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Quinn Patenaude
« on: April 06, 2009, 10:22:58 AM »
CW: Suicide ideation and mention, physical abuse.

Name: Quintin Bradley Patenaude
Nickname: Quinn
Age [Appearance]: Mid-twenties
Age [Actual]: 28
Date of Birth: April 19th
Gender Expressed: Masculine
Gender Orientation: Cis man
Sexuality: Homosexual, Homoromantic
Occupation: Shot Boy/Barback at The White Rabbit
Nationality: American
Race: White - Mixed European heritage
Species: Human
Alignment: True Neutral

Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Ask first
Killing: No

Hair: A tapered cut with a choppy texture, about 2.5 inches at the longest point. Commonly juts out in odd directions and needs to be controlled with product. Pointed sideburns that reach to his mid-ear, and a tapered, natural-looking hairline at his neck. Naturally, it is a warm brown color with a slight wave. Strands are numerous, thick, and take some kind of daily taming. Quinn usually keeps his hair dyed dark brown or black.
Eyes: Big and round; robin's egg blue with faint striations of green. They are typically rimmed with red and hold a bit of bruise underneath. The lashes are thin and the eyebrows are neat, but never obviously groomed, dark in color.
Skin: Very fair skin which is marked casually with dark freckles. Burns easily in the sun. Hair is a medium brown color and trends towards fine.
Shape of Face: Diamond-shaped with defined cheekbones and jawline. His chin is rounded and flat, rounding out the sharpness of his face as a whole.
Nose: Long and slightly upturned. Left nostril is pierced.
Mouth: Wide mouth with slightly pouty lips, naturally downturned at rest. He has a defined cupid's bow and thin upper lip. Always clean shaven.
Glasses or Contacts?: No
Frame: 5'11" (180 cm) 175 lbs (79.37 kg). Narrow tapered shoulders and average hips give him a rectangular appearance. His body is athletically toned; much of his strength is focused in his core and legs. He is quite firm to the touch. Prominent tendons in his limbs, especially his forearms. Mighty blue veins line his extremities just below the surface of his fair skin, which have been known to tempt many a vampire.
Hands: Long, thin finger structure with pronounced knuckles and tendons. Nails are kept a little too short.

  • Chest, left shoulder basin - a small, cartoon-esque plate of French toast, bacon, and eggs and accompanying fork and knife.
  • Left wrist - Rainbow heart with the point facing towards his hand, outlined in black, two inches big.
  • Left arm, medial side, above elbow - a simplistic sun in yellow and orange with words "It hurts to become." circling the edges in black.
  • Right middle finger, inside, thumb side - "Not today" in cursive script.
  • Left hip - Aries constellation, minimal, three inches big.
  • Right calf, lateral side - a crashing wave, black and white, four inches big.

  • Nose - small stud in left nostril
  • Ears - lobes, closed over, but little indents still exist
  • Tongue - barbell (lately, he forgets to put it in)

Distinguishing Marks:
  • Left wrist - Hard lump from a malunion radial distal fracture.
  • A number of dark freckles all over his body.

General style: His wardrobe tends to be filled with neutral colors, diversified only by saturated blues and greens, or prints. Very rarely, he will wear a pastel or bright color. His clothing tends to be fitted and rather plain. He does have a soft spot for the occasional short shorts and cut tanks.
Around the house: Sweatpants or shorts. Maybe with a tee shirt or tank.
Doing errands: Jeans, tees, and sneakers
To bed: Nothing. He does own a couple pairs of pajama pants.
To work: Jeans and a White Rabbit tee when barback. Will wear whatever fits the night's theme when he runs shots - tight boy shorts, long socks, crop tops, etc.
To an interview: A nice button up, casual jacket, and slacks.
Out with friends: A nice pair of blue jeans, a print shirt with the first couple of buttons undone, sleeves rolled as desired. To volleyball, he tends to wear tanks and active shorts.
On a date: A nice pair of blue jeans and a less casual button up, usually close fitting.
Daily accessories: A few woven bracelets, a casual rope necklace on occasion.
Special accessories: None.

Personality: He sees himself as down-to-earth, realistic, and honest. Tends to be impatient with emotionally shallow or privileged people. He presents himself as someone who has seen a lot in his life and knows what is important. Always ready for a good thrill, a laugh, or a flirt, and is usually up for a (reasonable) challenge. He lights up brightly during social situations, becoming friendly, outgoing, even catty - in the presence of the right people. Loves to laugh and connect. Considerate and self-aware. He has an unreasonably low concern for his own safety and will partake in a variety of risky behaviors.

