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Kerr Galvin
« on: July 07, 2007, 06:21:01 PM »
Name: Kerr Donahue Galvin

Age [appearance]: Thirtyish (he was 32 when sired)

Date of birth: 1.1.1606 (Capricorn)

Age [actual]: 413

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Sires: Sawyl Loman (deceased) and Angus Sully (deceased)

Meinwen and Dei Loman (deceased), Ben Samson and Ichabod Conners

Place of birth:
Killarney, Ireland


His hair is dark brown but, where it was once kept long enough that it brushed his shoulders, falling in thick waves from a central part atop his head and he occasionally pulled it back into a ponytail, he's had it cut short.  His hair is now about an inch long all over his head - just long enough for him to style it into spikes with some gel or wax or let it sit against his head in a scruffy sort of casual way (that can't look too untidy because of its length).

Kerr had a rather individually styled beard - with a moustache that sat beneath his nose and curled around the corners of his mouth and a relatively thin line of hair that continued his thick sideburns from his hairline, along his jaw and lifted in a line in the middle of his chin, reaching to below his bottom lip - but it is gone now, too.  Although he went through a stage where he wore it in a goatee style, he's now clean-shaven and his sideburns have been trimmed to a regular size, making him look younger still.

With regard to other body hair, Kerr is generally covered with dark brown hair where he should be but not to any noticeable thickness - one would never label him hirsute. His chest hair doesn't curl overly much, it's generally straight and spans his pectorals generously, tapering in a thin line to his belly button and then beyond. He has a few too many hairs (for fashion's sake) below his shoulder blades on his back and across his shoulders but since he never looks there - or cares to worry about it - it doesn't bother anyone much (of course, should anyone notice and remove the hairs for him, he'll look all the better for it).

Eyes: Dark brown, surrounded by thick black lashes and set possibly a little too close to his nose, Kerr's eyes are fairly narrow and always filled with quite a serious expression. The straight eyebrows (arching slightly on the edges near his temples) set low on his brow ridge only add to this intense appearance.

Face: Kerr's nose is a tad too long and dominates his expression if he looks too happy. His lips are average in thickness but his mouth is wide and naturally downturned, giving him a grim appearance when not smiling. His cheekbones are high, his jaw strong and his eyes intense; he looks every bit the swarthy rogue at any distance.

Height: 188 cm (6' 2")

Weight: 92kg

Frame: Kerr is broad of shoulder, narrow of waist and bears long, heavily muscled limbs. He was an oddity in height at the time of his youth but the world has caught up and generally surpasses his six foot (almost) three inch frame now. At a glance, he bears the powerful, thick-necked frame of an elite and powerful sportsman, though his figure is hardly the result of tackling, running and playing team games.

Born into a hard-working farm ethic (despite his family being the lords of their land), he tilled earth, rode horses and herded sheep from a young age, securing his underlying musculature early on. Wealth and indulgence in many things in his twenties added some extra padding all over his body that only increased his stature but when he was turned, this insulating layer left him. Every part of his body is therefore muscled with natural bulk created during his life of manual labour.

Kerr's best feature is his torso with its firm pectorals, defined abdominals and sleekly muscled shoulders but his legs are shaped by attractive curves over not-as-bulky muscles, too. His ass is great from any angle (especially when nude) and his fingers are like all his limbs; long and graceful. His toes are much the same, unfortunately, meaning that his feet are just not that pretty and will never win him modelling contracts or beauty contests (he always wears shoes when out and only goes barefoot in the privacy of his own home - not that he has any particular opinion on the attractiveness of his feet, though).

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Kerr began tattooing his body from the time he turned thirty. He always had a passion for tradition and, not knowing it would likely kill him, he had his entire back and most of his arms tattooed in woad ink.

His upper arms down to his elbows are coloured in blue, a thick braid filled with intricate knotwork designs travelling from the outer edges of his collar bones down to his elbow. To make the braids stand out, they are the only artwork to be seen there. All his tattoos are done in relief, so that his skin is coloured blue with woad and the pattern shows up via the unpainted flesh between. The braid decorates the edge and length of his triceps, contrasting the blue bulge of his biceps handsomely, as it molds around them.

His chest was not marked at all, the colouration instead continues across the back of his shoulders and down to his tailbone from the hairline at the back of his neck. There is a range of different patterning to be found amongst the blue, here; most significantly - and perhaps ironically - a large Celtic cross in the very centre of his back, its arms twined with beautiful braiding and knotwork weaving in and around itself, symbolic of the connections of life. Around the cross are some labyrinthine designs that are meant to complement the cross and show the paths of life's journey (unfortunately none able to show the sharp twist his life took when he became kindred), in both step and key designs.

As with all vampire Oligarchs, he has a two-inch black dragon tattoo on the left side of his neck (that is no longer concealed by his long hair, so it's generally visible for all to see and attribute him his correct role in the city's supernatural council).

Recently, Kerr got a few new tattoo additions but when he and Ben split up, he had them removed and they linger only in his memory now.

He has pierced his left ear and currently has a spear-like rod of metal that sticks out about half a centimetre either side of his lobe and comes to a rounded tip.

Usually seen wearing: Where once he favoured traditional and formal wear in dark hues and rich colours such as navy, wine red and deep emeralds - most often seen in slacks and a tailored button-up shirt with wrist-length sleeves or any of the enormous range of suits that he owns - he's become a lot more radical recently. Not only will he be found wearing jeans and a woolly, cuddly-looking jumper (around home it's often just the jeans and probably a T-shirt), he's got a new appreciation for leather and, when going to Risk, will sometimes be found in leather pants and jacket (and some eyeliner). He usually pulls on a black, calf-length wool coat whenever he goes out, hands tucked in its deep pockets.

Usually seen holding:
Nothing - unless he's checking his mobile for messages or fiddling with one of the silver rings on his fingers or thumb.

Visual Habits: When thoughtful or agitated, his jaw will often be working because he's gnawing or chewing on his tongue stud. This also happens when he's feeling playful, the difference being the glint in his eyes. He frowns easily, giving him a glowering appearance with his low brow line, but he's rarely in a foul mood despite the way he looks.

