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Name: Psych
Age [appearance]: 26
Age [actual]: 360
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Imp/ Fae

Hair: Psych has long blond hair that hangs down to his shoulders and is usually worn loose. So it often looks messy and wind blown
Eyes: His eyes are steel blue grey but depending on the light and surrounding colour they tend to swing from one to the other. But no matter what colour they seem to be they are always full of amusement, daring and danger.
Frame: Lean and wiry about 6 foot two and weighs about 170 pounds, has a natural tanned look.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: His most distinguishing marks would be his black wings and tail, which he keeps hidden by use of shadow weaving when out in public.

Personality: Quirky and mischievous, loves trouble; causing it and finding it. He is considered to be a playful prankster and is an equal parts lover and fighter depending on the situation. He can be quite dangerous when provoked or betrayed

History: Summoned out of the ether by a power hungry witch who liked the idea of having an imp as a servant. She taught him to be a thief and through him obtained some very interesting items. She died when he was about 140 and had to learn to survive the streets in a world where he looked like a 14 year old boy. He developed his powers and his abilities quickly and became a survivor by doing whatever he had to to come out on top. He has lived in the city his entire life.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Has been around for awhile so has a fair sense of whether someone is human or not, But what race he can’t tell unless it is fairly obvious with the exception of vampires, werewolves and demons as they to him are so common place they are easy to spot.

Occupation/Job: Thief and barista at Sanctuary Cafe

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Likes to torment demons anyway he can, usually by playing tricks on them or creating shadows to torment and harass them. Not that he does this only to demons, he does it to most anyone if in a annoying mood or for a laugh. Is immune to vampire and werewolf bites and can’t be “Turned” due to a potion his Mistress made him when he was younger. She wanted him kept pure and unaltered. She also helped him become a master of shadow manipulation and so can make small illusions out of shadows ie clothing and so forth, can also surround himself in a cloak of shadows, or have it waver around him like a cloak or dark aura. When he does this he makes the shadows seep out from his eyes as he thinks it looks cool, but he can also do it with his fingers.

Hobby/Hobbies: Likes finding magical or strange tomes, scrolls, books and items, will often accept a job if such a reward is to be found, claimed and exchanged, especially if the job is an extremely challenging and difficult one. He is also very interested in any stories, myths and general gossip about the existence and location of the fountain of youth/immortality.

Likes: Adventure, danger and exploring new experiences. He likes trying new and different cuisines but isn't a big fan of alcohol. He likes people with flair and attitude, people he can talk with, argue with and have fun with. He likes making friends but doesn't blindly or easily trust

Dislikes: Boring, unassuming people. Mundane ordinary humans and demons. Sandals, sunflowers and the colour orange.

Strength: His self reliance and resilience, has a great sense of character and his natural powers which he has developed and honed into a fine art and weapon.

Weakness/Flaw: Once he trusts someone he trusts them completely and unquestionable. Betrayal sends him over the wall, he won’t forgive and the person who betrayed him goes straight onto the enemies list no matter the former relationship


In search of Answers Psych visits the library and stumbles upon something unexpected (In progress)