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Name/Nicknames: Heather Seorith
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Eighteen
Allegiance: To her sisters first and foremost - they come before anything else. Also as a mercenary to the High Orders.

Description: Heather is tall and slim, which is deceiving as she is a warrior and many think she would be large and muscled. Her body is quite well toned, but she has more of a dancer’s or gymnast’s physique than that of a warrior. This is because of her reliance on speed and agility that is paired with her fighting technique. She stands at about five foot six or five foot seven and weighs about one hundred and twenty pounds to one hundred thirty pounds.

She was originally a blonde like her sisters, but over time her meddling in necromancy has given her hair a darker color as well as black streaks. It falls to her shoulders and she often pulls her bangs back and pins them to the top of her head. Her eyes are a pale, lifeless gray color and have darkened shadows around them, appearing much like an eye shadow makeup. Her face is long and narrow, appearing fairly regal, though marked by the necromancy.

Her body is thin and well toned, not well endowed, with a thin waist and narrow hips and long, slender legs. Her arms are also fairly long, and her fingers are lengthy and dexterous. She appears fairly bony with a wiry-muscled body.
Identifying Trait(s): Heather has an interesting smile. She can only really smile with the left side of her face unless she tries really hard not too. This gives her a very smirk-like smile. Also, her canines are longer than average and she often suffers jokes about being a vampire from her sisters due to this and her dark, gloomy appearance.

Heather has pale skin that is a result from her necromancy, as well as possession. She appears to have a very “gothic” look to her, as if she is permanently wearing dark makeup. She doesn’t really understand where this comes from and it doesn’t seem to be going away, just getting worse if anything.

She also has a large tattoo on her left shoulder of a skull wreathed in rose vines, circled by the rosebuds themselves. The skull is very detailed and not of human nature. What the skull is meant to be from, she really doesn’t know. The tattoo is done entirely in glossy black ink.

Profession: Primarily a necromancer but has the talents of a fighter and mentalist as well.
Education: Heather doesn’t have a formal education, but she is knowledgeable in the ways of the street and dealing with others. She is a fairly decent at both necromancy and several forms of combat and spends a great deal of time trying to learn from Haeli.
Social Class: Fairly well known mercenary; not by great deeds but merely by how strange their group is. She is not very wealthy and barely scrapes by.

Clothing: Heather wears a set of underclothes as well as a soft, thin black tank-top-like shirt that covers her midsection from the waist up as well as a pair of black pants over which she wears the first layer of her armor. Over the first layer of her armor is a long-sleeved, black robe covered by the second layer of armor. With the second layer of armor is a black hooded cloak that is fastened under her second layer of armor in a fashion that allows freedom of movement with her left hand, but is capable of covering her whole body. She also wears a pair of black gloves and boots.
Armor: She wears two layers of armor, a heavy set as well as a lighter set. Over her first layer of clothing is the first layer of light armor consisting of a sleeveless leather coat that extends into a ankle length chain mail fauld. Her second layer of armor is worn over a black robe and consists of a pale gray light plate that conforms to her body’s physique as well as matching pauldrons. On her arms and lower legs are strips of tough leather over which are worn steel wrist guards and ankle plates.
Items/Other: Heather carries a tome of dark magic that focuses on necromancy and also serves as a journal where she takes notes on her various experiments and writes down new theories and hypothesis, as well as a small or large (varies depending on where she is going) bag of necromancy supplies. Usually the bag will contain bones or bone fragments or even bone powder than she can use to form weapons or other tools.

Weapons: Heather carries two swords with her. The blades are made of folded steel and are extremely durable. She has taken good care of them and they are still in excellent condition. The hilts are made of ornately carved bone and have a slightly curved attribute to them which works well with her reverse blade style. The blades themselves are highly decorated with runes and various designs that she had etched into them shortly after the making of them.
Weapon Proficiency: Heather excells with swords. She is particularily good at dual wielding. She wears two identical swords on her left hip, which she then draws and holds in various grips. Usually she focuses on one sword held in a reverse grip and the other in standard grip for varying defense and offensive capabilities. She is partially ambidextrous, being able to use both hands effectively but is primarily left handed, and thus uses her stronger left hand to wield the sword in a reverse style for a strong defense, while her right hand which is much more dextrous takes the offense. She is also quite good with a staff or spear, wielding them in the same manner but has just recently began working with them.

Magic: Heather is a very capable necromancer as well as mentalist. Her necromancy is more complex than many other’s forms as in it requires bodily movements (more complex or more simple depending on the power of the spell), sometimes words, as well as thoughts to cast. Her necromancy covers a great range of effects from inflicting diseases to raising and controlling the dead. She has been trying for a great deal of time to bring back a person from the dead and reattaching the soul as well, but has been successful thus far.

Also a fairly proficient mentalist, capable of using powers often associated with psychics, she can use her mind to do many tasks. Some of her most noteworthy uses for this is using her mind to force her body to move faster than it normally could as well as enabling her to move short distances as extreme speeds or jump higher than she normally could, creating shockwaves of mental power to propel items (or enemies) over distances, and also to empower her weapons such as returning them to her hands after throwing or dropping them.