Personality: Kerr is a gentle giant, a slumbering tiger. He is a humanitarian vampire who will not willingly kill a human and who generally cares a great deal about everyone who touches his life - even when he knows he shouldn't. He has learned to accept that there is great evil in the world - some of which he helped create, unfortunately - but he chooses to stay as far away from it as possible (in a way that could be construed as righteous, when he decides to share his viewpoint).

He has a healthy ego when it comes to his vampiric talents (a developing one where his looks are concerned) and is confident in most situations, even though he tends to hang back until he's compelled to interfere or speak - then he will generally have lots to say. He enjoys being tactile (even if he's just met someone) and has a bit of a fetish for people of equal or greater stature who can bear him down and make him feel a little dominated (for he's always been so big and had to be so careful with those he's interacted with throughout his life, he sometimes likes to feel he's not completely in charge).

Formative History

In Kerr's words:
"I was born on the first day of the new year, sixteen hundred and six, the only son of Donahue and Bridget Galvin. They were... umpteenth generation Irish, noble and proud that their line had resisted Viking and Norman invasions... mainly because their lands were too out of the way to be noticed. Oh, they were just grand for the sheep we ran, the flax we grew, there in our home of Killarney, but really we were just lucky that we never became a target for invasion," he drawled.

"We were what you might call nobles; employing people to work the land, fairly safe in our situation. We weren't the only well-to-do family in the area, but we were respected. I remember my father as a good businessman; he could talk anyone around, whether they were intent on trouble or making a deal. He had a loud, contagious laugh and the annoying habit of smacking people hard on the shoulder when he'd had too much to drink," Kerr said, his lips twisting into a fond smile as he recalled this fact.

"I was born at the time that England began to stake her claim on our country and there was dissent while I grew up... but the political stuff didn't touch our hearts nearly as much as the frequent deaths did. For as long as anyone could remember, people died mysteriously in our village. Young, old, pretty, ugly... it didn't much matter. There was no rhyme nor reason to it, just one day you'd wake up and there'd be a corpse by a roadside or something. There were talks of curses and ungodliness of course; but the source was far more tangible and a lot nastier. Angus Sully. He was the most foul, evil son of a bitch that ever walked this earth, and an immortal. Not that anybody knew that then. He did some truly foul things in his time - and to this day I have no idea how long that time even was. I only know when it ended, because I helped do it."

"In 1626, a child by the name of Sawyl Loman was born. He was small and beautiful and as much the darling of the village as his family was reviled. Possibly he was loved so much because he'd come from some enormous trouble and scandal - though it wasn't his fault how and what he was born to," the vampire added hastily, defensively. "Anyway, when he was eleven, he still had the look of a chubby, happy eight year old. Truly, he looked an angel. Angus Sully coveted that beauty, that innocence, and he took him one night and locked Wyl in his home. It was a fortress, would never have been penetrable - had anyone even known. The countryside was scoured for a week, but no sign of the bairn was found. The child's family were distraught, mothers in the region began keeping their children in their bedrooms, fathers began carrying weapons and talking of revenge. But no-one knew against what... and it had always happened. Nobody said it, but everyone knew that soon they'd find him, white as a ghost and twice as dead, behind a barn or floating in one of the lakes... with no explanation, just like all the rest had been found. Except this time... we never did."

"Unspeakable things were done to the child in that tower; sordid, horrible acts. And then Angus decided to sire the child and curse him to remain forever at his side. Forever to be tortured. But Sawyl was as cunning as he was terrified by that stage. It took him a year, but he eventually convinced Angus that they would need some help or... some money or... something," he frowned and shook his head, indicating that he had never got the full story out of Sawyl but that he didn't feel it really mattered. "Whatever it was and for whatever reason, Sawyl chose me. Might have been for my lands, my money... or maybe just because I came from a trusted name, had a good relationship with everyone in the village. Had good connections. Whatever it was, Sawyl came to me and lured me to that demon's home. He didn't tell me his full plan - he was too small, you see, too small to drink and make me on his own. He needed Angus' help to make me; and then he needed my help to kill Angus."

His face fell into a troubled scowl then, as that walk through the misty rain, in the pitch black of that long lost night came back to him. He couldn't remember enough of it; couldn't recall what Wyl had said to get him to the keep in the first place, what Angus had said in greeting; nor even how it all transpired.

"I'm sorry, but I don't really remember how it all went. Just that it was fast; I walked in and then Sawyl was upon me, at my neck. I... fell down. There in the entrance way, I believe. It was... fast, because I was scared. It was like someone was playing a fife right in my ears... it was loud and dizzying. I know being drunk from can be beautiful, but it wasn't for me. My heart was racing so hard and Sawyl had fasted specially for it, that he took everything he could accept, as fast as was possible. I've since learned that it was because it was so fast, that it hurt so badly. Well, I went into shock and I passed out. Not very exciting, eh? I recall that I woke up drinking - it tasted horrible, I tried not to, but I was forced onto Sawyl's wrist by Angus, until I'd got most of it back and in me - and then I passed out again. When next I rose, I was dying and... ohhhhh fuck I remember that... hurt!" he chuckled, giving a wry grin as a finger pointing downwards at the blue velvet of the seat emphasised his final two words.

The jocular tone and the smile faded as his thoughts turned inward again. The frown returned and he stared moodily at the candle. "Dying hurt. I remember that. But... it passed," he finished softly, and said no more as he stared into the flickering light... and the past.

"Sawyl helped me to understand what I'd become. Angus didn't have much to do with me at all - except to laugh at my disgust when he brought people for me to eat. They were people I knew! I couldn't do that to them!" he cried. "He taught me other things, though. He taught me to hate, to understand that I could kill - I'd never killed anything until then, not even a sheep, my father always did it. But when he killed my mother I felt it; a rage so strong and powerful that I wanted to tear him limb from limb."

Kerr's upper lip was curled, he spoke through clenched teeth, the power of that hatred and burning desire to hurt and maim in revenge able to transcend clearly the centuries since the events he was describing had transpired.

