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Taylor Campbell
« on: March 19, 2009, 09:12:02 AM »
Taylor Ethan Campbell

Age [appearance]: 18

Sired [year]: 1995

Birthplace: New York, USA

Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Hair: Dark blonde locks, long enough to fall to his chin.  There is no fringe, there is just a part in the middle and the rest of the time he sweeps it back with his hand.  His hair is usually not well-looked after, rarely does a brush or comb work a path through it.

Eyes: Dark blue; not so dark they are mistaken for anything but dark blue.  Only supernatural sight can see the slight tinge of green in them, making them oceanic.  To mortals, they look plain.

Frame: Thin but not skinny.  He's not muscular but he wouldn't pass for effeminate either.  Broad shoulders and narrow hips give him an athletic appeal but he doesn't have enough tone to him to pass for an athlete.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Scars run up the inside of his arms and there are a few burns and marks on his arms and legs from a rough youth.
Personality: He'd grown up expecting the world to owe him for the poor start he had in life.  When he received immortality through vampirism, it was simply the world showing him he was special.  Why else would he be given such a gift after a single conversation with two people he hadn't even known were vampires?  He's arrogant because he expects to get his own way all the time.  He's cheeky because he believes nothing bad will happen to him. He's disrespectful because he believes he should be number one in the pecking order. He's resentful to those who think him worthless.  He's unforgiving of those that let him down even once. He doesn't think of consequences when he acts.  He's brutally honest because he believes people should know the truth no matter what. This strong opinion comes from his past, where he personally holds a ton of guilt for ruining his mother's life.
History: He grew up in a poor household with an older sister and two younger brothers.  There is a five and a seven-year gap between him and his younger brothers (Beckett John and Adrian Robert), and a three-year gap between him and his older sister (Lilian Rose), who would always pick on him and take his toys from him.

When he was nine he'd developed a habit of only coming home to sleep, staying out as late as midnight when he realised that his parents weren't really missing him. When his mother was working three shifts and his father spent most of his time at a bar, there was nobody around to miss him, except for a sister that hounded him about why he wasn't at school and where had he been all night.

His sister's nagging got too much for him when he was twelve and so he organised to live with one of his friends (Craig) and his mother (Tania).  She'd been told by Craig that Taylor's family were abusive (when they'd never laid a hand on him) and coming from an abusive family herself she was more than happy to share her house with her son's friend, to get him out of a bad situation. Taylor never corrected the lie, figuring Craig knew what was best.  It took Taylor's mother two weeks to realise her firstborn son was no longer sleeping in his bed at home, and after finding him living down the street there was an ugly confrontation between her, Taylor and Tania.  Hurt and now suspecting her husband of physically abusing his kids, her already shaky marriage fell apart amid accusations and drunken tears.

Eventually, Craig and Taylor started hanging around with a gang, being the youngest members at sixteen and therefore bullied into performing petty thefts, because 'they wouldn't go to real jail, only juvie' (juvenile detention). There was an upside; free pot and plenty of girls shared around for sex. (Taylor kept his bisexuality to himself). Craig got caught and was sent to juvenile detention for six months where he'd been given by other inmates the bright idea to sell drugs in order to make a ton of money.

The gang was already distributing pot, and Taylor was more than happy to smoke it and even sell it to friends, but once they started selling pills he got worried because he believed that pot was okay because it was natural and nobody knew what shit went into the pills. His fears were realised when one of his friends overdosed on ecstasy. He quit the gang, not bothering to talk Craig into coming with him because it'd been Craig's idea in the first place to establish a bigger drug activity.

He was one of the homeless thousands living on the city streets, figuring something good would come his way.  He was light-fingered for clothing and food, getting in trouble enough to have to move around the city but not so much that charges were pressed against him.

On his eighteenth birthday, he celebrated by going to the roof of a tall building and sitting on the edge, watching the busy city move almost unimportantly beneath him. He was up there to watch the sunset and then to watch the nightlife after it.  He witnessed many things, but couldn't see details from his vantage point. Still, that didn't mean he wasn't visited by two strangers who approached him during his rooftop perusal. It was an odd thing, to be spoken to by an attractive couple, well dressed and obviously together judging by the way they were holding hands.

There were many strange questions to begin with before the conversation began to flow deeper into the supernatural. He was feeling melancholy enough to answer their questions honestly instead of telling them to fuck off, and when invited to be brought to a party with them he accepted, figuring he'd see some pretty strange shit but it was his birthday so a party sounded fine. He expected something straight out of the Hotel California song and wasn't disappointed when he saw evidence of vampirism. Nothing looked really bad and his initial fear of being mauled was gone when he saw how the donors were reacting to the bite.

Jeanne drank from him first, and he knew pleasure.  Leoric was at her side, watching them both until it was over - short and sweet - and more questions came, this time from him.  They wanted a son, they said, but couldn't have one. They pointed out that he had nobody to miss him or love him, no home to go to, nothing to attach him to his mortality.  He agreed readily enough, for he'd shared this information with them already.  The first question they'd asked him was if he wanted to jump off the edge, and he'd negated this with a firm no. He didn't know why he wanted to live, he just did.  They would give him meaning, they said, they would give him a family bonded by blood. They would give him super strength and superpowers.  Of course, he accepted.

It turned out that they were the only ones who really wanted him. Theirs was an elite club and nobody approved of his initiation into it.  The founder of their freakish family was a true freak himself, looking inhuman and unable to wander the streets because of it.  Charon, he called himself, and he'd threatened Taylor with destruction. Jeanne had stood up for him but Taylor wouldn't forget or forgive the fact that as soon as Charon had looked at him, he'd wanted him dead.

Awareness of Supernaturals:
Vampires, werewolves, aware of magic users and demons but doesn't know specifics.

Occupation/Job: He was given tasks by the Sacramentum but he never did them. Currently prostituting himself in order to get money and feed off his clientele. Currently has regulars who he charges money just for the bite.

Interesting Facts: He enjoys drinking from mortals who are stoned but dislikes those who are drunk.  His affair with Jeanne is what finally ended his time at the Sacrament. Leoric (one of his sires) tried to kill him when he was discovered having sex with Jeanne. He escaped Leoric when Jeanne mentally held her fledge/husband in place, but it was a betrayal Leoric couldn't overlook. Charon was happy to issue a death order on Taylor so he fled the country. Jeanne made Leoric promise not to kill Taylor - after promising in spite of not wanting to, Leoric left the Sacramentum and is by himself in Europe though Taylor doesn't know this.

Hobby/Hobbies: He likes to live a life of entertainment. He taught himself how to play guitar.  He creates new songs by picking their tune or humming the melody when strumming chords, though this is something he does in private.  He has always had a love for music, particularly ballads, though would never share this information with anyone for fear of being ridiculed.
Likes: Feeling special, being the centre of attention, getting what he wants.
Dislikes: Drunks, Charon, people who correct him when he's wrong.
Strength: He can read minds and also send thoughts.  He's perceptive; he can read people even without knowing their thoughts.

Weakness/Flaw: His mental abilities are developing slowly and with much effort on his part.  It doesn't come naturally.  He should be able to lightly dominate or have some kind of telekinesis but he has neither.  He expects things to happen for him.  He doesn't really have any goals.

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