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Name/Nicknames: Helen Seorith
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Sixteen
Allegiance: To her sisters first and foremost - they come before anything else. Also as a mercenary to the High Orders.

Description: Helen is similar to her sisters in that she has blonde hair and the distinctive physical traits of their family beauty, the narrow face and defined features that gives her a very pretty appearance, though she rarely goes to any length to show off her good looks, she is still somewhat attractive.

She stands at about five foot four or so and weighs about one hundred and twenty five pounds or slightly more, and boasts the most girlish figure of the three sisters. She has a wider set of hips than Heather’s tall lithe body, or Haeli’s short and scrawny one, as well as a fuller bust. Despite her good physical appearance, she often goes to great length to keep it hidden away as opposed to Heather, who could care less, and Haeli who just wears less.

Identifying Trait(s): Helen is fairly devoid of any identifying traits, but she does have a small amount of very faint freckles on her cheeks just below her eyes that are extremely hard to see and become more prominent when it the sun (to the point where they can actually be seen).

Profession: A fairly versatile, all around proficient magician and scholar.
Education: Helen is extremely intelligent, but lazy. She has spent a great deal of time pursuing knowledge of any form and has become the brains of the group. She is very book smart and can recite passages from nearly any book she has read flawlessly. Her ability to remember things she reads or hears is very uncanny and she is always looking for more to learn, thus, she always carries books with her.
Social Class: Fairly well known mercenary; not by great deeds but merely by how strange their group is. She is not very wealthy and barely scrapes by.

Clothing: Helen often resorts to wearing robes, but her most common gear is very similar to a standard robe and outfit, being that it is composed of pants, a shirt, underclothes, and a robe, but the robe is often belted tight around her waist, and then wears a hooded cloak over that. The robes are often a dusty brown and made for fast movement as opposed to not being very useful in many situations, and the cloak is a creamy pale yellow-white color.
Armor: Helen does not wear armor.
Items/Other: In most cases she will carry a fairly complete kit of medical supplies with her that she uses in the case of an inury among the three sisters. On occasion Helen will also carry a book of magical text that she may have located recently and is still trying to learn from it. Otherwise, she carries very little with her.

Weapons: Helen normally does not carry any form of weapons since she tends to rely entirely upon her magic. Occasionally she carries her staff with her, which is shorter than average, but still too long to be considered a wand, and consists of warped and twisted wood, polished and shined to a smooth surface, wrapped in various colored clothes and leathers, and covered in various runes and wards.
Weapon Proficiency: Helen is not really good with any form of weapons. She is capable of self defense with her staff to a certain degree, but if anyone with any melee talent were to oppose her she’d choose to run away or rely on her magic to prevail. It is a joke among the sisters that the only weapon Helen is proficient with is the frying pan.

Magic: She is the magic master of the three sisters, and is very proficient in its use. Her talents lie mainly in defensive magic as well as magic used to counter other’s magics, but she is able to use offensive magic as well, but often she allows Heather, who is far more capable as a combative caster to use her more offensive spells while Helen backs her up with defense. Most of her magic comes from mere thoughts, and then uses gestures to channel the energy where she wants it to go. Sometimes, more complex gestures will allow the spell to build more power as she redirects it through her body several times before finally releasing it.

Few things captivate Helen more than magical books. She used to carry many with her everywhere she went, but more recently she has stopped and merely carries one or two, or even none in most cases. She is an expert at deciphering magical scriptures which is something that seems to come more naturally to her than any other talents.

Skills and Talents: Helen greatly excels in the magical aspect of talents, being a very proficient wielder of the magical arts as well as being able to expertly decipher any magical texts she may come across. Aside from having fairly good natural intelligence as well as a bit of foresight abilities, (being able to read situations to see where they might go), she is not the most talented person on the block.

Habits and Mannerisms: Helen has problems with words and being able to communicate with others, and often rants on and on when she tries to explain something to someone (usually if she makes a mistake this occurs and it could easily go on for hours if she is left to continue). She also has a bit of a self destructive habit, where she will often make things worse for herself than is necessary. Whether she does this on purpose or not is largely unknown. Her sisters believe that is more of a compulsion than something she does by choice.
Personality: Helen is fairly distant from others in a sense of letting people get to know her. She likes to bottle things up inside and leave them there instead of sharing her problems with other people. She doesn’t understand herself very well and is very afraid that people will learn to understand her before she can even come to terms with herself. She never tries to rely on anyone else, but she likes it when others will rely on her, and thus is a very fierce individual, and woe to those who try and change her.

She is often very nice to people, though her poor talent with words has often made her seem like a bit of a jerk or a liar because she never really knows how to put things and will often leave details out. This has resulted in many cases where Helen has found herself in extremely difficult positions. Though nice, Helen is extremely impatient and easily agitated, and can become quite angry with people, sometimes, seemingly without cause or reason behind it.

Helen likes to have fun, and is a very curious person. She will go out of her way to do things she hasn’t done before, and when she finds something she likes she will often stick with that until she is bored or tired of it, (which can take quite a while in many cases). Also, if something does not make sense to Helen, she will work to find out how it actually is, operates, and survives. This has gotten her into a bit of trouble in many cases.

Helen is shy, and doesn’t trust people very easily. She may not seem shy around people she knows and trusts, but when it comes to new people she will avoid them as much as Haeli clings to them and by doing such, has very few friends aside from her sisters. She doesn’t really trust people easily, and it really showed when she first really met Heather, which ended in a near death experience for Heather and the ruination of a frying pan.

History: Helen was the last born of the Seorith girls, and has no memory of her father or her sister in her early life. As far as she is concerned, her father never existed, and her sister hadn’t either. They were dead to her, but that day when Heather came back, everything changed for her.

When she was young, she grew up as her mother’s sheltered child. She was pushed to do well in everything she did and over time, she became a bit rebellious and distant when it came to dealing with others. The only thing that ever brought her out of her distant reveries was her mother.

At age six it was discovered that Helen had a great talent for magic, and thus she began studying at her mother’s behest. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to her, because from then on she seemed to be happy. At least to an extent… She had few friends during her early life, but once she began her magical studies she met a few other kids her age and eventually began talking to others, but she never really developed the people skills that many others did.

Later in life, when her mother fell ill, Helen did all that she could to sustain her via her magic, but in the end it wasn’t enough. One day, when there was a knock at the door, she answered and the person who stood before her was nearly a mirror image of her mother, though much, much darker. Helen immediately figured it was a ghost or apparition coming to claim her mother’s spirit and take it away from her, but then Haeli intervened and requested to know who it was, Helen was extremely enraged when the “spirit” claimed to be their long lost sister.

When Heather tried to enter the building, Helen attempted to beat her to death with a frying pan, and nearly succeeded. This incident later resulted in many jokes and jibes between them.

Heather’s arrival seemed almost awkward, and was possibly the worst thing that could have ever happened for them all. Their mother, who had been on a steady increase in strength, wanted to see her for herself, and when she did, she was so overtaken by joy that she had a heart attack and passed away in their arms. Immediately Heather ordered the others from the room, which further increased Helen’s disbelief in her sister’s real existence, but after the screams that came from the room ended, and Heather exited looking as if she had suffered a great disease herself, Helen knew it was not so.

Heather ordered the house burnt to the ground right away, and from then on, they searched for their father. Alive or dead, they were intent on finding the last remaining family member other than themselves, and Helen was doing everything to make herself ready for that day.
Family: Heather and Haeli