"I knew what he'd done to the boy - Wyl had told me everything in an effort to have me help him kill his tormentor - but it had only filled me with revulsion and a horror so great I was weak. I was weak. New to being a vampire, hating myself for it; hating them for doing it to me. I'd been a good Catholic lad, held faith in the Lord and always been thankful for the blessings me and my family received. Then, without my consent, I was never able to walk in the sunlight again, never able to set foot on holy ground, spurned by all that was good and embraced by the most..." he halted in his rapid speech, stumped by the lack of a descriptive enough adjective to convey his utter loathing of the beast that had taken him, the beast he'd become. His hand flapped as his mind searched, but it didn't help. He simply couldn't express how fundamentally wrong everything had been to him, "evil, horrible, dark, rank things that I'd ever heard of. And I was one of them!

"Well anyway; I was Sawyl's toy and he told me everything about what I was, how it would be, how Angus had treated him. Suffice to say that I was crippled by my horror - of them and myself - that I survived on animal blood alone and half hoped that someone would find me and kill me before I could become what they were. I didn't blame Sawyl, it wasn't his fault, was it? He had become what he was shaped to be. No, it was all that hideous, scaly-skinned beast Angus Sully's fault. He was a despicable creature - and so ugly! Long, clawed fingers, red eyes, bat-like face," Kerr intoned critically, mouth twisted and a mock shiver running through him to add to the effect as his own shapely hands moved eloquently around his pleasant features in vague, molding gestures.

"I was locked in with Sawyl - who could come and go, but I was too weak and confused to attempt to get out - for about a month. Maybe two. I learned everything I didn't want to know in that time, especially how desperate the angel was to get back to his family. I sympathised... no, I empathised, but I was a wreck, I didn't see how it could be done. Angus dragged me out of the tower room occasionally, to tempt me to feed on live victims and make me watch them feed - he and Wyl - but all I did was cringe and cry and call for God throughout the whole ordeal, so Angus grew very angry with me. He wanted to teach me a lesson, force me to 'let go of worldly ties', he called it," the vampire imparted, his tone as mocking as that of a child bully taunting one much smaller and more cowardly. "So he grabbed my mam, and killed her before me - after she understood the full horror of what her only child had become and it was as torturous as it could possibly be for everyone, of course. And while he fed on her, thinking I was still whimpering in the corner as I usually did, I grabbed an axe and separated his head from his body. It was... cathartic," the elder intoned sweetly, a smile at last touching his lips.

"Sawyl put his head on the lawn on one side of the house, I dragged his body to the other and when the sun rose, it disintegrated. The next night I... took my mother's body home and... I t-told my f-father..." his throat worked as he was unexpectedly taken by the power of these memories. He hadn't anticipated that it would still be able to effect him so strongly, when everything else was like the blur of an eight millimetre film shot in poor lighting and shown on a reel that had a bump in it; disconnected and scratchy. His gaze left Ben's and he stared just below his cheekbone instead, unable to share that, either. He forced a smile, though he supposed it was obvious that he didn't feel it, that he wasn't actually looking at anything, his eyes were focussed on long-dead events. "I shouldn't have done that; told him. It was too much for him to bear. It killed him, eventually. So then all I had was Sawyl," he finished with a distracted shrug.
After killing his Ancient sire, Kerr and Sawyl attempted to return to their lives in the village... to no avail. A few months after their release and attempt at integration - to the great mistrust of those who couldn't understand how the odd pairing had shown up together after so long away they'd been given up for dead - Kerr's father died. Kerr had confessed the truth to him and believed he died of a broken heart. Either way, the Galvin land went to Kerr as the only child and he sold it to interested neighbours, using his newly-made fortune to get he and his unusual new family out of Ireland.

He and Sawyl sired Meinwen and Dei not long after and life became a whirlwind that didn't settle for centuries. Kerr was in love with Wyl as much as a parent is with their child; besotted and devoted to helping and protecting them, forgiving or turning a blind eye to everything disagreeable about them.

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Re: Kerr Galvin
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2008, 11:40:28 PM »
New City History
After four hundred years together, Kerr's love for Sawyl soured and he separated from him. He'd hated the twins for years - due to them forcing him to do things he objected to in the first century they were together (for their mental powers far surpassed his, with very little practice) - but continually justified away his discomfort with Sawyl and his evil actions, expecting things to get better.

They came to the nameless city over five years ago, expecting that the supernatural dominance would help their dreams come true but it didn't change too much for Kerr - or the twins, who were still gawked at the few times they ventured out in public. Apparently even having supernaturals in charge isn't enough to quell the abject fascination with conjoined twins.

A little more than a year after they first arrived, Sawyl began performing some disappearing acts. During one of these episodes, Kerr - distraught with worry about his beloved - met a mortal woman named Mandy. He connected with her on a truly unexpected level, realising quickly that his life was a lonely, tedious thing, spent alone most nights, drinking blood from bags and waiting for Sawyl to need his help. Oh, and doing housework.

Mandy provided a welcome spark in Kerr's life and he happened to meet another remarkable mortal named Ben when he ventured into the nightclub called Risk, to obtain a drink before a date with Mandy. Ben's curiosity and interest in Kerr was flattering to the point of overwhelming and he happily shared his address with the mortal boy so that they could get to know one another better (and he could drink from him in privacy).

Both mortals developed a crush on the vampire who certainly reciprocated those feelings enthusiastically, vastly enjoying the life and energy each provided in their unique ways. He realised he'd gone from being a mortal man enraged with hormones (and quite the slut, in his day, bedding hundreds of the women that lived in his district) to an asexual being resisting Sawyl's advances, to being inspired by the warmth and beauty of both Mandy and Ben.

Tragedy struck when Kerr was punished by the Oligarchy for not getting permission to tell Mandy he was a vampire and keeping Ben as a pet. Mandy was whipped; Ben was sent to live in exile with the Oligarch for vampires. Kerr was distraught, especially when Mandy realised he wasn't in love with her as she was with him and exited his life, leaving him with no recourse but to pine after both mortals he loved (but wasn't in love with). He turned to Sawyl in his time of emotional crisis and became his lover, against his better judgment, realising it didn't fill the void left by the mortals and hating himself for his weakness.

