as his equal. He is very sexually active though, a touch of Henry the Eighth in how he selects his partners. He doesn’t view humans as equals. To Jake, humans are children who die before they grow up and while he uses them for his amusement he doesn’t kill them or permanently harm them. A farmer doesn’t murder all his chickens at once. He cares for them, and Jake views dealing with humans in a similar fashion He also uses his advanced powers of memory modification to improve their recollections of time spent with him and to remove traces of the supernatural. Jake discourages vampires from killing humans as it is both a masquerade risk and finds it a  generally undesirable trait in an immortal.

Jake is a trained warrior specializing in swordplay of various kinds. He understands the roll violence must play sometimes in conflicts of governance and will kill quickly if it protects his borders. He will also show a special respect for those he deems warriors and will allow them to say and do things common folks would be punished for. Jake takes the enforcement part of his job seriously and while he is okay giving warnings he is also okay tearing out a vampires fangs if it means keeping balance in the city. 

Jake has a kind side brought out mostly by his children. They remind him of his own humanity and as he moves forward in the city he seeks to use their example to be a better man. His arrogance, hotheadedness, and impulsivity are all being worked on to be a better sire. He believes that he can avoid the mistakes of his line, and wants both Sam and Scott to find their own paths.

Jake carries royal blood from both his mortal and vampire family trees. The McCloud family was a clan in Northern Scotland that held the title of Lord of the Isles. The clan's main fortress was on the Isle of Lewis. The title Lord of the Isles survived many different monarchy’s, including Galec, Norse and Scottish kings, but the title was mostly independent from whatever kingdom ruled it. The origin of their power was in making fleets of ships to control the waters between Scotland and Norway, and they traded in fish, oil, and other maritime goods. When the Viking King Olaf the Black took the Islands in the 7th century he bestowed the title on Jake’s ancestor William the Cruel, who’s use of ships impressed the Viking King. As the islands traded hands the Lord of the Isles always managed to remain in power, promising to represent the lands but defer to the kingdom. For a few brief moments in history the title controlled the third most powerful fleet in that hemisphere after England and Norway. The culture of the McCloud clan was influenced by their viking progenitor Olaf the Black, and so Norse gods were worshiped on the Isles until the invasion of Christianity. The clan elders stuck to Odin,Thor and Loki long far longer than the isles peasants, and the storm crow is still a symbol of Jake's family.

The McCloud clan's power began to weaken however when James the Fourth of Scotland invaded and stripped the McCloud family of their estate, title, and power. The Lord of the Isles became a subsidiary title of the King of Scotland. The clan stayed on as nobles and watchers of the Island territories Rebellions were common in the years after their defeat and several members of the McCloud line were executed at the hands of the Kingdoms of Scotland and later Great Britain. The family went on to symbolize Monarchy in a state of rebellion. In modern culture the McCloud family serves as figures of popular culture within Scotland. There descendants are often called the Romanov's of Scotland, and several are rich and influential players in the region. Some have stood for parliament. Other's lead in business, and some have excelled in the arts. All in all, the family line is strong, if contained to one central region. McClouds who live in the US are likely not connected to Jake's pedigree.     

Several of Jake’s Anarch tendencies come from his human blood and the spirit of his family’s resistance to reclaim their homeland inspired Jake to reject the policies of the Camarilla. Jake was born at a time when his family’s power and influence had faded considerably. The McClouds ended up watching the British king end up with their title, and Jake is determined to do his human lineage proud by becoming a ruler of supernaturals. Jake is not in touch with his human descendants, but has visited Scotland a few times to observe if any are worth being sired. He is intrigued by one or two prospects and will be considering mixing more of his mortal line with his vampire line. Jake has a copy of the McCloud family crest on display in his apartment.   

Lineage (Vampire)
Jake is a member of Clan Ventrue, an ancient house of Vampire royalty who claim to be the original bloodline of Cain, the fabled first vampire. Jake's clan believes that it is their destiny to rule Kindred society and as a member of this clan Jake believes this as well. Jake's family line has also been very influential in vampire history, with many Ventrue sitting atop the thrones of Europe. The clan specializes in mind control, and claim that all other vampires learned it from them. They are also very defensive of their techniques and don't often instruct outsiders. Ventrue normally sire from human royalty, the wealthy and the ultra successful. They are known for having a type A personality and being aggressive deal makers. Ventrue are also known for being Nodists, or worshipers of Cain. Like many monarchy's Ventrue claim much of their power from God, who in their religion is Cain. It helps justify their dive towards leadership. The Ventrue also excell in the ability to protect their bodies and minds and in the manipulation of their aura to rebel, entrance, and seduce. Ventrue are normally affiliated with the vampire sect the Camarilla, but Jake is not. He was labelled a blood traitor and is considered Antitribu. Jake's line is called the House of Alexander, as their lines progenitor was Alexander of Paris. Jake's vampire lineage will now be written.

