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Hunter Sterling
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Name: Hunter Sterling
Age : 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Hair: His thin straight hair is parted at the center, the ends are cut even in one length, and it limply falls four inches below the base of his neck.  It is shiny, long, and platinum blonde. He does like to dye it a completely different color occasionally.
Eyes: His big, bright, pale blue eyes stand out.  He typically keeps his gaze to the ground due to fear of eye contact.  Despite this fact they are often one of the first things people notice and remember about him.
Skin tone: Very light with pinkish undertones.
Frame: He is narrow shouldered and slight- 5’3 and 108 and a half pounds, most of that being leg.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Two scars- a small one through the center of his right eyebrow and a larger one on the front of his upper thigh .  He also has a dark circular birthmark on the back of his right knee.
He has three silver studs going up each ear, set approximately 1/4th of an inch from each other.

Contrasting his flamboyant, loud dress is his timid pushover personality.  He is very nervous and shy when meeting new people.  But once he gets comfortable, which can happen pretty quickly, he is extroverted and prone to doing things spur-of-the-moment only to regret them later.  He has low self-esteem, is very moody, and desperate for attention.  Although he is fairly cynical about new people all one has to do is spend a few hours being nice to him for him to trust that person to a flaw.  Hunter gets attached to people ( and pets, ideas, etc.) quickly.  He is easy to startle and even easier to amuse and captivate.

Posture: He walks slightly slouched and close to large objects such as walls, fences, and trees when they are available while keeping his hands in his pockets or holding one arm, usually the right, at his side and grasping it around the elbow tightly with his other hand. When sitting he holds his legs and arms close to his body making himself look as small as possible.  If nervous or uncomfortable he sits as far back in the chair as possible without slouching; when glad or excited, if he can keep seated, he stays on the edge of his seat slightly turned to one side.  His arm movement is mostly confined to his lower arms and he takes small quick steps rather than large ones.

Dress and style: He always wears eyeliner and when he’s feeling adventurous he will add shadow and lip gloss.  His nails are always painted one color or another though never neatly.  He dresses for the attention he craves.  His casual wear consists of something such as tight neon colored pants, an old snug tee-shirt of contrasting/clashing color to the pants, and tall plat formed boots (taking him from 5’3 to somewhere between 5’5 and 5’8) accessorized with belts, various bangles, necklaces, scarves, goggles, arm warmers/gloves, and/or glasses. When ‘dressing up’ he will usually wear something like a corset top or fishnets instead of a tee-shirt and certainly something made of PVC.

History: Hunter was born to a young single mother and never knew his father.  He was doted upon by her until age five when she found a stable boyfriend.  It was not long before moved in with and married her bringing his two children, an older boy and a younger girl.  When frequent tantrums failed Hunter responded by imitating his new stepsister, who received the bulk of parental attention, being constantly dramatic, and overly sweet which got him positive attention from his teachers until middle school.  There he was seen less as precious and adorable and more as scrawny and annoying.
He spent a while trying to fit in but always felt rejected.  By the time he was in high school he was an outcast and had accepted that label. He spent most of his time with the ‘goth kids’ but never had any lasting friendships.  He hated school but not as much as home.  His stepfather was less than accepting of him and Hunter was compared to his stepbrother constantly at home and school, where his stepbrother was a star athlete.
After being the victim of a few pranks he stopped attending school functions and parties thrown by classmates.  His grades were poor but he attended a summer school program so he could graduate on time and move on to better things.  He was looking forward to getting away from it all but is finding that living on his own is expensive and not as great as he thought it would be.

Awareness of Supernaturals: His mother told him that his father’s brother was a vampire but he has not met either of them.  He has a fascination with the idea of vampires and believes in their existence despite the fact he has never knowingly seen one.  He knows absolutely nothing of other supernaturals.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: He ‘must’ put his left shoe, glove, shirtsleeve, pants leg, etc. on before the right and feels irritable if he has had something happen to one side of his body and not the other.  
When he laughs he sounds like a loud dolphin and is prone to laugh attacks which cause him to be unable to catch his breath- if the cause of his laughter goes on for too long he will become sick and vomit.

Hobby/Hobbies: Shopping, perfecting his look, and he is trying/wants to learn to dance.

Likes: Skull designs, orange candy, makeup, being complimented on anything by people he trusts (if a person he does not know walks up to him and pays him a compliment he assumes they are making fun of him), attention, affection, bugs, when it is cold, dancing.
Dislikes: Peanut butter, sitting still for more than a few minutes, working, being criticized, being submerged in water (he fears it and can not swim), his family, talking about his family.

Strength: He is understanding, surprisingly forgiving, and creative.
Weakness/Flaw: He has low self esteem and is easily made to feel bad about himself. He is ruled by his emotions and desires.

Interests/life/goals: He is fresh out of high school and trying to make it on his own. He does not know what he wants to do with his life and is searching for himself.  He likes money but hates working and has been getting table waiting jobs, which he never holds for long, since he was 15.  Hunter lacks social experience and is far more afraid of the world than he would like people to know.