A shifter named Tag interfered with his reunion with Ben but the two men eventually found their way back together, finding that their absence had caused their feelings to grow and be compounded. Kerr realised he was in love with Ben and, when asked if he would co-sire him with the older vampire Arles, agreed. This enraged Sawyl, who sensed his hold on Kerr had slipped beyond reclamation and he attacked Arles in order to show Ben the limits of his and Kerr's relationship, as a means of warning the fledgling off his property.

This tactic backfired, Kerr and Sawyl fought and broke up once and for all. Kerr moved out to live on his own - though a one night stand with a mortal named Ichabod turned his world topsy turvy again and sent Ben away from him in an attempt to decide what he wanted from his life.

Spending weeks without his love turned Kerr frantic - something that wasn't helped when he finally found Ben in an alleyway with Lazarus, the Ancient that once ruled the city (though he was far less grand when found ejaculating into a corpse). They fought and Kerr reclaimed Ben, taking him back to his apartment, where they reformed a tentative relationship.

As time passed, their relationship settled and became formal when their love was declared. It was decided that Ben would stay with Kerr, they spent every night together and decided to go to Europe on a holiday. A visit to Mandy's place to tell her they'd be leaving the country revealed Ichabod living with her and caused a great deal of friction. It was compacted the next night and Kerr was forced to return to his sire after months apart.  While he pleaded with Sawyl not to sire Mandy, Ichabod spent time with Ben, getting all the family details and asking about Ben's desire to be a vampire.  Ichabod left and Kerr eventually returned in a very sad state indeed.  Ben rushed out and got emergency supplies of porcine blood and they ended the night with the fledgling declaring his hatred for Mandy.

Ben and Kerr's time in Europe was idyllic but when they returned, Ben's secret urges to torment Ichabod took over.  Kerr was oblivious to the situation until the night Ben and Ichabod were brought before him at the Oligarchy for having an illegal pet relationship.  He was traumatised by it but managed to lie and get the two of them released.  Afterwards, he expressed his horror at Ben and terminated their relationship, retreating to the beach house to mourn.


Occupation/Job: Retired Luminary of the Oligarchy - currently unemployed

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Kerr has a black beaded tongue stud that was originally a bit of bone stabbed through his tongue in a Pacific Islands warrior rites of passage ceremony he was lucky enough to attend in the late eighteen hundreds. It is now a thoroughly modern metal item and he has considered getting some different designs - he just hasn't taken that plunge yet.

Hobby/Hobbies: Collecting antiques and trawling antiques auction sites on the internet.

  • Ben and Ichabod
  • Winter
  • Reminiscing about things he holds dear
  • The internet
  • Movies - all genres
  • Reading (occasionally)
  • Spending quiet time alone
  • Walking
  • Hanging out at Risk
  • Alternative music especially, but all music except jazz
  • Meeting unusual or different people
  • Helping younger, inexperienced vampires
  • Practising his talents
  • Politics
  • Restrictions
  • Feeling helpless because he doesn't know where things stand
  • Smoking and drugs (will never accept a donor who's high, though has been known to drink from someone who is drunk or who smokes - when he was desperate)
Strengths: As a four centuries-old vampire, his mental abilities are practised regularly and honed to great effect. He Dominates easily and uses telekinesis skillfully. He was strong as a mortal and is now exceptionally so - physically speaking. His consideration for others.  His open mind and heart.  His humanity.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His consideration for others, his murdered bloodline, his need to make everything right and inability to recognise when he should back down.  His righteousness.  His opinion is easily influenced by those who have a stronger one (he doesn't necessarily adopt it as his own, but will consider it as an authority until such time as an opposing viewpoint forces him to decide where he stands on a topic).

Anything Else To Add: Kerr is exceptionally wealthy - he's worth hundreds of millions. He sensibly maintained the modest fortune he inherited when his father died, investing and banking it thoughtfully through his life time, watching markets and providing capital for crazy schemes like flight and refrigerators that paid off tenfold. He has a collection of birth certificates and deeds that have followed him through the centuries and has always presented himself as the son of the Kerr Galvin before him, avoiding suspicion. Online banking and the digital age has been a Godsend, allowing him to barter his fortune for properties he likes or antiques he wants, at a whim, with almost complete anonymity.

Kerr still owns the land upon which his family burned to their deaths but he hasn't thought of anything exciting to do with it in the two years since.  Since he no longer resides in the Chambers of the Oligarchy, he and Ben live at the beach house and Kerr officially listed Ichabod as owner of the penthouse in the Capital Building.
At fourteen, Kerr impregnated a married twenty-five year old woman named Tara Maguire with whom he'd been having an affair.  She bore him a son named Seamus (Junior) on the 28th  of March, 1621.  Everyone except the two of them believed the baby was her husband's, rather than the then-fifteen year old neighbour boy's.  In 1624, a serving girl named Claire Shaughnessy also bore him a son named Aidan (but she’d been sent away to have the child and Claire’s mother oddly claimed Kerr wasn’t the father), a week before Tara Maguire gave birth to his daughter, Brenna (she delivered early).  He followed his mortal bloodlines for a couple of centuries, until Sawyl put a stop to it and has been working to reconnect them ever since.