A low-key depressive who tries daily to fight his own pessimism - twice a suicide survivor. Independent and stubborn to a fault on the one hand, but craves compassion, affection, and community on the other. Constantly plagued with feelings of inadequacy, often needlessly - rarely overly confident in himself/his abilities. Fiercely protective of those he loves, having formed his own family from scratch. While he is prone to bitterness and depressive moods, these are by no means the extent to his experiences.

Philosophy of life: Live and let live.
Strongest positive personality trait: Independent
Strongest negative personality trait: Depressive

Character Strengths: Kind, accepts others as they are, altruistic, very independent, committed to equality, daring, dependable, empathetic, fiercely loyal and protective of his people, laughs easily, friendly, honest, industrious in every endeavor, honest to a fault with strong intuition, loving, committed to nonviolence, persistent, resilient, self-aware, tenacious, trusts easily. Always able to stand up for what he believes in.

Weaknesses / Flaws:
  • Often too stubborn or spiteful to admit he needs help.
  • Tends to be too proud and stubborn for his own good, refusing to take others' advice because he doesn't believe that they see as he does.
  • Bottles his emotions until they erupt.
  • He is moderately insecure when it comes to romantic relationships.
  • In relationships, he has the tendency to push away when things aren't ideal instead of working through them.
  • Would probably be considered an alcoholic by modern standards.
  • Prone to unstable moods.
  • Prone to excessively angry, depressive and/or anxious states.
  • Prone to making hasty, reckless decisions.
  • Often becomes too argumentative without seeing the other person's point of view in a debate.
  • Doesn't always think before firing off a heated response. Often becomes very defensive, especially if a comment hits too close to home.
  • Occasionally dwells in self-pity and jealousy.

Emotion or Logic?: Emotion
Introvert or Extrovert?: Extrovert
Generous or Stingy?: Generous
Polite or Rude?: Polite

  • Has an extensive music collection, ranging from industrial metal to R&B pop. Lately, he's been really into SZA, Billy Eilish, and Lizzo.
  • Has a celebrity crush on Robert Downey, Jr. RDJ, as he refers to him. And don't get him started on Jason Mamoa...
  • When excited or agitated, Quinn speaks with a very noticeable Boston accent.
  • He has moderate insomnia. When he does sleep, it is short and restless.
  • Goes to the gym four times a week.
  • Tends to think as he speaks, not before.
  • Has no interest in children or pets and doesn't know how to interact with them.
  • He drinks too much.
  • He would love to go back to school and finish a degree.
  • He loves to watch the sun rise.
  • He's attempted suicide twice, once when he was seventeen, again when he was twenty-two. He avoids talking about these times as much as possible, but thinks about them more than he'd ever admit.
  • He doesn't speak about his family unless he's extremely drunk. He has no more connections to them and refuses to talk to anyone in his family. No attempts have been made to contact Quinn and vise versa.
  • He doesn't wear cologne unless forced.
  • When he gets upset, angry, or sad, he will spend way too much time in the shower.
  • Takes incredibly hot showers.
  • Occasionally sings and dances doing chores.
  • Cannot physically tolerate being around violence. Will leave the vicinity, usually shaking.

Hobbies: Recreational court volleyball, freestyle swimming, going to the beach.
Pastimes: Reading, watching movies, listening to music, being around friends.
Likes: Coffee, smoking weed, sleeping, drinking, dancing, sex, stripping, LGBTQ+ films, drag, performing, watching volleyball or swimming, listening to new music, live music, movies, solitude, sunrise, the smell of cloves and cigarettes, his job, a guy with tattoos and/or piercings.
Dislikes: Cheating, violence, blatant displays of wealth, military culture, the government, American football, cocaine, hangovers, being a third wheel, gun culture, young children, prejudices and bigotry, straight men, "bro culture", condoms, his parents, country music, most beer.

Bad Habits / Vices: Drinking too much, bottling his emotions, ignoring his own needs.
Disabilities: Formally diagnosed with manic depression, generalized anxiety disorder, with accompanying suicide ideation. Moderate insomnia. Family history of addiction and alcoholism. Probable post-traumatic stress. Very prone to bronchitis and pneumonia.