Cain - The first vampire. The killer of Abel, the son of Adam, and God's first murder. He was thrown from the house of his father into the land of nod, where the shadows lie. While there, cold and alone, he met Lilith, Adam's first wife. He drink of her blood and gained her power, then spurning her and leaving her to rot. The angels of God came to Cain and begged him to repent, and with each refusal he was cursed. One to walk the night, another to burn in the sun and fire, and another to  thirst for only blood. One final angel, Gabriel, offered Cain a promise, that all of his children may find their way back to God. Cain then grew lonely and sired the second generation. Enoch was the oldest and the next in the line that leads to clan Ventrue.

Enoch - Cain's first son, founded the great city of vampires. It bore his name and according to the legends he was the first king of vampires. He fell in love with his sister and she became his wife, an undead King and Queen ruling other undead. Enoch was considered a fair and noble king, but he grew weak from his fighting children, and went deep in torpor. It is unknown if he is destroyed or not.

Ventru - Enoch's first son, and the founder of Clan Ventrue. He is known as one of the thirteen antediluvians, the founders of all the vampire clans. As the eldest of the thirteen Ventru presided over the others, replacing Enoch as King once he went into the ground. Cain had vanished as well, tired of his fighting grand children. Ventru and the other antediluvians used human civilizations to fight bloody wars for power and land. Ventru eventually landed in Rome, and there sired many children, starting with Alexander. Ventru would end up ruling in Rome until he was defeated by the Setite high priestess, Nefertiti, in 59 BCE. Her magic forced him into torpor beneath Rome, and Ventru has not been seen since. 

Alexander - Alexander of Paris was sired in 700 BCE, in Greece. He was picked by Ventru because of his extraordinary good looks and prowess in battle. His master spent a few centuries training him before the pair split. Ventru stayed in Rome, while Alexander moved to what would become rural France. He ruled the city from the departure of the Roman Empire in 400 CE to 1236CE, before he was murdered by Diablerie.

Sophie DuBeck -

Mortal Years
The Trial of Sophie
The Cult of Mithras
Betraying the Camarilla and Escape to America
Baron of New York
Freedom Fighter
Hunting the Sabbat
The Oligarchy
Children, Friends and Kisses
The Fall of the Oligarchy
The Central District
The Conclave of Thrones
Return to the City

Awareness of Supernaturals: In his role as a District Leader Jake is aware of all the supernaturals reported to be in the city. This by no means makes him an expert on every species, but does give him a certain insight when dealing with supernaturals. Also, within the Central District he has a census and population team that keeps track of who lives where and what they are. 

Occupation/Job:  The Black Prince rules the Central and now Western District. His less impressive title of District Leader identifies him as a person in control of a domain within the city. Jake controls the Central District or Downtown and has recently made a claim on the West, which is mostly unopposed at present. For more on Jake's job, see the Hierarchy of Blood.  Prior to this position Jake was one of two vampire Oligarhs. He was appointed by Luminary Kerr Galvin after Jake defeated the Sabbat cell within the city. Before this, he was a Anarch revolutionary. Jake inherited the fotune of his Grandsire Alexander of Paris, and is therefore independently wealthy. It is a common trait among Ventrue. Jake is also a smart investor and plays the stock market, funding the District through low risk stocks and private equity funds. He mostly has people to manage his money at this point, but he does possess the skill need to know if he were getting taken advantage off. Jake owns the White Rabbit, a biker bar and gay dance club. The Rabbit also serves as his District Headquarters.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Jake was sired at such a young age that biologically his brain is that of a teenager. Despite extensive education and a maturing intellect,  cultural pallet and morality system, he has the emotional brain of a much younger person. This leads him to behaviors like impulsively, disorganized thinking, fits of rage, and emotionally based decisions. The Ventrue clan flaw restricts Jake to a special kind of blood type. Jake can only take blood from men who have lain with another man. Anything else his body will reject. It is why Ventrue are called bluebloods.

Hobby/Hobbies: Coming Soon

Likes: Coming Soon

Dislikes: Coming Soon

Strength: Coming Soon

Weakness/FlawComing Soon

Mystical object: Coming Soon

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