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Oberon Update
« on: June 29, 2009, 12:04:14 PM »
As the Egg Celebrations began, King Morgan Kestrel took to his bed, unable to shake off the ills of a cold-season cough and cold and uncaring about which decorated egg he would gift as the winner as he fought for his health.  The keep's inhabitants worried and murmurs about the break in tradition - for it was the queen who presided over the judging contest this year - began in earnest.  Some whispers were positive, some were negative.  Ultimately, everyone predicted that their royal benefactor would, of course, survive such a thing, but his condition - unfortunately - deteriorated and he died even as the world turned and began waning towards the beneficence of the Milk Moon.

On the same night that Talon shattered the lives of the royal family (and, thereby, the kingdom beneath their rule), a daughter was born to Lord and Lady Liari, formerly of Kreos.  Her sudden birth had nothing to do with the stress of the king's illness - for that was a closely-guarded secret amongst palace staff and very few outside the ornate walls were aware of the true brevity of the situation - and everything to do with her father's worry over the news that his homeland had fallen under recent attack once more.  Apparently the gift of his former fiancée had not been enough to quell the animosity between his country and those that sought to usurp it and claim its varied riches for their own.

They named her Pandora Alia Tierney Liari and she was born swiftly in the late hours of the sixth day of Egg Moon (the twenty-first of April), right about the time the king surrendered to Talon's will (if any one person had been aware of the goings-on in both camps, they would be hard-pressed to say whether Adora bestowed her gift before Talon took his prize or vice versa).  No sooner had Lam's aunt arrived to midwife - Rico himself had sped through the city to summon the poor woman from her sleep, hastened by a frantic Kysis, who had awoken in a bed sodden by his slumbering wife's pre-birth lubrications - than the blonde lord was catching the slippery prize of his daughter and laughing giddily as he presented her to the world (or at least the part of it that was gathered about his bed that night).

She was a long, skinny baby, perfectly formed and extremely loud in her objections to being so rapidly ejected from the safety of her mother's womb into a bright and scary world.  She had a shock of thick hair upon her head, coloured a highly unusual reddish white (a strawberry blonde if ever there was one) and when her father first beheld her, there was a perfect curl of it plastered to her sticky forehead, making him laugh through his tears of joy.  He made sure he showed everyone before her great aunt cuddled her into a towel and whisked her downstairs to be bathed.   He settled for cuddling his wife, expressing a love for everything and everyone that belied his past weeks of tension and frustration.

Though he fell in love with his daughter immediately, the shadow upon his home grew ever darker as a rider arrived in Oberon the very next day, describing the horrific things he had seen occurring to Kreos the day he left - four weeks beforehand.  Kysis' parents had moved to the agreed safe spot, with Tiberius guarding them and the rest of the family, but a war was erupting in their stead and Kysis felt he needed to be there.  Lam argued that any news they received was so delayed, he would likely be of no use now; he argued that she underestimated the Greek spirit of resistance and predicted that he would arrive just in time for the killing blow to be delivered to the dastardly Ottomans.

Many tears were shed over the next few days - both because the shocking news of King Morgan's death finally infiltrated their walls (and every other wall in the Keep and well beyond it) and because Kysis seemed determined to leave his home and his brand new baby to go off to fight a dangerous war that he likely would only see the ruins of.  The couple fought more vocally and emotionally than ever before (the onset of post-natal hormones driving Lam to new heights of panic and desperation), he arguing duty and concern over his parents, she defending hers and Pandora's right as his primary family now, telling him how she would be lost without him, that he wouldn't know his daughter in four moons when he returned, he scorning the idea that a new babe would know any different and attempting to comfort his wife by telling her how much he loved and admired her, how strong he knew her to be, telling her he knew her to be safe and that that was what gave him the strength to go after those that were not.

In the end, all of Lam's arguments fell on deaf ears and, when the mandatory shutting-down of he city was lifted (following the king's funeral and burial ceremony seven days after his death), she was forced to bid a miserable, teary farewell to her beloved.  Her last and enduring memory of him was the way he leaned down to kiss Pandora - held in her arms - before he embraced them both, told them how much he loved them and that this was the single most difficult thing he'd ever had to do in his life... before he went ahead and did it anyway.