Sense of humor: Sarcastic, bitter, and often self-deprecating or observational. He trends towards cattiness and judgment of others. Smoking weed allows him to relax and enjoy simple humor, taking the focus off his self-deprecation.
Temper: Electric, but usually knows how to contain it. When pushed too far, he becomes hot-headed quickly and smolders for a long time afterwards. Often unconsciously turns the anger inward, descending into self-critique and questioning his reality.
Pet Peeves: Leaving the cap off the toothpaste, not holding the door for someone approaching, straight men, being patronized.
Major Hangups: Sexual or emotional infidelity, unchecked privileges - especially around class status or sexual orientation (don't complain about how much a car costs or how straight men have it rough), doing drugs, unchecked anger, sex-shaming, violence of any kind, being yelled at.
Fears/Phobias: Being alone, acting like his mother, being violent with a partner, having a partner be violent, going back to Massachusetts, losing people, developing cancer.

Sports: Volleyball
Food & Drinks: Rum and Coke.
Music: Lately, low-key R&B pop (SZA, Billie Eilish, Sam Smith)
Movies & TV shows: Queer Eye, RENT, Game of Thrones, How to Get Away With Murder, Breaking Bad.
Books & Magazines: The Green Mile by Stephen King, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, "Angels in America" by Tony Kushner, Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer, Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.
Sayings: "What do we say to the god of death? Not today." - Game of Thrones

Religion: Atheist
Attitude towards religion: Openly critical
Morality/Ethics: Raised non-practicing Catholic but spurns anything Christian-based. Believes in doing no harm and helping each other out.
Stand Up Citizen or Law Breaker: Neither
Last Good Deed Performed (If Any): Two days ago - went grocery shopping for Mrs. Henderson downstairs.
Last Time They Broke the Law (If Any): Last time he smoked a blunt.

  • Very good at validating, listening, and empathizing with/for others.
  • Never nervous about talking to new people or performing on a stage.
  • Can get most people to laugh.
  • Very good at having a good time.
  • Can hold his breath for up to two minutes.
  • Capable of swimming two miles unassisted.
  • Capable of deadlifting 275 lbs, squatting 265 lbs, benching 200 lbs.
  • Capable of 25 inch vertical jump.
  • Very flexible in much of his body, with the exception of his left wrist, where mobility is moderately limited.
  • Capable of controlling his own intense intrusive impulses - self harm, etc.
  • Skilled in understanding his own emotional triggers and avoiding them
Education: Graduated high school with mid-grades; completed one semester of college before dropping out.
Intelligence Level: Emotionally intelligent, average street smarts, lower academic smarts.

Speech Patterns: Fast, with lots of filler words. His voice is low, but leans towards androgyny. He has a slight Boston accent that has faded since living away from Massachusetts. When drinking or agitated, his accent magically returns.
Words/Slang/Jargon: Constant slang with a modern American lexicon.
Eye Contact: Occasional in normal conversation, but common in emotional conversations. Typically non-threatening until he gets annoyed or beyond.
Gait: Fast, evenly spaced strides. Tends to walk on the balls of his feet with a light footfall.
Posture: Slouches, but still seems tense. Shoulders turn inwards just enough to be noticeable.
Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities: His hands are usually moving somehow (fidgeting, fixing something, playing with his skin or clothes). Flavors his words with certain distinct hand gestures and actions. These are not typically flamboyant per se, but definitely quirky. One example: upon emphasizing a phrase or string of words, he will slap the back of his right hand into the palm of his left.
Mannerisms: Tends to move faster when upset. Tends to scrunch his shoulders up without noticing.

Commonly Seen Holding: A cigarette or blunt. His cell phone. A mixed drink.
Common Stance 1: Leaning on a door frame looking into a room, an arm chickenwinged on either side of the frame, resting his head on his hand.
Common Stance 2: A half-lounging crooked position on a couch or chair with his feet tucked under him.
Common Stance 3: Kneeling on the floor while leaning onto a piece of furniture (bed, couch, ottoman, etc.) writing, typing, or reading.

Current Occupation: Barback and Shot Boy at The White Rabbit
Salary: $25,000 yearly
Previous Occupations: Stripper and waiter at the Pompeii
Socioeconomic Level as a child: Working Class
Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Working Class
Hometown: Bridgewater, Massachusetts
Current Residence: Xavier Lodge Apartments
Type of home/ neighborhood: Low/mid-range apartment complex, Central.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Quinn has no innate awareness of any kind of supernatural. He has met vampires before and knows that several different species exist -- they often visit the club. He knows specifically about vampires, werewolves, fire demons, nightmares and gargoyles but anything besides these he is not aware of personally, but he wouldn't be the least bit surprised if any other species came up and introduced themselves, shaking his hand. Quinn can not tell a supernatural apart from a human on the spot unless it is supposed to be blatantly obvious.

Credit to dogeatdog5

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Re: Quinn Patenaude
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History and Relationships

History: Quintin Bradley Patenaude was the first and only child of Bradley Arthur Patenaude and Heather Lynn Bulger. Born and raised in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Quinn grew up in a very tumultuous household.

