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The Pompeii
« on: April 11, 2009, 04:40:10 PM »
The Pompeii
The Pompeii is the newest gentlemen’s club to hit the nameless city. The building itself has a stone face and reaches about three stories high. Four stone pillars support the overhanging roof on which the club’s title is engraved in Romanesque letters. Guests must enter the club by a set of wide stone stairs which lead up to the landing under the great stone roof. The building gives any passerby the impression of a legal court building (like that of New York City, but on a much smaller scale). Double doors of black wood lead the guests inside the club, where things have a wonderful mixture of modern technology and ancient construct. The Pompeii is the place where a gentleman can come to access strippers and drag queens – prostitution is not permitted in the club (though it does occur).

Upon walking into The Pompeii it becomes increasingly evident that there is a theme of ancient Rome decorated with rich purples, reds, blacks, and accented with gold. A short foyer brings the guest into the main room. The floor of the main room is a rich red carpet with gold accents weaved in. Clusters of purple and gold chairs and dark wood tables dot the room for patrons to sit away from the blare of the speakers, which pump bass onto the stages in the form of techno music.
On the left wall there is a bar made of the same dark wood as the stages, with five or six stools and a bountiful selection of liquors; imports and domestics. The bar is an extension of the left stage so the dancers have access to all patrons here as well, though it is uncommon for the dancers to walk on the bar. Between the main stage and the bar is the left stage. It is smaller than the main stage but serves its purpose to the men who sit there.
The center stage extends well into the audience, similar to a wide runway. Ornate purple chairs sit at a low bar at the stages and viewers can watch the dancers at an upward angle. Red stairs allow the dancers to descend into the audience for more opportunity to give pleasures.
At the back of the room and out of the patron’s main focus, there are two doors, one of which (on the left side of the club) is a door that only the staff are permitted to use. This door leads to a hallway that wraps around the club into the dressing rooms where the performers and waiters ready themselves for the night. The public is not allowed to access these rooms and there is a private bathroom here as well. A doorway from these rooms leads to the stages for the performers to enter. The other door is on the right side of the building where patrons have their own luxurious bathroom and towel boy.

Lap dances are given at the dancers’ choice. Fondling and touching of the performers and staff is permitted but nothing else. Anyone caught touching the dancers in a harmful or degrading manner or against the dancers’ wishes will be thrown out by the giant bouncers who line the club. Video cameras are everywhere in the club - even in the bathrooms - in order to protect the performers. Waiters walk around and offer grapes, olives and liquor, for a price. They are friendly and are allowed to be touched as much as the dancers are. The waiters wear red and white togas in varying styles, but usually with most of the chest exposed, if not all of it.

The owner of the club is a man named Hank Garvey who has recently moved into the city and refurbished the building into this club. It is common to see Hank in the club somewhere, either ensuring comfort for the guests or enjoying a show himself. He is the strictest about the touching policy and will not allow anyone to grope a dancer. He is a tall, dark-haired man with a bit of a pot-belly. Constantly smoking cigar after cigar and wearing a silk Armani suit, Hank is easily the richest man in the club at any given point. He has been known to be the lover of a few of the dancers and is typically adored by much of the staff.

The club is open seven days a week, from five in the evening to three in the morning. No alcohol is served after half past one in the morning. The cover charge is a moderate price, but well worth it, as it is The Pompeii’s intention to make every man who walks through the front doors feel like a Roman God.
The dancers have fixed schedules, so regular patrons know exactly when to visit the club to see - and be served - by their favourite dancers. Each stripper is named after a Greek or Roman God, and this is the only name that a patron will know while in the club. Depending upon the show, the dancers will wear different outfits, but every Saturday night is the Roman strip-tease. Once a month or so, there is also a drag show where famous female impersonators from all across the city come to perform. This typically occurs on the first Thursday of the month, and this is the one day that women are allowed into the club for the show.
written by Saiketsu