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Malakai Ezekias Pryce
« on: March 10, 2009, 10:22:49 AM »
Name: Malakai Ezekias Pryce
Age [appearance]: late 20s
Age [actual]: 328
Gender: male
Species: vampire
Hair: Dark, almost black in color and short/medium in length. The style itself varies a great deal, but usually, it's messy and naturally nice looking. He refuses to spend more than ten minutes on his hair, and anything more elaborate is done for a show by hired hands.
Eyes: Deep brown, with soothing qualities.
Frame: Claimed in his prime, Malakai stands around 6’ with an attractive sculpted physique.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: nothing significant enough to mention
Personality:  Mal is a fun guy to hang around with because he seems like he could take just about anything.  Publicly, he is the intimidating quiet one, while deep down he really is just a teddy bear.  Although he tends to trust people too easily, he isn't utterly naive when it comes to choosing friends.  However small his inner circle may be, he has a habit of giving new faces the benefit of the doubt before wrongly judging them. 

Awareness of Supernaturals: vampires, werewolves, demons, shifters, anything else just smells funny
Occupation/Job:  Custom makes a wide variety of clothing from period pieces to wedding dresses and even fetish things.  He doesn’t usually turn down a project.
Domicile: Oceanview Heights, Northwest District of the city
Interesting Facts / Quirks: Has a cat named Isis, a crazy, short-haired sandy-colored female.  She stays hidden most of the time.  He will not create a fledgling. He views human life as something to be treasured, not destroyed.  Mal is very hesitant to kill in any way shape or form.  He likes to keep his apartment clean, and even though he could afford a maid service, he prefers to tidy-up himself.  Not that he would let anyone know how much dusting he actually does...
Hobby/Hobbies: Mal is the lead singer for the band To Ashes that plays at the White Rabbit
Sports: Football (Soccer)
Music: lots
Movies & TV shows: Cooking shows, Project Runway
Books & Magazines: Fashion/Clothing magazines

Pet Peeves: people who are wasteful, waiting in line, clutter
Major Hangups: dwelling on immortality, vampires who feed in excess
Character Strengths:
- Super-loyal with the drive to defend until death.  Any insult to a friend is a personal insult to him.  Will never betray a friend or someone who has done him a favor.
- Reliable, good listener, cooperative.
- Creative and talented.
- Gentle, kind and compassionate, a lover of natural beauty.
- Naturally charismatic.

Character Flaws:
- A little clueless sometimes when it comes to reading people.  If you have a crush on him, he'd never know unless someone told him.
- Occasionally melancholic.
- Can be stubborn.
- A perfectionist and he can become impatient if bothered enough.
- Workaholic.
- Doesn’t typically show exactly how he is feeling and can come off as cold if you aren't used to his silence.
- Hides his stress and frustration, burries it in work.
- Has a hard time truly opening up.
- Prefers to give the offender the silent treatment than confront them.

Human Relationships:
Mother: Maria, passed away during childbirth when he was two years old.
Father: Miles Pryce, an important tailor with a thriving business.
Birth Order: The second son.  Because of this, he didn’t have the pressure of carrying on the family business.  His father still taught him the trade, though not with as much fervor as he taught his firstborn.
Siblings: Michael (oldest): Mal never really liked him and did his best to stay away.
Matthew (youngest): Mal had an okay relationship with him but didn’t go out of his way to socialize.
Other Relatives: His father married Isabel Daguiar shortly after the death of his mother.  Mal became very close to his stepmother.  He quickly became fluent in her native tongue.

Current Relationships:
Sire: Blesilla Aconia
Relationship status: Single
Current family: Considers his friends/band mates his family.
Best Friend(s): Jerry, Zach, Thor & Kim.  No, he doesn’t pick favorites.
Other Friend(s): Quinn
Other notable relationships: Sonya, Damien
Enemies: none to speak of


Human Years:
When he turned eighteen, he traveled to France, then Italy, to learn different techniques and to get away from his family for a while.  Eventually, he settled in Portugal where he kept a small tailoring business, giving him enough to live off of independent of his father.  He always sent letters back and forth to his stepmother.  While he was in Portugal, his stepmother passed away and he completely lost touch with his family (since Isabel was his only attachment).

Fledgling Years:
Eventually, he developed a close relationship with one of his clients, Blesilla Aconia, who was impressed with his skill.  She was from an old and powerful family and introduced him to the underground world of vampires.  As a result, Malakai gained an entirely new clientele, becoming the family's personal tailor (and for some of their noble connections as well).  It was Blesilla's intention, unbeknownst to Malakai, to seduce him.  She hoped that feedings would facilitate an attraction but they merely made him more affectionate and clingy.  He became deeply invested in the idea of being sired, excited by the possibilities of immortality.  The Aconia family forbade this, but Blesilla sired him anyway.  She kept him a secret for a few weeks, he eventually succumbed to her advances (blood bond overwhelming him).  This event put a strain on their relationship.  When he was eventually discovered, Malakai was sent away as punishment (though he went willingly) and matched with a family friend leaving for America who was meant to mentor the young fledge.

Recent History:
Mal started a band with a group of close friends:  Jeremiah and Zachariah Peterson (vampires, lead and bass guitar respectively),  Thor (human, drums), and Kim (Smoke Demon, keyboard/synth/anything else).  It's a casual thing, but Mal takes it pretty seriously sometimes.

Roleplay Consent:
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: Yes
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Re: Malakai Ezekias Pryce
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2019, 06:21:25 AM »
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