United States Marine Corporal Brad Patenaude, originally from Norfolk, Virginia, was stationed at a naval base in Natick, Massachusetts when he met the lovely Heather Bulger, an aspiring actress working at the local Department of Motor Vehicles. The two met at a bar on one of Patenaude's nights off and hit it off immediately. The couple dated for a few months before finding out that Heather was pregnant. When the news was presented to Patenaude's parents, the couple was pushed to marry immediately. Shortly before the two were wed, Quintin Bradley Patenaude was born. The family moved to the small town of Bridgewater, Massachusetts and settled into a two bedroom ranch.

Quinn was an extremely fast learner, even in infancy. He was walking, talking, and potty-trained before reaching two-years-old. He was a happy child who tended to push his mother's buttons at every opportunity, despite reprimands. Heather remained rather detached from her son and husband for much of the early years, choosing to party with friends several nights a week. Eventually Heather's lack of responsibility became a wedge for the couple. Arguments over money, Heather's addiction, and Brad's tyranny were common topics of dinner conversation all throughout Quinn's life. He has lingering memories of silently eating dinner while furious insults flew overhead.

As Quinn grew and time passed the marriage became more and more strained. Heather was fired from her job when Quinn was five and failed to find another, while Brad became more interested in his own career. Out of fear that the boy was missing out, and to encourage Heather to develop a sense of responsibility, Patenaude signed Quinn up for the community's recreational swim team, football league, and a "day care" at the local Catholic church when the boy was six. He showed a natural talent for swimming and running, but spurned the strict rules of the Bible school. Though Quinn would often complain about the other kids and gripe about the rules of the day care, Quinn was forced to stick with these activities right up until his father's death when Quinn was twelve.

Just before Christmas time, Quinn's father developed a serious case of pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized. It was there that he was diagnosed with Stage 3B non-small cell lung cancer. His condition was deemed terminal, even after seeking a second opinion. After many arguments and slammed doors, Brad had decided against chemotherapy. His condition worsened rapidly. Within three months of the diagnosis, Quinn said his final goodbye to his father at age twelve. It was the first time he can remember thinking about committing suicide.

Shortly thereafter his mother changed drastically for the worse. Heather began to drink heavily at home and dated regularly, leaving the boy to fend for himself for hours on end. This inspired an aggressive sense of independence in Quinn. In his grief, Quinn also began to change. He became secretive and angry, getting into physical altercations at school which ended in suspensions. He threw himself heavily into afterschool activities to avoid going home to deal with his mother. By the time he left junior high school he was heavily involved in theatre, the school swim team, and recreational volleyball.

In high school, however, everything changed. His mother married a man she had been dating irregularly for a year or so, Brian Hogan. His step-father was a violent man with a taste for vice. It was common for the young boy to come home to a house filled with empty bottles of beer and hard liquor, and his mother passed out on the couch with his step-father bent over the table sniffing a line of coke. He formed the habit of either locking himself in his bedroom or being out at a friend's house. Quinn was instructed to call the man "dad" whether he liked it or not. Out of fear of physical confrontation -- which happened more often than Quinn will ever admit to anyone -- he obliged.

High school was very difficult for him. Teachers and classmates alike would target him with verbal assaults and the occasional shove from behind due to his apparently 'feminine' behaviors and avoidance of the dominant male culture. To keep up his front of perfect masculinity, Quinn dropped his favorite hobby - acting - but maintained his positions on the volleyball and swim teams. He dated a few girls and even felt pressured enough to take two of them to bed, though these were nothing more than oddly uncomfortable situations for Quinn. At fifteen he began his first existential crisis of self-discovery, battling with fear of letting others find out, of being lonely for the rest of his life, and of having to tell anyone before leaving high school. He began his own regime of partying, doing drugs, and making terrible choices.

When Quinn was seventeen, information "accidentally" slipped to his parents that Quinn was gay. In a fit of drunken rage, his step-father confronted him violently about it, breaking open the door to his bedroom. While Quinn tends to evade the exact details of that night, he ended up in the hospital with a broken left wrist, a few bruises, and homeless. A good friend, Jarrod, ended up taking the boy in until Quinn graduated from high school and left for college. Jarrod ended up becoming Quinn's first boyfriend and the two dated intimately for about a few months or so before Quinn left for college in Boston. It was difficult break.