The mental magics are extremely taxing on her physiological and psychological strength and can wear her down for quickly and thus are used sparingly or over periods of time instead of all at once. This form of magic is brought upon by thoughts and it appears to be done through movements as well, but that is a misconception and is done merely to direct the flow of energy.
Skills and Talents: Heather excels at her necromancy and is fairly proficient at her mentalist abilities as well. Her magical abilities developed later in life as opposed to early on, so she had spent most of her early years training in self defense through weapons and other means with her father. Now, at age eighteen she is an extremely well balanced fighter, though not exceptionally strong, she relies on speed and agility to overcome foes instead of sheer might of physical strength. Heather is known to be extremely graceful and fluid in motions, as well as quick and agile, these have helped her greatly in combat as well as the complex spell casting of her necromancy which seems to rely on a form of dance that only she knows. She also is an excellent people-person and knows how to barter and get what she needs from others, as well as how to get her and her sisters out of trouble. She is a natural at command, likely due to the fact that her father was a military officer and has become the un-contested leader of the sisters.

Habits and Mannerisms: Heather is well known for her experimentation. Whenever she gets the chance and finds something dead, dying, or diseased, she will often test her necromancy upon them in an attempt to confirm her theories; her first and foremost theory is the use of necromancy to reattach a soul to the body of the dead and thus bring them back together while repairing and dead material.

She is also well known for "talking to herself" as her sisters put it. In truth, during one of her attempts to re-attach the soul of a victem of a massacre, she instead pulled the soul of a demon into her body, but she beleives that she did not put it there, but it chose to go there. It often comments on things, and she often responds to it, forgetting that she doesn\'t need to talk outloud.
Personality: Heather has a very doom-and-gloom front that she puts on. She seems very pessimistic but often contradicts herself in many situations involving her leadership and thus calls herself an optimistic-pessimist. She is negative about most things, and seems to be very reclusive. She doesn’t seem to get excited or anger and always keeps her cool. She shows very little outward emotion and her expressions are often dull and devoid.

She is not mean, but she often seems to be very heartless or quick with her words as if she never really thinks about what she says. In many situations she will often confront them with confidence and courage, though whether or not she is confident and courageous, no one has yet figured that out.

Inwardly, Heather is somewhat different. Instead of the gloom-and-doom she is very complex, far more so than her sisters. She has seen a lot in her life and learned a great deal, and despite how fast she may react or how thoughtless she may seem, she always puts a great deal of consideration and planning into every choice she makes, knowing that the lives of her sisters could very well be in her hands at any given moment.

She may seem negative, though inwardly she is very hopeful. Heather might straight up say that she thinks or “knows” things are going to go bad and there is nothing they can do about it, but inside she secretly is more hopeful about things than most people, always taking chances and betting against the odds that things will turn out well for them. This has made her a very strange, yet reliable leader to her sisters.

Heather does not get excited, or fee certain emotions at all. She knows it doesn’t and thinks it’s strange, but goes with it anyway. She always faces tasks with confidence and blind courage, though inside she is always afraid of the outcome, always afraid to let her sisters down. She only makes it seem like she is strong so that the others have someone they feel they can rely on. Her greatest fear is that she will someday let her sisters down and something terrible will happen.

History: Heather’s life was spent greatly apart from her sisters and with her father off at war. When Heather was five, her father was called off to the war, and since he had no sons to serve a Paige, he took his eldest daughter, Heather, instead. Under the name of Franz, Heather participated in many things with the other young boys at war, and here she learned many things that, later, helped her in life.

When she was nine, Heather met a young boy who she fast became friends with. These two played together, and the boy, named Lanny, even taught Heather the basics of combat.  Under the tutelage of Lanny, she learned many things, but never did she betray her secret to him, and when Lanny was stricken with a strange disease, Heather become extremely depressed.

At age ten, at Lanny’s deathbed, she confessed to him that she was not who she had always appeared to be, and Lanny laughed at her. The laugh was so strained and full of pain that Heather felt he had been possessed by a demon in his weakened state, but when he grabbed her hand and held it in the last moments, Heather felt something trickling down her arms and running across her body. She looked up into Lanny’s shocked face and then down at the pool of disgusting green and black puss-like material gathering on the ground below her.

The next day Lanny was announced to survive and within a weak he had fully recovered. Heather, as Franz, was taken to the camp wizards and was discovered to be a capable latent-necromancer. From then on, until age fourteen she studied magic under the watchful eyes of the camp magus, but in her spare time she practiced with Lanny, learning the more advanced parts of combat.

At fourteen, Heather was returned to her father as they left a town where their army had been encamped for many months. They were on their way to intercept a large enemy force, but during the night as they camped, that forced came upon them early and devastated her father’s men. Heather had hidden at her father’s command, and as the battle raged on into the night, fell asleep.

When she awoke, it was morning and all that surrounded her was death. The fate of her father had never been determined, but after a week of wandering, she luckily made it back to the town they had recently left. After meeting up with Lanny, and then the Magus, she was redirected home in search of her mother and sisters.

After nearly a year of searching she found her home, and when she arrived, she found that her mother was sick and her sisters believed that she had her father were long since dead. Neither Haeli or Helen had believed it was her, and when she had tried to enter the house, Helen had attempted to bash her in the face with a frying pan, but Heather had turned her head enough that it merely gave her a glancing blow which did result in her being incapacitated.

After being presented to her mother, she confirmed that Heather was really who she said she was, and in a state of great joy, her mother’s heart gave out and she passed away. Being devastated, Heather had made a foolish mistake and attempted to bring her mother back, but not as a mere animated body, but as a real, whole soul-possessed human, but it had failed horribly, resulting in a near-death experience for her as well as opening her body to the ravages of a demon who still lives inside of her to this day.

After the failed attempt at resurrection, Heather gathered her sisters, and on the whim of hope and rumor, set off in search of their father. So far, they have been unsuccessful in their searches and are currently being employed as mercenaries by the High Orders. Their search continues, and Heather’s relentless attempts at a successful resurrection have thus far, proved unsuccessful, but she feels she is getting closer and closer to seeing her mother once again.
Family: Haeli and Helen