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Quinn Patenaude
« on: April 06, 2009, 10:22:58 AM »
You laugh until you cry; you cry until you laugh, and everyone must breathe until their dying breath


Name: Quintin Bradley Patenaude
Aliases: Quinn
Species: Human
Race: White
Gender Expression: Man
Age [Appearance]: Mid-twenties
Age [Actual]: 26
Birthday: April 19th
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Occupation: Shot Boy at the White Rabbit

Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Ask first
Killing: Ask first

Dress: His wardrobe tends to be filled with deep neutral colors, diversified only by muted blues and greens. He prefers a slightly conservative style of casual dress, preferring jeans or khakis to shorts and sleeved shirts to tees. His clothing tends to be fitted, neat, and rather plain. Quinn has very little taste for jewelry or accessories of any kind.
Hair: His hair is relatively short. Its natural habit is to stand up in awkward ways, so it is often gelled. It's not extremely soft or shiny but it is thick and great to run hands through or grab a hold of. Naturally it is a dark brown in color and slightly wavy.
Eyes: His deep sea eyes are big and round. They are typically rimmed with red and hold a bit of bruise underneath. The lashes are thin and the eyebrows are neat, but never obviously groomed, dark in color.
Frame: Quinn is of average height, 5'11", 170 lbs. His body has slight build to it, but nothing extraordinary. He has tall, strong legs which are well defined, but arms that are really nothing to brag about. Overall, his body is moderately toned. He has a strong, defined facial structure with high cheek bones. His ivory skin is marked every now and then with dark freckles and burns easily in the sun. Mighty veins line his extremities just below the surface of the skin, which have been known to tempt several vampires.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a black heart on his left wrist with the point facing towards his hand. The heart is filled with the colors of the rainbow, purple in the center, circling out into red on the edges. There is a noticeable lump on the side of his right wrist caused by an improperly healed radial fracture he received when he was seventeen. Quinn also has a number of dark freckles all over his body.

Personality: At first glance, Quinn is the type of character you'd completely miss walking down the street. He himself sees nothing noteworthy about himself or his personality. Upon social and more intimate interaction, Quinn tends to be overcome by the strength of his own emotional experiences. Some people have and will interpret this as a sort of 'hypersensitivity', though this is not how Quinn himself views it. When his moods change, it is not always explicitly stated in his posture, voice, or behavior. Typically, only the most observant may see it. While he is prone to pessimism and depressive moods, these by no means exist as the extent to his experiences. Given the correct situations, he can be polite, friendly, and outgoing; it is not difficult for him to start up a conversation with a stranger - though carrying it makes him extremely self-conscious. He is rarely overly confident in himself and his abilities, and this tends to out itself whenever he feels as though he's made a mistake. Quinn is, however, aware of what skills he does have and hones them.

Generally, his overall view of life is rather down-to-earth. He considers himself to be a free spirit and very independent. He doesn't require much to enjoy the life he's won. His own self-care is near the top of his priority list, finally feeling like he has earned his place in the world. He presents himself as someone who has seen a lot in his life and knows what is important, despite his youth. It is not uncommon for people to think that Quinn is older than he is. 

His humor tends to be macabre, sarcastic, and often sexual. When this is not the case, he often becomes quite catty and judgmental about others. He is often wry and bitter, even while joking. Quinn is always ready for a good thrill, a laugh, or a flirt, and is usually up for a (reasonable) challenge. He has an unreasonably low concern for his own safety and will partake in a variety of risky behaviors.

As the only child of Bradley Patenaude and Heather Bulger, Quintin Bradley Patenaude was born in 1988. He was born and raised in a small, non-diverse community in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The family was non-practicing Catholic with ancestry in Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Poland, and Romania.

