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Dawn Stanton
« on: October 12, 2009, 05:33:12 AM »
NOTE: Dawn was previously used in Heroes VS Villians but I personally would be okay with it if someone were to use her in Infusco as a fire demon or some such demon. Wherever she goes and whatever she does, she should be physically connected to fire in some way.

Everything about her hair can be altered if need be. This is the basic outline of how Dawn was supposed to be, so things may be added as necessary.


Alias: Vendetta
Name: Dawn Marie Stanton
Age [appearance]: 20-23
Age [actual]: [/B]21
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Blonde. Wavy. Layered.
Eyes: Dark brown. The can change to orange when using her powers. Her eyes are darkly lined, the lashes close but thin.
Skin: Naturally light, normal.
Frame: Thin, but not bony. 5\'4".
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Diamond-shaped scar in left shoulder basin, right above the heart and one on her calf near her ankle. She also has a scar of a bullet grazing the skin on her arm.
Clothing: Dawn wears clothing like many of her friends. She doesn\'t like to wear anything too elaborate, unless she needs to. Usually a pair of jeans or a skirt will do fine for her. Dresses almost conservatively. Costume: Specially customized to help channel her powers. Long, black, partially sleeveless, dress which flares out in an almost fringe-like pattern, as if it were designed to look glamorously ragged, reaching down to mid-calf. Black, stiletto boots rising up to just under her knees. Tight black feminine gloves, reaching to her elbows. Her mask is simply a black piece of material, (much like that of Zorro) with eye holes and a simple red feather in the corner.
Personality: Dawn is quiet around people she doesn\'t know, preferring to watch rather than be the center of attention. She is friendly and laughs easily enough. She doesn\'t let anyone get too close to her anymore even though she wants to. Dawn has many "friends" but no one she can call a close friend. Dawn has a lot of patience but doesn\'t like anyone invading her personal business.
History: Dawn was born into a normal family, the oldest child. Neither of her parents had any form of mutation. At the age of sixteen, Dawn watched her father shoot and kill her mother and younger brothers from her bedroom. Her father looked up to see her and then tried to kill her as well. Dawn was shot three times. Her father skipped town, not realizing his mistake in leaving Dawn alive. Dawn blacked out, but was told by a neighbor whom rescued her, about what had happened. Afterwards, she didn\'t speak for a few months, falling into a form of depression. But at the end of her Junior year in high school, she began speaking again and became one of the top students in her class.
The rest of her life up until college, she was raised by her aunt and cousin, whom used the money from her family\'s deaths to put her through college and further schooling.
She has secretly sworn revenge against her father, vowing to find him and torture him like he did to her family.
Occupation/Job: Student/Waitress
Financial Status: Middle class.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: She has to wear glasses when reading. Her favorite color is purple. Dawn\'s costume is designed not to burn, but she does occasionally burn through her normal clothing if she becomes seriously angry or annoyed. Her normal clothing is not fire-proofed. Dawn also is very confused in what to believe. Part of her knows that revenge can be consuming and can eventually lead her to become just like her father, but she doesn\'t believe that goodness is all it\'s cracked up to be. She doesn\'t want to care about the issues of other people, but often gets sucked into them. She doesn\'t like people to know what she is. Her skin and body temperature is higher than other people.
Hobby/Hobbies: Reading, creating things out of fire (only when no one\'s looking), dancing, going out with friends
Likes: Pretending to be normal, summer, learning, helping others, writing, reading
Dislikes: Discussing her past, winter, scary movies, hurting other people, being used, her father
Strength: Dawn was born with the ability to produce and control fire. She is agile and quick. She has a bit of patience and can be very nice. Dawn/Vendetta is not easily swayed by outside forces such as opinions, objections and normal persuasion.
Weakness/Flaw: Water can harm her severely if, and only if she is conducting fire. She is often confused about what she wants. She tends to hide who she really is because it may be used against her. Dawn also tends to hold a grudge against people whom have wronged her. Her fire can sometimes control her instead of the opposite way around. She also finds herself wanting to trust in someone so badly, she sometimes breaks and relies on the wrong person at the wrong time.
Anything Else To Add: Vendetta isn\'t a villain, but she is unsure about the Hero life. I guess you could say that she is simply walking that line, trying to find out who she is.