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Briar's Patch
« on: August 18, 2009, 01:57:55 AM »
Briar’s Patch

On the cobbled streets west of the city is a quaint little flower shop called Briar’s Patch. It is three stories high and made of red brick, though it has lots of windows that reveal huge amounts of flowers inside. The entire front of the store is surrounded by flower plants growing in pots. The sign is brown wood and rectangular, with green lettering that looks almost exactly like real vines.

The first floor of the shop is the retail area. There are pre-assembled bouquets of flowers ready to be purchased, and a sales desk with a register. The door is glass, and there are two large picture windows. The walls in this area are painted a cheerful shade of green. At the left side is a staircase leading to the greenhouses on the two upper floors.

The two upper floors of the building are where the flowers are grown. Both have glass walls, and the ceiling is glass also and comes to a pyramid point. The flowers that require the most sun are on the top floor, and those that need more shade are on the middle floor. Customers are allowed to come up the stairs and personally select individual flowers and assemble their own custom made bouquets.

The store is owned and run by Briar Green, who personally oversees the growth of all of the plants. He employs a few trusted individuals so he doesn’t have to be at the store constantly, but there are many days where he does run the shop, and he always stops in at least for an hour or two to check on the plants. He seems to be the only one who can get them to grow as well as they do.