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Carly Louis
« on: June 22, 2009, 07:26:51 AM »
Name: Carly Louis
Age (appearance): Early Twenties
Age (actual): 22
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Hair: Carly has thick red hair, which has been called ginger by many. It’s past her shoulders in length and usually falls straight, but with loose curls or waves near the bottom. She usually leaves it loose or has it in a high ponytail which swings as she walks. She wears it with a side parting and is often seen tucking it back behind one ear.

Eyes: Her eyes are a pale grey colour.

Frame: Carly is about average height, standing at about five and a half foot. She is quite slim and her body does not have many curves - her breasts are quite small and her hips have quite a boyish shape. She has good posture and her limbs are slim as well, making her look as though she would break quite easily.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Carly has the Risk tattoo on the inside of her left wrist, but that’s the only tattoo she has. On the back of her right shoulder she had a large scar from when she fell off a wall a couple of years ago and scraped all the skin off. She’s hoping it will fade in time, but it’s still quite ugly now. Her skin is quite pale all over her body, if she spends too long in bright sunlight she goes red rather than tanning.

Personality: Carly is a friendly young woman, who sometimes speaks before she thinks, but she usually thinks the best of people, so isn’t rude by accident. She’s very caring and gets emotionally close to people very quickly, even if they don’t reciprocate the feelings. As a result she has lots of friends, but not many that she would call her ‘best friends’, people who she’s been close to for many years.  Although she will open up to people and feel close to them quickly, she does have her own mind and is very independent. She doesn’t rely on others, she simply likes being with people.

Carly is quite modest - she is pretty, but doesn’t believe it, even when she tries to look nice, she would rather praise others than hear someone say nice things about her. She\'s not shy, but she knows that sometimes she speaks too quickly, so she swings from being too talkative to very quiet.

History: Carly came from a large family and grew up in Alabama. She worked hard at school, but as soon as it was over she left home and began working. She wanted to be able to support herself and being the middle child of six, she wasn’t much missed and she rarely makes the trip home. Carly’s been living in the city for about four years now and works as a receptionist for one of the larger hotels in the centre of the city, which she loves because she gets to talk to lots of people. She was introduced to Risk when a man staying in the hotel invited her out for a drink and he took her there. She quickly discovered that he was a vampire and everything that went along with that.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Carly’s aware of vampires and she knows that a few other creatures exist, but she doesn\'t know much about them.
Occupation/Job: Receptionist for the large and well established Warwick hotel near the city centre.
Interesting Facts/Quirks: Unusually for a woman in this day and age, Carly doesn’t have pierced ears. She hates the idea of having something like that done to her body and it took a lot of fretting before she would have the Risk tattoo put on, but it saves a lot of trouble when she wants to go out. She wears glasses, but only for reading and using a computer.
Hobbies: Playing with her pet hamster, Tammy. Dancing - she goes to a ballroom dancing class every Tuesday night. But there\'s a difference between ballroom dancing and dancing in a club.

Likes: Fruit, milk, animals, dancing.
Dislikes: Fighting, smoking or drugs, she doesn’t really like drinking alcohol.

Strength: Her independence and her energy and cheerful attitude.
Weakness/Flaw: Some people find her getting too close too fast a little overwhelming.