He took all of the guards except Alex - who, surprisingly, supported Lam's viewpoint and insisted he would stay to look after her rather than riding into a hopeless situation that would, nevertheless, be fraught with danger - and Rico went too.  Matthew debated long and hard between his duty and his love and eventually sided with the latter; he'd never travelled before and it was all a wonderful adventure that he and Rico would live together, as far as he was concerned (plus, it would only be four moons away from his family, he reasoned).

Now, in amongst the devastated sobbing that doesn't seem to die in a keep reeling from the loss of a beloved leader, fall the tears of a mother abandoned and betrayed by the one man she believed would never do anything of the sort to her; the man she trusted.  Hers is just one story in the mix of many, however, and all Oberon residents have felt the impact of King Morgan's death. Speculation about the coronation of Prince Mayhew and his wife, Princess Rochelle abounds and everyone has heard how hard the queen has taken the news.  It is said that she plans to escape the confines of the city before the mandatory three-moon mourning period expires (at the end of which, the prince regent will be coronated), because it is too difficult for her to stay, reminded of her beloved husband as she is.

Whether this proves true or turns out to be mere gossip remains to be seen, for nothing has changed in the two moons that have lapsed since Morgan's death; the keep's gates are open for trade and visitors may come and go as they please (for only four hours during the day, however - two before mid-day meal and two after it), but there is a somber air, a pall over the entire city and black cloth is strung everywhere - especially over mirrors.

The city will endure at least another moon where trading hours are reduced, revelry is frowned upon, all meetings, parties or general gatherings (even weddings, to the chagrin of the numerous Egg Moon brides and grooms out there) are suspended and prayers are offered to Talon for the safe beholding of the king in now-daily services, as is tradition.  Testaments are pouring in from surrounding baronies and principalities, an ornate brass sarcophagus is being constructed to replace the plain one Morgan's body lies in inside his family crypt at the Temple grounds - he lay in state for the week between his death and burial, wearing all his regalia, for all of Oberon to behold - and the city guard are on high alert, the drawbridge remaining down minimally - for, if ever there was a time when a city would come under siege and be overthrown by those with an eye to it, it would be now, in the wake of the loss and the confusion surrounding the death of its monarch.

After the funeral of the king, it was announced that it would definitely be Mayhew acceding the throne - rather than the queen, which would have happened if her son had been any younger or viewed as less ready for the responsibility - but these things take time and there is protocol to adhere to before anything drastic happens.  Once the coronation ceremony has taken place, the formal mourning will be lifted and an informal one will take its place for an added three moons - gatherings will be approved, businesses might return to their usual trading hours and the taverns will once again be open, but the dark colours, the daily services and the offerings to Talon's church in order that the king be recognised as a man well-loved and respected will continue (indeed, the temple makes a significant profit from a royal death).

In the final moon of full mourning, then, it is Mayhew's role and responsibility to learn absolutely everything he can about running the Oberon Kingdom before he officially becomes its king, his advisors' roles to gather every bit of information or every person he will need to do his job properly, and his family's role to support him as best they see fit.  It is said that his bride is coping wonderfully and it is predicted that she will be a magnificent queen, for she is thoroughly devoted to her husband and to her people already, and she is still just a princess of fourteen years.

Oddly, the only talk about what is happening inside the palace walls centres on the females within, rather than the male who now rules them, but a time will come when the tongues have plenty to wag about regarding him, for the news of King Morgan's death has spread into every nook and cranny, every niche... beneath every rock in the surrounding area.  At least one pair of ears that heard of the royal family's tragedy believes it to be good news.  That smiling, laconic figure is travelling back to Oberon and is set to arrive just before the coronation, ready to slink over the drawbridge like an innocent shadow, believing he is now very safe from the king's dungeons and that he has a place within the keep's walls once more... in the king's bed, come it to that.

Truly, though sadness and devastation prevail, interesting times are coming to Oberon indeed, and the blackness will quickly be eradicated as the city's traditions of cheerful debauchery, sneaky double-crossing and general wicked deeds are gaily reinstated.

(OOC: Feel free to post a reply to this thread stating how your character(s) has endured the news of the king's death and what effect the past two moons of mourning have had in their lives :))