His father, Bradley Patenaude, was thirty-three-years-old when the boy was born. An aggressive marine veteran from upstate New York, Brad suffered from a chronic lung disease which eventually led to his honorable dismissal. His mother, Heather, was twenty-one-years-old when Quinn was born. Quinn has often described his mother as "the kind of kid that mommy and daddy spoiled lovingly, giving her everything whenever she wanted it and who never learned how to do a thing on her own. Except drink." Preferring to remain unemployed as long as she could, Heather was a stay-at-home mom once the baby was born. Quinn's accidental conception was out of wedlock; both sides of the family were against the relationship and therefore against the child's birth. Instead of aborting the fetus, however, the couple eloped to Massachusetts where the new family lived and where Quinn was born in a little white house with a picket fence.

Quinn was an extremely fast learner, even in infancy. He was walking, talking, and potty-trained before reaching two-years-old. But as the years progressed, it became increasingly clear how Quinn didn't seem to be acting like other little boys. By four-years-old, he hadn't wanted to play football, showed no interest in toy trucks, and spurned his father. The society in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, which Quinn was born looked down upon anything that suggested anything out of the norm. Worried about the road that his son was heading down by dancing all around the house, Patenaude signed Quinn up for the community's recreational swim team and football league, and a "day care" at the local Catholic church when the boy was six. Though Quinn would often complain about the sports, and gripe about the rules of the day care, Quinn was forced to stick with these sports right up until his father's sudden death when Quinn was twelve.

Quinn has always had an odd relationship with his father. Despite his sarcastic comments about the anality of his father, he loved him very much. He feared his father more than he loved him, but he could never say, and will never say that he hated the man. His death was very hard on Quinn, whom much preferred his father to his mother.

Shortly thereafter his mother, who had remained unmarried to his father began to drastically change for the worse. Heather began to drink heavily and dated regularly, leaving the boy to fend for himself for hours on end. This created a sense of independence in Quinn. By the time he left junior high school he was heavily involved in theatre, the school swim team, and recreational volleyball. The human was hugely popular among all the girls and looked down on by all the boys.

In high school, however, everything changed. His mother married a man she had been dating irregularly for a year or so, Brian Hogan. His step-father was a violent man with a taste for vice. It was common for the young boy to come home to a house filled with empty bottles of beer and hard liquor, and his mother passed out on the couch with his step-father bent over the table sniffing a line of coke. He formed the habit of either locking himself in his bedroom or being out at a friend's house. Quinn was instructed to call the man "dad" whether he liked it or not. Out of fear of physical confrontation -- which happened more often than Quinn will ever admit to anyone -- he obliged.

Even school was difficult for the boy: his popularity had dissolved overnight as high school made him one-of-the-crowd. Moreover, the guys would mock him at any opportunity for his apparently feminine behaviors. To keep up his front of perfect masculinity, Quinn dropped his favorite hobby - acting - but maintained his positions on the volleyball and swim teams. He dated a few girls and even felt pressured enough to take two of them to bed, though these were nothing more than oddly uncomfortable situations for Quinn. Learning quickly that his sexual desires were not sedated with these girls, he questioned his sexual orientation and re-examined the affinities he tended to have towards his other male friends.

When Quinn was almost seventeen, information "accidentally" slipped to his parents that Quinn was gay. In a fit of drunken rage, his step father confronted the boy violently about it, breaking open the door to his bedroom. While Quinn tends to evade the exact details of that night, he ended up in the hospital with a left arm broken in two places, a few bruises, and homeless. Jarrod Levant, a good friend, ended up taking the boy in until Quinn graduated from high school and left for college. Jarrod ended up becoming Quinn's first boyfriend and the two dated intimately for about a few months or so before Quinn left for college. It was difficult break. Moving into the nameless city for college, Quinn completed only one semester before dropping out. He hopped around from job to job, boyfriend to boyfriend, all of which ended badly with hatred on both sides. Constantly cheated on, mocked, or emotionally repressed, Quinn always being let down or blamed.

