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Name: Benny.
Age [appearance]:35
Age [actual]:104
Gender: Male
Species:Vampire (Nosferatu)
Alinement: Chaotic Neutral

Hair: He has no hair except in places you don't want to know about. He has pointed ears though.
Eyes: Yellow
Frame: 6\'2 185lbs. He has a bulky build with strong arms and chest.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:His face is horribly disfigured due to the curse of the Nosferatu. Each person takes his ugliness differently and will notice different things.

Personality: Benny is, to put it simply, a lovable asshole. He posses more flaws than anyone he knows and he accepts it. He will constantly ridicule you about every single problem with yourself. He is funny and dark. Dead baby jokes are a specialty of his. He hates all kinds of beauty, so talking about an art museum wont get you far with him. He likes machines and building shit. His mind works like a super computer and his personality is like an android with a smoking problem. However, most Undead enjoy simply because he\'s the guy who says the thing everyone wants to say. He may get a bit old, but in the end he\'s a guy you want on your side.

History: Benny used to have a name. Some say it was Charles others say it was Max. Whatever it used to be now it\'s Benny. In life Benny was born to an Italian family in Chicago\'s suburbs. He was a very gifted child and was headed towards Yale. However disaster struck when Benny\'s mother was shot and killed by "colored" gangs. Benny dropped out of high school and went to work for the Giavani family. The Giavani family allowed Benny to harness his new found rage and kill all the Negros he wanted. After 20 years in the mob working primarily as a hitter Benny was arrested. He tried to strike a deal with the DA to put away the Giavani bosses. While out on bail Benny was shot and left for dead.

While lying on the cold pavement, bleeding to death, a hideous creature with long ears and yellow eyes came to Benny.

"Do you want to live forever," the creature asked. "I can make that happen. Would you like to kill those men who betrayed you?"

Benny nodded, unsure of what would happen. He drink of Carlock\'s blood and became a feared and hideous Nosferatu. He killed the Giavani bosses and impaled them for all to see. It would be the last time he killed a human. Carlock was Benny\'s sire and close friend. He taught Benny that being a Nosferatu was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. He taught him how to spy and how to summon animals and most importantly how to fight. Carlock left Benny after five years saying he was ready. For the rest of his undead life Benny has traveled from town to town. He makes his home in the pipelines and keeps rats as pets. He works primarily as a spy for the Camarilla and has come to the city to create a Nosferatu computer network. He wants eyes and ears in every video screen in the whole city. His only friend is the Anarch Jake McCloud who frequently employs him. His services are not cheap. 

Awareness of Supernaturals: He only really knows about Vampires and Demons. Lycans he\'s heard of but luckily he\'s never met one.
Occupation/Job: In life he worked for the Italian mob and now makes money as a hacker.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: He speaks fluent German, French and Russian. His Mandarin is okay. Not much of a people person. He enjoys his life of solitude in a way most of his clan can\'t.
Hobby/Hobbies: He enjoys oldies and rap music as well as anything with guns. He also enjoys scaring kine.

Likes: Rats, humans, spying, computers, the Camarilla, being useful, his lonely life.
Dislikes: Being social (unless it\'s him bragging), his disfigurement, the Sabbat, the Anarchs, (thinks they are cry babies) Toreadors (stupid pretty vamps), people who talk too much.

Strength: Has an IQ off the charts. He can solve complex mental puzzles with ease. His higher brain function gives him the ability to resist mental attacks and block them, though he can\'t do anything himself. He is also an amazing hacker. He\'s taken records from the war department more than once.  Benny also possesses all three disciplines of his clan. They are Animalism (summon creatures), Potence (super strength) and Obfuscate (invisibility). He is a super spy. He\'s even done a job on Lazarus himself. Thank God Lazarus doesn\'t know that.     

Weakness/Flaw: His ugly face and body have turned his personality to reflect them. He is his own worst enemy. His life has been lonely, because he\'s never had a real friend since his creation.


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