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Re: Kerr Galvin
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2009, 05:45:04 AM »
In the beginning...
Seeking Entry (Lost thread - Kerr and his family enter the city)
Street Parade (Lost thread - Kerr and Sawyl go to watch the parade)
The Dream (Kerr meets Mandy while looking for Sawyl)
Seeking Sustenance (Mandy follows Kerr to Risk and is ushered out quickly)
Home Again, Home Again (Kerr walks Mandy home, tucks her in)
Late Night Rendezvous (Kerr stands Mandy up, makes up for it the next night, they meet Arvis)
Conversation in the Lobby (Kerr, Mandy, Arvis and Teran talk)
Would You Care For A Kiss? (Mandy sees Kerr's upper body, they kiss, make a date)
Pre-Drinks Dinner (Kerr meets Ben, feeds from and fondles him, tells the mortal he won't sire anyone again)
Flowers and Frescos (Kerr and Mandy date, grow closer, he tells her there's something about him she has to decide whether she wants to know it, meet Naito)
Of Nightmares And Immortals (Kerr meets up with Naito in the park on his way home)
Unannounced (Ben comes to Kerr's house)
The Decision (Part 2) (Mandy summons Kerr after being held at gunpoint, Kerr leaves Ben in his bed, nearly has sex with Mandy)
A New Day (Kerr returns to Ben horny, finds out he's gay, they kiss)
Healing Processes (Mandy learns Kerr is a vampire)
Out For Some Air (Kerr and Mandy go to the park, she learns about Sawyl, Shiroan takes Kerr and Mandy to their hearing while Arvis, Naito and Willow look on)
The Trial and Afterwards
Penalty By Ignorance (Kerr stands trial, loses Ben, Mandy is whipped)
After The Punishment (Kerr and Mandy leave the Oligarchy)
Dire Consequences (Kerr takes Mandy to her apartment, decides to take her home)
Dire Consequences; Relocated (Kerr takes Mandy to his home, she and Sawyl bond)
Stolen Property (Kerr goes to see Shiroan to get his and Mandy's belongings back, is beaten up)
Dire Consequences of Subjectivism (Kerr meets Aryodne and inherits Tag)
Feeding the Beast (Kerr feeds Tag)
Clothing the Beast (Kerr shops with Tag)
Cleaning the Beast (Kerr takes Tag to a motel and cleans him up, making him presentable)
Delivering the Beast (Kerr takes Tag to the Oligarchy)
Nerves (Kerr and Tag intrude on an Oligarchy meeting and Kerr receives custody of Tag)
The Art of Healing (Mandy bathes with and draws Sawyl - getting an inkling of his true colours - she eats and sleeps then Kerr brings Tag home; they walk in on her topless and drawing. They all argue, Kerr goes to settle Tag into his room, Sawyl goes to help clean Mandy up and heals her wounds, he and Kerr have oral sex. The next morning Tag arrives naked and Corn Flakey to interrupt Mandy and Kerr but they do talk; she confesses to being in love with Kerr, he tells her he'll never feel the same way. Mandy speaks to Tag one more time while Sawyl showers with Kerr {they kiss} and then Kerr takes her home)
Refugees (Kerr does housework, bonds with Tag the night after he's taken him shopping and got his hair cut. They wrestle, Sawyl interrupts, levitates, scares Tag, Kerr warns Tag to be careful of Sawyl and decides to move him into his bed)
Bitter Shoots (Over two weeks on, Sawyl threatens Tag's life, drinks from him. When Kerr comes home from staring at Mandy's house and Declan's house, Tag says he wants to sleep with Sawyl, Kerr confronts Sawyl - confesses his twisted love, bites Tag)
Let's Not and Say We Did (Kerr talks to a young vampire named Jaden)
Loose Ends (Seven months on, Kerr goes to Declan to find out where Ben is)
Frayed (Kerr discovers Tag sent Ben away - by having sex with Sawyl - and is sleeping with Mandy; banishes him before he kills him)
Full Circle (Kerr tells the Oligarchy about Tag and Mandy)
Riot Folk (Kerr goes to Risk and meets Wild Hunt, offering to teach Vivianne Gaelic and have rowdy sex with Morgaine)
Reunion and Siring
Suicide Blonde (Two nights after being seen at the Oligarchy, Ben goes to talk to Kerr)
Genesis (Ben is sired by both Arles and Kerr)
Fledgling Cherry (Ben's first victim - Ichabod)
Seeking Distraction (Kerr runs into Lazarus in the gazebo in the park and is invited back to his place to meet his pet)
A New Connection (Kerr visits with Ichabod and Lazarus, is kissed by Lazarus, drinks from Ichabod and discusses the nature of the Oligarchy, hearing hints of Lazarus' Great Plan to bring it down and being asked to join the cause)
The End of Kerr and Sawyl (Kerr finds out Sawyl attacked Ben, Sawyl tries to kill Kerr, they go their separate ways)
To Everything, There Is A Season (Kerr runs into Ben near his new apartment)
To Everything There Is A Season (II) (Kerr takes Ben up to the apartment, they kiss and talk)
Vivaldi's Fall (One week later, Ben visits Kerr, says he has no plans for them but Kerr pushes for more, talking of holidays and living together, they practise his powers and Kerr gives Ben a key to the apartment)
Walkies (Kerr picks Ichabod up at Risk)
Discoveries (Kerr has sex with Ichabod, Ben walks in on them)
A Perfect Song (Kerr visits Ben at Arles', they argue about Ichabod, Kerr storms out)
Entitlement II (Lazarus abandons Ichabod, Kerr finds out he has a pet)
When All Is Said & Done (Ben finds out about Ichabod being Kerr's pet, tells Kerr he's taking a break from everyone)
Beating Curfew (Kerr takes a break, goes to Risk, hears some strange and intriguing predictions from Digital)
Under The Cover of Night (Kerr, searching for Ichabod, meets Mandy at Risk)
Cold Night For A Walk (Kerr meets a mentally disturbed vampire named Samuel while out walking)
Lost and Found (Kerr receives a message from Ichabod saying that he's at Mandy's and he hurries over. They decide to part ways permanently)
Reunion and Separations
Ben's Condition - Part IV (Kerr finds Lazarus and Ben in an alley with a body; he and Lazarus fight, he delivers the Ancient to his home and takes Ben)
Ben's Condition - Part V (Kerr takes Ben to his apartment, having been apart from him for three weeks)
Swathe (Four nights on, Kerr and Ben consummate their relationship at last{!})
Talk (Kerr and Ben talk about the impact of others on their lives as a couple, decide they're going to visit Mandy and not Lazarus. Kerr tells Ben he wants to take him on a holiday to Europe, Ben is forced to tell Kerr that he wanted to forget him completely when he left him the last time, Kerr mourns and they eventually realise they're kinda' mismatched but happy together)
Sow Tears, Reap Joy (Kerr and Ben go visit Mandy... and Ichabod!)
