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MacKenzie Irvine
« on: May 26, 2009, 10:46:25 PM »
Name: MacKenzie Irvine
Age: 25, but Mac\'s not sure when his birthday is so isn\'t sure exactly how old he is, he just knows roughly.
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Hair: Mac has black hair, which usually looks like it\'s styled with gel, but really he simply never washes it so it\'s just dirty, greasy and uncontrollable. He rarely gets it cut either, so it\'s a bit long (although he doesn\'t much like it getting much past his collar) and usually falls forwards over his face, but he brushes it back or to the side with his fingers to keep it out of his eyes. If it gets too long he\'ll tie it back in a ponytail, then find a pair of scissors somewhere to lop it off as soon as possible.

Eyes: Mac\'s eyes are brown, the colour of milk chocolate. They are framed with long dark eyelashes, which look like he\'s wearing mascara, but he never does.

Face: Usually there\'s stubble on his cheeks, but he shaves when he gets the chance, which isn‘t very often. Sometimes is grows into a beard and then it\'s very dark and quite curly and makes him look older than he is. His chin is dimpled, which is hidden when his beard grows out, but can still be seen through the stubble he usually has.  Mac’s eyebrows are quite heavy and thick - if he was vainer, with more money, he may have had them shaped to a better style, but he never has and has never considered it, either. His lips are quite full, and his top lip is heart shaped. Overall, Mac is quite attractive, but he’s one of those people you would try to avoid looking at in the streets and it’s usually his clothes people see first, making them not wish to look closer.

Frame: Mac stands at just over six foot and he\'s quite skinny, not a very imposing figure. He’s never worked out, but he’s always lived on the street and never had quite enough to eat. With a bit more nourishment he would fill out into a better figure.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Mac\'s got a tattoo around his upper left arm of a Native American style armband and feathers, but that\'s the only one so far.

Personality: Mac’s a quiet young man who keeps himself to himself. He doesn’t feel shy when meeting new people, but he would simply rather wait and watch for a while before leaping in, thinking before he speaks. This goes out the window when he gets angry; Mac has a long fuse, but when he goes off you’ll know about it. He doesn’t usually hold a grudge though, after having an argument or a fight with someone, Mac will consider the situation dealt with and the next time he sees that person it will be as though the disagreement never happened.

He’s always been able to fend for himself, he’s had to, and he’s never had to care about anyone else’s welfare so thinking about what’s best for other people simply doesn’t occur to him. If he had someone to care about then maybe he’d think more about society in general and what’s going on around him, but right now he simply doesn’t think about it.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Mac knows about vampires after he was fed from one night about a year ago, not by his choice. He doesn’t know about any others and hasn’t sought out more vampires, although he knows they’re out there.

Occupation/Job: Busking, and he\'s pretty good at it.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Mac doesn’t care about his material possessions, apart from his violin. He’s been robbed and had all of his possessions stolen a couple of times, but he will fight tooth and nail if someone tries to take his beloved instrument and so they usually leave with the other things that he won’t fight for. Although he may not look like much, Mac can fight well when he feels strongly about it.

The tattoo on his arm is in memory of a man who took care of him when he was younger, the man who gave him his violin and who died when Mac was twelve.

He is a very talented musician, although he doesn’t know how to read music. He can play a song after hearing it and spending just a little time working it out and playing it through once or twice.

Hobby/Hobbies: Playing his violin.

Likes: Animals, music - almost any kind, freedom, listening to other people’s conversations, very hot showers.
Dislikes: Spending money, being told what to do, arguing and fighting, rain.

Strength: It takes a long time for him to lose his temper. He’s always been good at taking care of himself. He knows when to hold his tongue, until it gets to a certain point, his musical creativity.
Weakness/Flaw: He doesn’t pay much attention to how people around him are feeling. Mac doesn’t have much ambition, which is why he’s never tried very hard to improve his situation.

History: Mac never knew who his father was; his mother was a prostitute who really didn’t want him, but couldn’t bring herself to have him aborted. When he was about four she abandoned him in the streets, leaving him to fend for himself. Mac wouldn’t have lasted long, or he would have been taken in by the police if he hadn’t been taken under the wing of Adam, a man who lived on the streets, busking for spare change with his violin. He took care of Mac, teaching him how to survive and how to play the violin. Adam wanted to take Mac to an orphanage, when he believed Mac was old enough to be able to look after himself, but Mac begged him to let him stay with him and Adam agreed after some persuasion.

Adam died when Mac was twelve, the youngster had never really realised how old Adam was until then, and since then Mac’s been on his own, playing for money for food and spending most nights sleeping in shop doorways. Occasionally he goes to shelters for food, a night in a bed and a hot shower, but he prefers not relying on other people. Mac rarely socialises with others who live on the streets. He’s got into one or two fights when people have tried to steal the few possessions he owns, but he’s always managed to keep hold of his violin.