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Name/Nicknames: Haeli Seorith
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Seventeen
Allegiance: To her sisters first and foremost - they come before anything else. Also as a mercenary to the High Orders.

Description: Haeli is a beautiful young girl who stands at about five feet tall and weighs very little as well. She is an extremely petite girl who appears much, much younger than she really is. She is known to go to great lengths to promote her beauty, even to the point where her sisters may mock her vanity or poke fun at her for it.

She boats the typical blonde hair of the family, but it is a lighter shade than either of her sisters and is far longer than either as well. She keeps the back portion braided and varies what she does with whatever is left. She takes good care of her hair and it tends to stay very clean and well groomed.

Haeli has a narrow face like her sisters with articulated features, but she stands behind Heather in overall physical beauty, though Heather has lost her looks due to the strain her necromancy puts on her body and it had become a very dark beauty as opposed to Haeli’s very prominent good looks. She has big blue eyes and a pretty smile to compliment.

Her body is small and lithe like Heather’s but it is not nearly as well toned but is more of just a standard tone for a female of her size and body weight. She is scrawny but her body still looks good enough that she can show it off. Like Heather, Haeli does not have large hips or a well endowed bust, but she often finds ways to draw attention to her more pleasing features with the use of her clothing.
Identifying Trait(s): Haeli has gone to great lengths to preserve her body’s physical attractiveness, the only thing that could be considered an identifying trait would be the oddly arranged pattern of moles on her back that is in the shape of the big dipper.

Profession: Thief and drama-queen.
Education: Haeli is not the most intelligent person around. She rarely goes out of her way to learn anything that will not benefit her or what she feels might be useful at the moment. She doesn’t always seem dumb, but she usually just picks up bits and pieces of information from her sisters.
Social Class: Fairly well known mercenary; not by great deeds but merely by how strange their group is. She is not very wealthy and barely scrapes by.

Clothing: Haeli often dresses in very colorful or extravagant clothing, but she commonly wears a rather loose sleeveless-shirt that cuts off slightly below her ribs over a very form fitting shirt that extends to her waist. The loose, sleeveless-shirt is a dark red while the undershirt is black. She also wears a pair of loose pants that flow down her legs and ends at her knees and wears a mutli-slit skirt over that which flows down to her ankles. She wears a pair of boots which extend into leather strips which wrap up her legs to her knees. The pants are black while the skirt is the same dark red. She wears gloves of a similar nature to her boots, which wrap all the way up to her shoulders. Haeli also has a black hooded cloak that she will wear over her standard outfit.
Armor: Haeli does not wear armor.
Items/Other: Haeli carries a set of thief’s tools that consists of anything that could be considered useful in an escape or breaking into something. She often attempts to lug around large cases full of various clothes and personal items, as well as makeup but tends to leave that wherever they are staying.

Weapons: Haeli often has a multitude of small, easily hidden weapons secreted around her body. She is oddly proficient at keeping them hidden.
Weapon Proficiency: Knives or Daggers and other similar items.

Magic: Haeli is, for all intents and purposes, essentially magicless. She sometimes has small spurts of magic that she has no control over, seemingly brought on by drastic changes in her emotions that can either end up being devastating or helpful. Haeli does not like the fact that she has the ability to use magic because she feels that it takes the fun out of life, and this may be a contributing factor to why she cannot use magic - simply not wanting it at all.
Skills and Talents: Haeli, somewhere along the line, got into thievery and the like. No one really noticed until later on in their lives when Haeli would be found stealing things as well as picking locks, breaking into safes, and occasionally pick-pocketing. She is quite an experienced thief, but like most other things she does, she full-heartedly denies that she is capable of doing it.

Haeli is an accomplished flirt and she plies her trade often. She has a way with seducing men that neither of her sisters have or can understand. They only know that on occasions Haeli takes it a bit too far, and oftentimes Heather has to keep an eye on her so they don\'t lose her somewhere in the streets when she spots a "cute" guy.
Habits and Mannerisms: Haeli is a fairly erratic person. She doesn\'t necessarily have any set habits or mannerisms, aside from the fact that everytime a guy catches her eye she absolutely has to flirt with them in some way or she becomes depressed...untill she finds another one.
Personality: Haeli could be considered the nice, fun-loving, bubbly person of the group. As opposed to Heather\'s gloomy personality and Helen\'s rebellious one, Haeli goes out of her way to make the most out of life.

She is a kind person, with a soft heart that seems to be broken several times a day, though she often forgets about it entirely in the morning of the next day. Haeli often helps people at random, especially the elderly. Neither of her sisters understands her urges to do these things at random.

Haeli is lazy when it comes to anything but flirting, which could be considered the only thing she takes seriously. She doesn\'t ever study anything, or work hard at anything, but instead slacks off and takes everything at such a slow pace that most of the time either Heather or Helen will end up doing it for her.

History: Haeli, the second born of the Seorith girls, was probably the most odd of the three. Helen and Heather both had secrets that they kept, or problems with society, but Haeli had neither. She was the most free-spirited young girl there ever was, and never for a moment did she stop enjoying her life.

 When she was young, she was not like her sister Helen who stayed separated from everyone; Haeli went out into the world and met everyone and everything she could. She developed a very friendly personality and became someone that everyone wanted around, and when she was about eight she got mixed up with a fairly odd group of miscreants which is where she ended up learning most of her little thievery skills.

During one large escapade by her and her friends, they invaded the house of the only person considerably noble in their region, and attempted to steal some things. They were caught, and her friends were taken away and she never saw them again, but she was sent home. She never understood why they had taken her friends and not her, but she always considered it a good sign.

When she was older, her mother fell ill and this was a horrible time for her. The depressed feeling about the house had the worst affect on Haeli, more so than anything before. She was happy up till then, but during that time, she was sad as anyone else. She did everything she could for her mother, but the thing that really changed everything was a knock on the door.

When Helen began crying and screaming about ghosts, Haeli intervened and was shocked to see someone who looked almost exactly like their mother standing in their door, but unlock Helen, she had the faintest memories of this person standing before her. It was Heather! This brought her spirits up, but that day, their mother died and their lives changed for good. Since then, Haeli has regained her free-spirited happiness and moved on, waiting for the day she gets to meet her father again.
Family: Heather and Helen