Debrief (Kerr and Ben discuss the results of their visit to Mandy's place)
The Demon Files
Best Laid Plans (Kerr and Ben decide when they'll go to Europe, Kerr goes and gets his tattoos done, Ben goes out and feeds from Ichabod, Kerr returns and the tattoos are met with mixed reactions, they fight about feeding separately, Kerr stays up and invites Mandy over the next night, she comes over - while Ben goes to her place and feeds from Ichabod again - and reveals she's going to ask Sawyl to sire her, Ben reacts badly to her artwork, is angry that Ichabod's got a crush on her and is infuriated when Kerr invites her to go to Italy with them one day. When she goes, Kerr says he has to go to see Sawyl to attempt to stop the siring, he leaves, Ichabod turns up to ask Kerr to intervene and Ben demands the mortal stay with him. Kerr returns in a terrible state thanks to allowing Sawyl to experiment on him and Ben panics, going to get some pig's blood to make him right)
Reluctant Allies (Kerr deals to stop Sawyl siring Mandy)
European Holiday (Kerr and Ben explore the United Kingdom and begin piecing together Kerr's bloodline once more)
Home Again, Home Again (Lazarus visits a fortnight-returned Kerr and blackmails him into becoming an Oligarch)
Bad Moon On The Rise (Kerr heads off to work after Ben returns from Ichabod)
Consequences (Ben and Ichabod are dragged before Kerr for charging)
The Razors and the Dying Roses Plead (Kerr leaves Ben)
Misery Loves Company (Mandy calls Kerr and goes to visit)
Balm of Hurt Minds (Kerr gets his tattoos removed and visits the doctor)
Presage (Kerr visits Ben at the apartment and decides to give him a second chance)
A Difficult Discovery (Mandy realises Kerr really doesn't love her... again)
The Visitor (Ben visits Kerr)
Aware (Kerr hunts with Ben and theorises his lover has another personality, created as a defense against Declan)
Plight of a Lost Soul (Ben finds out what haunts him - Kerr is present but doesn't speak)
Rubbing Shoulders With Fame and Fortune (Kerr and Ben attend a function where Anatoli Tamirov, the famous violinist, will play and Kerr networks with Chet Hallard, whose agenda is to advance the Brotherhood.  Chet insults Ben but they agree to a future rendezvous)
Blindsided (Ben confesses that he contacted something inside him while at Jonah's clinic and Kerr begins to conemplate the enormity of the situation)
Return of a Lost Soul (Ben and Kerr return to the clinic)
Host (Ben behaves strangely, Kerr realises he's seeing the demon, not Ben and receives a list of things to collect to get Ben back at the next lunar eclipse, in three months' time.  Kerr accosts Jack and goes to the beachouse)
Interlude Roleplay: Bright Night City Lights (Ben/Jack and Kerr go shopping)
Call of the Wild (Ben/Jack and Hannah, Kerr visits after Hannah leaves, Jack breaks the kitchen bench)
A Familiar Face (Jack visits Kerr, they discuss Jack's nature and Kerr promises to have sex with Jack in a week)
The Mountain and Mohammed (Ben/Jack and Kerr visit Sabrina)
Portent (Kerr travels back to the Capital with Jack and is very jealous when he meets Hannah.  He yells about the counter being wrecked, storms into the bedroom and fights with Jack before he kisses and then blows him.  He wipes Hannah's mind and leaves)
Crescendi (One week on, Jack and Kerr have sex)
Penalty By Arrogance (Kerr presides over his first trial when Sonya fledges James without permission)
The Penumbral; Ritual of the Earth (Ben and Jack are separated)
Settling Dust (Ben denies Kerr's help)
Terms (Ben is trained by Kerr, Kerr drinks from Jack and sends him back to his own room, the next night, he goes shopping with Ben)
Hidden Past, Unknown Future (Kerr and Ben go to Risk and run into Ichabod, who reveals some of their past relationship to Ben before Kerr kisses Ichabod and feeds from him.  When Kerr returns to Ben, Ben confesses he needs to know about their past)
Home Truths (Ben & Kerr talk about Ben's past three years, he goes to process it, Jack goes to sleep in his bed with him)
Duplicity (Jack taunts Ben, Ben trains with Kerr, Kerr surrenders to Jack and finally has sex with him again.  Repeatedly)
A Case of Mistaken Identity (Kerr kisses Ben at Risk and Ben walks out of his life)
The End of Kerr and Jack (Samuel kills Jack, Kerr kills Samuel and resolves to harden his heart)
Party Nights and New Loves
The Watcher (Kerr meets movie star Ash Rivers - deader than ever!)
A New View (Kerr takes Ash back to his place to show him around)
Butterfly Adventures (Kerr meets Carly and Reeves at Risk)
Moving On Up (Kerr inspects Ash's penthouse)
Night On The Town (Kerr and Ash go to Risk)
Three's Company (Kerr, Ash and Carly party at Ash's place)
Long Weekend (Ichabod visits Kerr on a break from college and their sexual exploits are made awkward by an Ash intrusion)
The New Guy (Jake and Kerr meet and they discuss impending doom)
Delicate Relations (cont.) (Kerr and Brianna go to Risk)
Tell Me Your Secrets (Jenna goes to the Oligarchy for answers)
Once Forbidden (Jenna and Kerr at Risk.  He asks her out)
Dinner Date (Kerr takes Jenna to Echelon)
After Dinner (Kerr's date with Jenna concludes and he fucks Ash)
Fitting (Digital ambushes Kerr and takes him to a meeting)
Culling (Digital takes Kerr along to a very special party with Jake, Conner and Scott)
Friendly Escape (Kerr takes Jenna to Scotland and they become intimate)
Broken Ben Returns: The Rebuilding Phase
New York, New York (Kerr rescues Ben from his abusive relationship with Themba)
Return Of The Lost Boy (Kerr secrets Ben into his Chambers suite)
Recovering Sanctuary (Ben and Kerr discuss their lives during their time apart)
The Sleepover (Kerr admits to Jenna he still has feelings for Ben)
The Model And The Movie Star (Ben has sex with Ash and Kerr disapproves of Ben fucking anything that moves.  They decide to try a real relationship)
A Final Affair (Jenna breaks up with Kerr by phone)
Bragging Rights (Lazarus brags he fucked Ben again... and loses his hold on the Oligarchy)
Turnabout Is Fair Play (Ben's journals arrive from New York)
A New Appointment (Jake McCloud visits his new Luminary)
Re-Introduction (Ben and Kerr meet some lusty boys at Risk)
Schism (Kerr's family dies)
Cultivating Friendships (Kerr returns home to find Ben and Murphy snuggling on the couch)
Questioning Desires (Three weeks after losing his family, Kerr is visited by Ichabod and told he wants to be sired by Cole)
Genesis II (Kerr sires Ichabod)
His Other Half (Halwyn is brought back to the Chambers of the Oligarchy)

