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Jenna Hall
« on: October 14, 2009, 07:28:58 PM »
Omnia munda mundis : Everything is pure to pure ones
Jenna Imoen Hall

Age [appearance]: Anywhere from early to late twenties, depending on how she does her makeup
Age [actual]: Twenty six
Gender: Female
Species: Human. Mostly.

Domicile: Jenna's Apartment at the Estralita High Rise - South District

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don\'t have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Yes
Killing: No
Hair: Long brown hair that falls halfway down her back, slightly wavy, parted in the centre and often worn pulled back into a ponytail or bun in order to keep it out of her face.
Eyes: Dark blue. She has naturally long lashes around her eyes, both upper and lower. With mascara to help define them, her lashes can tend to look unnatural.

Standing at 5\'8" she has excellent posture, which lends towards giving her height, though she only wears flats or low heels because they\'re better for her back. A thin frame but not skinny, thanks to a healthy diet and a moderate morning exercise routine, predominantly yoga. Walking around the large Museum all day lends to keeping her fit.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:
She badly scarred her arm once when falling off a horse at the riding school as a child, but it has been tidied up surgically and only a tiny scar remains as proof it ever happened. She has another tidy scar on her right abdomen where her appendix has been taken out. Other than these two marks, her skin is mostly lightly tanned and unblemished.
Personality: She\'s never known true hardship, but she hasn\'t been spoiled by her charmed upbringing. Gentle in nature, she\'s still confident enough to pursue her goals regardless of other\'s opinions of whether she\'s capable or not, is frustrated with those who don\'t seize opportunity when they have it (and is therefore somewhat judgemental), but on the whole believes that all people, if given the right opportunities in life, want to make the right choices. In this respect, she\'s rather naive, but in everything else she\'s a realist - so she can be contrary at times.  She can be fiery, too, though subtly.  If she's met with resistence, she can be quite the hothead.
History: Her history begins a little further back from when she was born. Her great grandmother, Renja, was a fire demon, who met and fell in love with a human man. They met, married, and she produced a female child. She kept her origins a secret, for she knew her husband - a deeply religious man - would reject her demonic bloodline, and also that of her child.
She never admitted what she was, though she was worried about how she was going to explain the changing colour of her eyes once she hit her senior years. As it turned out, she never reached that point, for she was murdered in her late thirties, when walking home from work and having the misfortune to meet an ice demon who had a bias against fire demons. When the police found her body, the cause of death was ruled as a drowning, though it was a mystery how and why.
Renja\'s child had a child of her own, who became Jenna\'s father. None of these children ever discovered their talent with fire and have no idea that there was a fire demon in their family. Renja, by her photos, was mostly regarded as being Hispanic in origin due to her name and appearance, though nobody knows of her history - either true or made-up.
Jenna has had a wonderful childhood, for her parents were wealthy enough to have taken her on holidays to other countries, learning about different cultures and knowing how to speak a few words in different languages. She was educated at the best private school and has a myriad of talents under her belt.

She went to University and studied a number of topics centering around archeology, ancient history, mayan, incan and aztec culture, egyptology and cryptology. Because of her professorial knowledge, she works at the city\'s Museum, negotiating for the acquisition of artefacts, authenticating them on their arrival, and managing the display. She is in charge of the Ancient Artefacts exhibits, which take up a quarter of the second floor - a large area for a young woman her age to manage.
She earns a tidy sum from this job, but there is nobody and nothing in her life other than her work, which mostly makes her lonely. Even though she has gone out on a few dates and had a few boyfriends, she\'s not yet felt a spark with anyone and any relationships she\'s entered into have never gone so well as to have staying power. They end mutually and she keeps her ex\'s as friends, but she wants someone to love.
Awareness of Supernaturals: She has an open mind to supernatural concepts, and confirmed the existence of many different types of supernatural creatures, thanks to Kerr Galvin, Luminary of the Oligarchy.
Occupation/Job: Museum Curator of Ancient Artefacts
Interesting Facts / Quirks: She sings in the shower, she dances around the house when her favourite pop song comes on the radio, she prefers proper stockings to pantyhose. She can speak a little Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese and German, but she\'s not fluent in any of them. She drives a Chrysler 300 in Bright Silver Metallic, because she believes in supporting American manufacturing.
Hobby/Hobbies: Sometimes she watches documentaries on television but she doesn\'t have much time for anything other than her work.
Likes: Eating peanut butter with a spoon, horses and horse riding, travelling, being out of her comfort zone and facing a challenge.
Dislikes: Not knowing how to behave appropriately, not having the right thing to say at the right time, anything minty (which makes brushing teeth a chore), being sick (not to say that anyone likes it, but being sick makes her grumpier than most - she doesn\'t cope well).
Strength: Incredibly focussed, has attention to detail, determined, open minded.
Weakness/Flaw: A workaholic, she often doesn\'t leave time for other pursuits. She must have answers for everything, she hates leaving puzzles unsolved. She will take risks she normally doesn\'t take or think are unwise if she thinks there is an answer to be found.  She\'s stubborn.  Being an only child as well as being her own boss for so long means she\'s set in her ways and believes others should see things her way.  Sometimes she can\'t let things go.
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