In college, Quinn failed miserably, partying hard and missing class. Failing marks left him financially responsible for paying back scholarships and loans, while tensions with his dorm-mates reached a peak. At eighteen, he swallowed half a bottle of sleeping pills and chased it with a fifth of vodka and hoped to not wake up. He was found unconscious on the floor of his room by a friend who promptly got him to a hospital, where he was treated for his first suicide attempt.

Quinn recovered and learned to cope. With the help of some good friends, a good therapist, and a lot of self-reflection he climbed out of that slump. At twenty, he worked as a barista in a local coffee shop struggling to make ends meet. He met Rachel Miller and soon became fast friends with her. The two moved in together and shared their bills in the best living situation he had ever known. Poor and downtrodden, they faced their problems head on together.

At twenty-one, Quinn began dating Mike Bennett, who proved to be his worst relationship yet. Controlling, verbally and physically abusive, but undeniably charming and forgiving, Quinn was convinced he needed him to be happy. When the two finally broke apart months later in a violent altercation that involved the police and Mike's arrest with Quinn pressing charges, Quinn spiralled into a fast depressive state. He lost his job as a barista after a feud with a customer over a rude homophobic remark towards him. He bought another (bigger) bottle of pills and another bottle of liquor and set to work on himself. He awoke in the hospital with Rachel smiling at him, tears in her eyes. Some weeks later, he vowed silently that he would try to find something beautiful in each day.

His life with Rachel went forward. They supported each other through every break-up, every job hunt, every sorrowful moment. They vented about worthless mothers and missing fathers and complained about the rich. And suddenly, when Quinn was twenty-three, Rachel just disappeared altogether without a trace. Quinn filed a missing person's report, lead city-wide searches, hung posters, and came up with nothing. After three months without her, he lost their apartment and was forced to move out of the city.

City History: Heart-broken and fighting to survive, he landed in the nameless city for a fresh start and a change of scenery. One day he walked into the strip joint on the south end of the city, The Pompeii, for a night of excitement and ended up with a job as a waiter. He worked at The Pompeii for about five years as a stripper and waiter. There, he met Jeremiah Peterson, a regular of the bar who liked to hit on the dancers.

Always conveniently in a relationship, Quinn was able to withstand any advances from Jerry until one of his relationships began to break down. The vampire promised a good time and eventually, after the break up, Quinn took him up on the offer. The two were sexual partners for almost two years, despite Quinn's efforts to advance their relationship. During their not-relationship, Quinn became close with Jerry's circle of friends who made up the band To Ashes. Many a holiday were spent gathered with the band, relaxing and enjoying company. When Quinn was fired from the Pompeii after defending his close friend, he began working at the White Rabbit as a barback and weekend Shot Boy. Jerry, continuing his sexual antics, slept with one of Quinn's bosses, only being upfront about it when confronted. Jerry and Quinn have since been separated. Now, Malakai, Jerry's best friend, is trying to make up for the incompetence for some strange reason...

Recently, while walking to work at the White Rabbit, Quinn spotted a familiar face, who turned out to be his missing friend Rachel. The two reconnected in a night of tears, gut-spilling, and awkward tensions. Rachel told Quinn the reason for her mysterious disappearance. Now they are trying to re-establish a relationship after a five year gap apart.

Relationship status: Single, recently ending a complicated situation with Jeremiah Peterson.
Current family: No one related, but he makes his own family.
Family background: Non-practicing Catholic with ancestry in Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Poland, and the Baltics.
Mother: Heather Lynn Hogan, nee Bulger
Father: Bradley Arthur Patenaude
Birth Order: First, only.
Siblings: N/A
Maternal Grandparents: Denis and Lorraine Bulger, nee McEvoy
Paternal Grandparents: Arthur and Elizabeth Patenaude, nee Borrin (DECEASED)
Other Relatives: A few cousins that live in Virginia that he has met once as a kid.

Best Friend(s): Rachel Miller, Thomas "Tommy" Farrell (NPC)
Other Associates: Lisa-Joe Hampton, Manuel,
Other relationships: Jeremiah Peterson, Malakai Pryce, Zachariah Peterson, Thor, Kim
Enemies: Freddy Torres... kinda

Sexual Background: Sexual since fifteen. His first two serious relationships were with women, but dissolved shortly after they turned sexual. At sixteen he discovered his affinity towards men. Most of those early relationships were highly sexual, unprotected encounters lacking in any substance besides sex. Many hookups, especially in his early twenties.
Turn ons: Older men, emotional maturity, thick, strong legs, shit talk.
Sexual interests: Men and anything you can do with them. BDSM - typically submissive. Loves giving head. Slow, romantic love making.
Turn offs: Multiple partners, sexual violence, derogatory names during sex.

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