~2 year break~

As The Oligarchy Stands
Brothers (Kerr turns up at Risk when he hears Lazarus is back in town... right near his fledglings)
Kerr VS Lazarus (The two vampires talk in a private room in Risk)
Brothers (continued) (A furious Kerr drives his fledglings home, sick to death of their fighting and eliminates their imposed bond, offering to Ichabod that he leave the penthous)
Donor (Kerr meets Cain attempting to become an Oligarchy live-in donor and summons Vomas for his help)
Parlay (Kerr visits Halwyn to ascertain his intentions)
Conciliatory Gestures (Kerr visits Vomas to confess the outcome of his visit with Halwyn and learns more about his employee)
A Gnawing Concern (Kerr confronts Brianna about Lazarus' intel and ends up firing her)
Romantic Notions (Kerr has an arousing date with Jenna)
Guilty (Ben confesses he's been to see Ichabod to mend fences.  Kerr is overjoyed)
A Week's Too Long (Kerr visits with Ichabod and his fledgling tells him about Ben visiting)
Filling In Time (Kerr meets Sebastian while waiting for Jenna to get ready)
Thin Ice (Kerr speaks with Conner and employs him as his new Head of Spies)
Clarity (Kerr and Ben talk about what happened with Ichabod and clarify that Ben wants Kerr to experiment with Cain sooner rather than later)
Second Time Around (Kerr visits with Ichabod, finds out he was punched and Ash saved him, Ash visits and warns his sire is coming before leaving)
Best-Laid Schemes (Kerr invites Vomas to bring Sam as his date to a planned get-together.  Vomas realises he has feelings for Sam and goes to him)
The Baron of Hollywood (Kerr meets with Isaac and offers to host him at the Chambers)
Moving Forward (Kerr leaves Ichabod on a Thursday night, goes to Ben, drinks from Cain and spends the rest of the night in bed with Ben)
The Masquerade Ball (The Oligarchy hosts a ball, Kerr has dressed his loves in extravagant outfits and he must stay drunk to resist the power of the ancients in the room)
Fallout (Kerr sleeps the day with Ichabod, fights with Ben the next night and realises he's not the upstanding person he thought himself to be.  He hands control of the Oligarchy over to Vomas and flees the city with his fledglings)
Austria (Kerr is lost, going through the motions as he and his fledglings tour Austria - until a chance meeting sends them all back to the city to some very bad news indeed)
As The Oligarchy Crumbles
Chaos Theory (Kerr hosts a meeting at the Chambers to discuss the challenges facing the Oligarchy)
The Lacuna Coil (Kerr spends some time on another plane with a guardian that looks exactly like his childhood love, Tara)

