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The Warwick Hotel
« on: August 18, 2009, 07:07:37 AM »
The Warwick Hotel was opened by Maxwell Walker about twenty-five years ago and quickly became established as one of the best places for the rich and famous to come and stay, whether you stay for the night or the day. This five star hotel caters to all of those who wish to stay in the city and the receptionists who work on the night shift are always discreet when dealing with customers.

The Warwick is now owned by Max’s son, Zach Walker, who aims to transform the Warwick into a chain spreading all over the world, but one step at a time in order to maintain the exquisite quality offered.

Upon entering the hotel it is obvious that no expense has been spared. Marble floors, plush seating areas, a formal reception area all welcome you, once you are past the doorman - who will be immaculately dressed in a black uniform with dark green trim. The bar is open to non-residents, as is the restaurant, but you must use your key card to access your floor using the lift, ensuring that the more private customers need not fear being disturbed by unwelcome guests.

There are thirty floors to the hotel and hundreds of rooms, which come in many different designs so, unless you request the same room on separate stays, each visit is likely to offer a new experience. There is twenty four hour room service available, which is all pricey, but almost anything can be brought up to your room, including blood packets (although this is only offered to vampiric guests).

The rooms are costly, and the minibar even more so, but if you have the money then the Warwick is definitely worth a stay.