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Valus Si\'ian
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Name/Nicknames: Valus Si\'ian
Gender: Male
Race: Kobold
Age: Late sixties.
Allegiance: High Orders

Description: Stands at about three feet in height, with midnight blue fur. Has large, round, yellow eyes. Valus is very light and sleek. He\'s not a powerful fighter, and relies heavily on his magic. His dark blue fur is unique to kobolds, but it\'s not uncommon for their shamans to dye their fur various colors.
Identifying Trait(s): Has red runes tattoed onto his ears and nose, where the fur is thin or bare and the runes show well. Also has a rune dyed into the fur over his left eye.

Profession(s): Archmagus of the Summoners. Valus was thought dead and lost his seat in the council, but still has claim to it.
Education: Valus\' early education came from his tribe. Most of that education was in hunting, fighting, or tactics. The kobolds of his tribe were learning a lot from their dealings with merchants and nomads. When Valus became a shaman, he learned a lot about healing using herbs, and minor incantations for healing. The rest of his education has been through experience or the many books he\'s aquired since the slaughter of his tribe.
Social Class: As far as kobolds are concerned, Valus is what humans would call a noble. They call him the Chief of Spirits. As far as everyone else is concerned, Valus is seen as a very high ranking diplomat, and since he has a seat in the council for the High Orders, some would even put him on even footing with most lords and ladies.

Clothing: Baggy black pants and thin sandles (with a variety of enchantments on them for various purposes). Wears a raggy dark grey shirt and has a thin black robe with dark-blue, velvet lining.
Armor: Valus wears greaves, spaulder, full gauntlets, bracers, and chest plate. All of his armor is thin, ornate looking steel dyed a dark blue. Each piece is actually very durable, made from dwarven mythril and enchanted heavily by his friend Ruark of the Shamans and blessed by his friend Barnabas of the Druids.
Items/Other: Valus keeps a few books in a pack, and odds and ends in various pockets or pouches on his belt. Most of it he doesn\'t need for his spells, but they can help speed up the process or intensify the results. Other things in his pack include: some herbs, teas, a tea pot, a couple water skins, a bowl, several other things for eating, drinking, or for mixing and applying medicine.

Weapons: Long oak staff with scattered runes carved into it. Has basic wizardry spells like creating sparks or casting light. Valus also has two long, curved knives sheathed on his belt.
Weapon Proficiency: Staffs and small to midsize knives.

Magic: Can summon other kobolds into battle, all from his fallen tribe. Can also summon Ogres, but it takes more concentration. The last anyone knew, Valus was working on summoning dragons.
Skills and Talents: Valus is an able fighter, although not a warrior by any means. He\'s fast and experienced. Outnumbered, he would quickly lose a battle. His weapons are for close range and he has little counter any magic. He relies on his summons to defend him. Aside from combat, Valus is intelligent and focused. As a summoner he\'s used to thinking on his feet and trying to setup the battlefield in his favor. He\'s also a talented cook and herbalist.

Habits and Mannerisms: Valus tends to speak with his hands and scratch behind his ears. When Valus is deep in thought his gaze wanders and he takes on a hard edge, as if observing a battlefield.
Personality: Sharptongued and short tempered, Valus definitely leaves a first impression. However, he\'s actually very kind and gathered. His tempers are as short as his fuse and he never holds a grudge. He tends to be straight to the point and refuses to give ground unless he knows for sure he can gain it back again. As a diplomat, this has given him a very strong reputation, and a hoard of respect. As a mage, it\'s struck fear into many of his enemies, on the field or at the table.

History: Valus doesn\'t tend to talk about his past much. The kobold tribe he was born to was wiped out by a demon on a warpath. Valus traveled for sometime after that, but eventually joined the High Orders and quickly moved up the ranks of the Summoners. His ability to apply his ancestral shaman magic to his summoning magic has allowed him to achieve some amazing things. Summoning his entire lost tribe of kobolds is something every mage of Helfen is aware of, and that ability quickly earned him the Archmagus seat on the council. Recently, on Cyric Lorne\'s mission to find Dal\'Fal, Valus was supposedly killed by the very demon that destroyed his tribe. Nothing else is known about Valus\' past or recent whereabouts.
Family: Valus\' original family was butchered by the marauding demon. He now has no true family, but the young ranger Demitrius is like a son to Valus. Demitrius was also thought dead after the events at Dragon\'s Teeth.