One day, finally on his own, he walked into the strip joint on the south end of the city, The Pompeii, for a night of excitement and ended up with a job as a waiter. He's been at The Pompeii for about four years now and is a part-time stripper, part-time waiter, preferring the perks of both.

Thomas Ferrell. The two met at the Pompeii in Quinn's second year. Tommy is two and a half years younger than Quinn and is constantly referenced in Quinn's threads.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Quinn has no innate awareness of any kind of supernatural. He has met vampires before and knows that several different species exist -- they often visit the club. He knows specifically about vampires, werewolves, fire demons, nightmares and gargoyles but anything besides these he is not aware of personally, but he wouldn't be the least bit surprised if any other species came up and introduced themselves, shaking his hand. Quinn can not tell a supernatural apart from a human on the spot unless it is supposed to be blatantly obvious.

Interesting Facts/Quirks:
  • He has moderate insomnia. When he does sleep, it is short and restlessly. Sometimes sleep medication helps, but often time it doesn't. As a result, it's not an extremely uncommon occurrence to see Quinn high or hung-over.
  • He has been a vegetarian since high school.
  • He loves coffee and tea.
  • He drinks too much, often choosing to drown his sorrows.
  • He would love to go back to school.
  • He loves to watch the sun rise.
  • He's attempted suicide twice, once when he was seventeen, again when he was almost twenty. He avoids talking about these times as much as possible, but thinks about them more than he'd ever admit.
  • He doesn't speak about his family unless he's extremely drunk. He has no more connections to his family and refuses to talk to anyone in his family. No attempts to contact Quinn have been made and he prefers it this way.
  • He doesn't wear cologne unless forced.
  • His musical taste is very wide, as he often takes musical influences from his boyfriends.
  • When he gets upset, angry, or sad, he will spend way too much time in the shower.
  • Does the weird hand slappy thing when he gets riled.
Hobbies: It is uncommon to see Quinn doing something calm. He plays in a men's recreational volleyball league in the next town over. There are day games, night games, and tournaments at least once a week. It is the beach that captures him though. From sitting on the beach with friends or a lover, to diving under the waves, it is probably the one place that Quinn feels at home. When sleepless and unmotivated to go out to the beach, Quinn typically sits around and reads. It is also not uncommon to find him working out or dancing alone. He loves to go out with friends especially to bars and beaches.
Favorite Musical Artists: Adele, Florence and the Machine, Kimbra, Lady Gaga, Regina Spektor, Sam Smith, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Likes: Men, sleeping, giving head, drinking, coffee, tea, music, dancing, sex, movies, solitude, sunrise, the smell of cloves and cigarettes, his job, a guy with tattoos and/or piercings.
Dislikes: straight men, blondes, money, sports, condoms, his parents, his 'former' life, ex-boyfriends, country music.

  • He makes friends easily and can take a joke, even if it is at his expense.
  • He tries not to let anyone hold him back from being himself.
  • He can be content being by himself but loves having someone to call his own more.
  • He trusts easily.
  • He is usually able to stand up for himself
  • He is hardly ever nervous about talking to people he doesn't know or performing on a stage
  • Because of all the problems with relationships he has had before, it's common for Quinn to come off a bit paranoid.
  • He tends to be too proud and stubborn for his own good, often refusing to take others' advice because he doesn't believe that they see as he does.
  • He has the habit of getting a little too argumentative without seeing the other person's point of view
  • Doesn't always think before a heated response. He can be very defensive.
  • He is not exactly the most secure person when it comes to relationships - Quinn constantly thinks that his men are going to leave him. This usually causes the relationship to unravel before it has really even begun.
  • He tends to judge people based on their appearance and first impression.
  • In relationships, he has the tendency to push away when things aren't ideal instead of working through them
  • He tends to try to drown out his bad moods with liquor
  • Has the habit of believing that he can do anything on his own - even if he clearly can't.
Anything to Add:

Credit to dogeatdog5

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