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Hugh (Sacramentum)
« on: October 10, 2009, 02:17:28 AM »
Name: Hugh Peter Linford
Age [Appearance]: 38
Age [Actual]: 341 (sired 1668 A.D.)
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire

Born: Liverpool, England
Sire: Felicia Octavius

Hair: Hugh’s hair is dark brown. When he was first sired it was about shoulder length and he usually wore it pulled back in a tidy plait, but he cut it about a hundred years ago. Now it’s a few inches long on top, shorter at the back; either brushed sideways and smoothed down, or swept back, always out of his face. There are a few flecks of silver visible when you look carefully around the temples but you wouldn\'t see them at first glance.

He has a short beard and moustache, which was longer when he was sired but he trimmed it shorter not long after being sired, but he hasn’t been able to bring himself to shave it off completely although it has been tempting at times. He always tries to appear well groomed.

Eyes: Dark blue

Frame: Hugh stands at just over six foot tall and he is slim, but athletic. It is clear from looking at his body that he took good care of his body and was fit before beign turned. He was strong as a human and is obviously more so as a vampire.

Tattoos/ Distinguishing Marks:


Hugh is a cultured, well mannered creature. He is usually charismatic and polite most of the time, smoothing his way to the end he wishes to reach and it would take a stranger a little time to notice the arrogance beneath the charm. He believes vampires are superior to humans in almost every way and takes pride in improving his supernatural skills and expanding his knowledge - the fact that Royce seems to pick and choose his topics of study randomly frustrates him as Hugh likes to have order in his life and dislikes it when plans change.

Fiercely competitive and determined, Hugh hates losing and gets angry when he is bettered by someone he believes he should be able to beat, or who he thinks is should be his equal. He well understands that ability comes with age so does not expect to match his elders with his skills, but he always has things to aim for.


Hugh was born during the reign of Charles I of England, in Liverpool. His family was by no means wealthy, but his father educated him well, wanting his son to make more of himself than he had done. Hugh’s childhood was not out of the ordinary, but almost as soon as he had come of age the English Civil War began and Hugh fought on the side of the victors, the Parlimentarians.

At the end of the Civil War Hugh left the army and joined the police. When he came to learn about the Sacramentum Hugh joined their followers enthusiastically, firmly believing that vampires are superior to humans and wanting to help them however he could, although he still fulfilled his role as police constable. He would bend the rules occasionally but he justified his actions to himself by not breaking the law or committing treason to his own race. He often helped the Sacramentum when they moved and assisted in providing papers and negotiating to acquire new properties. Hugh was focused on his work, both sides of it and never really gave much thought to having a family of his own.

Hugh was sired not long after Royce, as Ari requested that Felicia create a fledgling to accompany his own. Charon insisted that Felicia choose a male and Hugh was chosen, although it was obvious he was not the one she would have picked had she had more say. Hugh knew this before being sired and although that dented his pride somewhat, Hugh was not going to give up the chance to join the real ranks of the Sacramentum. It was an honour he had not expected, but one he embraced enthusiastically, trying to ignore the fact that he was not first choice.

The fledgling was unimpressed by the fact that he and Royce had to share their education and it was clear that Royce felt much the same way. They were forced into companionship when neither liked the other and resented the fact that they had to spend so much time together. Hugh and Royce spent a lot of their first century together arguing and whilst that has died down somewhat, they are still fiercely competitive, attempting to outperform one another in everything, from mental powers and physical strength to something as insignificant as how quickly they could find a victim to feed from, or someone to seduce.

Now Hugh avoids Royce’s company as much as he can, but they still find themselves pushed together far too much for the young vampires’ liking. Despite Charon’s approval at Felicia choosing a male as he commanded, Hugh has never really felt as though he was as accepted into the Sacramentum as easily some of the others - especially Royce - were (although clearly he is more accepted than some), and he is bitter towards Felicia for her neglect of him as her fledgling.

Awareness of supernaturals: He knows of the existence of many different supernatural creatures, different types of demons, shifters, nymphs and angels, but that is from study and Hugh probably wouldn’t be able to recognise many of the different types if he came face to face with them.

Previously a police constable, but now a Sacramentum member.

Interesting facts/ Quirks: He and Royce are fiercely competitive and this occasionally goes further than Hugh would like, especially when it involves other people. Hugh strives especially hard to prove himself, not only because of his dislike of someone being better at him than something, but because he is jealous of the other fledgling. Ari chose Royce specifically, after centuries of searching - Hugh was simply the convenient choice for Felicia. Because of this, despite their blood bond, Hugh has never felt as close to Felicia as he believed the link between sire and fledgling should be.

Hobby/Hobbies: Hugh enjoys reading - studying and for enjoyment as well.  He also likes the attending the opera, ballet and all types of theatre, professional or amateur, although he’s not a performer himself. He does enjoy ballroom dancing, but doesn\'t often.

Likes: Winning, especially against Royce. Getting his own way. Watching performances and people playing music - much more than watching films or listening to CDs.
Dislikes: Royce, losing, things going wrong with his plans, Felicia, being looked down on.

Strength: Hugh can read minds and communicate mentally with other vampires, as well as using telekinesis with ease and dominating humans. He is completely loyal to the clan, more than to his sire.

Weakness/Flaw: His arrogance and pride. When he gets annoyed or frustrated with being bested he will take it out on those weaker than himself, usually humans he doesn’t know, feeding from them violently - but he’ll wipe their memories once he is sated and his anger has diminished. When his mental powers do seem to waver he would rather blame anything else for the fault than himself - usually Felicia because of her lack of care in training him, although he would not badmouth her out loud and risk her wrath.