~18 month break~

Life Beyond The Oligarchy
Kerr's Return (Kerr exits the planar vault only to make a sickening discovery - he's been gone a year and a half! He is greeted by Hesiod, who has his own reasons for wanting to help Kerr get back to the city)
A Disconnection With The Familiar (Kerr returns to a disoriented Ben)
Sire 2.0 (Kerr and Ben go to Ichabod's apartment to reveal Kerr's not dead. The reunion is marred by Ichabod and Ben fighting. Ichabod agrees to accompany them on Kerr's tour of the Academy)
Tour Guide (Kerr, Ben and Ichabod tour the Haven Crest campus and Kerr realises Conner is possibly dead. They move onto the Academy construction site after the fact {not roleplayed})
A Grand Entrance (Two weeks and a few nights after Kerr's return, the Sacramentum host a party at Penbrook Estate to endorse Sabrina's District Leadership. Kerr spends most of the night avoiding ancients and trying to reconnect with Ben, who has been held at the White Rabbit for the past few nights)
One More Time (The night after the party, Kerr receives an email saying Ben has been assaulted and needs help. He races to the White Rabbit in time for Owen to deliver an obviously-traumatised Ben into his car and they speed away)
A Travelling Pocket of Safety (Kerr drives aimlessly with a silent Ben, then takes him home to pack and into the ocean to fortify him)
After The Storm, Before The Storm (Kerr and Been seek sanctuary at Penbrook Estate)
A Trial for the Centuries - The CW Districts vs. Lazarus (Lazarus is put on trial and Kerr and Ichabod watch helplessly as Ben testifies)
Stormclouds (Ben exits the back of the theatre with Kerr and they meet Saraekiel, who is forward with Ben. He assures them he's interested in business, not intercourse before Ichabod arrives and the Dark Angel flies away)
Reclamation (Ben and Kerr have an extensive meeting with tradespeople about refurbishing the former Chambers of the Oligarchy, Ben calls Toby and Ryan for them to drink from and requests Kerr make love to him, Jake enters the building and Ben and Kerr argue about him, spoiling the mood)
Security Breach (Ben and Kerr find Digital on the grounds of the Academy. He agrees to help them with the Lovebite app, Ben and Kerr share a tender moment after a brutal revelation by Digital and they all go shopping for computer equipment and clothing for Digital)
Towards Diverting A Stream (Chtahzus'aak and Brael pay Ben and Kerr an unexpected visit, telling them the truth about Jake's takeover in the West)
The Academy's Opening Fete (Kerr attends the Academy's opening, watches Ben declare an open campaign for district leadership and chats with Astrid, Sam and Owen)
Touch (Ben and Kerr take a step towards rekindling their intimacy)
First Residents (Kerr meets and feeds from Vex and Yash as they settle into The Luminary as Lovebite Sweets)
Back In Circulation (Kerr drops some books off to Sam in the library and leaves with Owen).
A Meeting Of The Minds (Kerr is taken by Owen to meet Vincent and they have a semi-awkward conversation before deciding on a double date)
Greener Grass (Kerr hears about Murphy's siring, notes Ben's bitterness, discusses his meeting with Vincent, finds out Ben's history with the older vampire - including that he loves Vincent and could fall in love with him, with prolonged exposure - and Ben asks Kerr to try going to Venture to pick up someone they can drink from, in an effort to mend their intimacy rift. They decide to go after their dinner date with Vincent and Owen)
A Fangtastic Foursome (Kerr, Ben, Vincent and Owen have dinner. Some awkwardness ensues)
Stage Two (Kerr and Ben go to Venture and meet Gabriel and Charlie)
Fourplay (Kerr and Ben take Gabriel and Charlie back to the Luminary for some sex and fun)
Surprise Visit (Zoheret visits Ben and Kerr after The First Official District Leader Meeting, leaving them to discuss the state of things after she storms in and out)
Coming To Terms (The night after the leader meeting, Ben and Kerr have some sex, discuss making their relationship open, Kerr sort-of proposes to Ben, Charon comes to visit, removes Kerr's supplication to ancients - telling him it was a Command from Angus! - drinks from Vex and discusses the outcome of the meeting with Ben and Kerr)
Questions? (Inspired by a discussion with Vincent about other lecturers at the Academy, Kerr decides to approach Damien Evans to get to know more about him, now that he's Jake's Campaign Manager)
Blood & Bears (Dominik Lowe drops in to see Kerr and Kerr directs him to Saraekiel)
The Kindred Who Brunch (Jake and Kerr do brunch at Echelon and they dance up a storm!)
Afterword (Kerr and Ben catch up after a busy couple of nights. Ben takes Jake off Kerr's no-go list and things get awkward)
Affairs Of State (Kerr and Ben visit Saraekiel)
Restless Heart (Kerr sees Jeanne and then meets Win at Venture and takes him back to The Luminary)
Great Expectations (In trying to impress Ben, Win confesses his relationship with Ichabod, which persuades Kerr to pull away. When he forces Ben to withdraw, Ben snaps at him and Kerr walks out to avoid the fight)
Rolling In The Deep (Night zero - Kerr goes to The White Rabbit to see Jake)
Paint It Black (Night one - Kerr delivers some harsh truths and an ultimatum to Ben about his behaviour before Ben chooses him and they open up to one another)
~* Night two, nothing much happens, they work and talk a little*~
In The Harpy's Talons (Night three - Lisa-Joe Hampton calls on Kerr to mark her territory)
Cut Me Open (Night four - Kerr is having difficulty touching Ben but Ben is spiralling. He goads Kerr into punishing him and they resolve their latest differences)
Rekindle (Night five - Cain is invited over to see if he'd fit in their lives as a pet. His audition goes well :cool: Night six - Cain moves in at ten, he and Kerr get worked up, Ben arrives from his interview with the Dean of the Academy - Zim Parry - and they all have sex... mostly together. Kerr is upset by Ben's hesitance to communicate)
The Lapdance of Luxury (Night seven - Cain is greeted by Kerr and feeds him his blood to heal him)
Third Night (Night eight - Kerr gets sexy texts from Cain and returns from work to find him inside Ben. He takes advantage of the situation)
Tarnish (Night nine - Kerr kisses Cain goodbye and leaves at the start of the night to go and see Ichabod, to discuss his and Ben's relationship. Things don't go as planned and Kerr returns to the penthouse earlier than expected, distressed by Ichabod's reaction)
Not Just A Pretty Face (Night one of the Supernatural Carnival, Ben greets his constituents at his first meet and greet for the evening)
Opposition Research (Ben and Kerr find Tyler busking in the carnival and discuss politics with him. Harm watches on and they speak with him after they finish with Tyler)
Spin Off (Monday night after the Carnival, Kerr and Ben dissect his radio interview in the car in the suburbs and Kerr confesses he wants to abstain from sex outside their relationship for a while)
Mistakes Were Made (Thursday night after the Carnival, Ben asks Kerr to remove Cain's memory of his torment and Cain dominating him. They fight, Kerr leaves)
Shockwave (Kerr calls Ben from the airport before he boards his plane to leave the city)
A Brave Face (Friday night, Kerr returns to the city to beg Ben's forgiveness)
The Downside of Truth (Ben and Kerr debrief and Ben allows Kerr into the spare room in the penthouse. He reaffirms for Cain he won't sleep with him)
Analytical Intimacy (Ben confesses to Cain, Kerr is jealous of Cain's closeness with Ben, Kerr and Ben debrief more calmly, Kerr asks Ben out on a date the next night and seduces him)
Something Old (Saturday night - Ben and Kerr return to the beach house. They decide not to sell it)
Something New (Saturday night - Kerr takes Ben to the next city where they do a bridge climb)
Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Saturday night - Kerr and Ben's date concludes at The Overlook, where Kerr disconcerts Ben in the glass observatory room, realises he can summon and return items from his portal without entering it then takes him to the grotto to give him a blue scarab beetle lapel pin)
(Monday night - business as usual, Kerr and Ben host a meeting with Sam and meet Remiel)

27 Votes (Ben loses the election. Kerr is stupefied)
The Defeatist (Ben returns from fucking Saraekiel and Kerr is distraught when he admits he told 'Rae' how to kill Jake, which freaks Kerr out, they fight, Ben storms out)
The Despoiler (Two nights later, Kerr goes to Ben at The Capital. They fight again but then resolve their issues, reaching a sense of acceptance)