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Matthew Dunn
« on: March 12, 2008, 06:39:56 PM »
Full Name and Title: Matthew Oliver Dunn, commoner


21st day of Green Corn Moon (6th of September)

Servant to Lam Wilson


Matthew\'s hair is dark blonde and quite fine.  It is kept quite long - growing to the base of his neck, so that it brushes his collar - and is usually kept tied back in a ponytail at his nape.  Due to the silken nature of his hair, he usually has a few wisps hanging about the front of his eyes, which he will tuck behind his ears or blow away habitually (until enough has escaped the hair tie that he is forced to undo and rety it).  His hair is all the one length and falls from any direction, so it curls in elegant arcs about his face when he is relaxed and leaves it out.  His hair is his most attractive feature when this happens.

Wide-set and a greenish-blue in colour, Matthew\'s eyes are most remarkable because of their clear quality and the stubby dark lashes around them, that help define them.  They are generally looking shrewdly at whomever he is interacting with and tend not to give too much away about his thoughts.

Although straight, Matthew\'s nose is wide and fairly short, with elegant nostrils that aid the youthful look to his general appearance.

Matthew has full, curvaceous lips, with the top one being almost as thick as the bottom.  Although conservative at a glance, when he smiles and reveals two rows of straight, white teeth, his mouth is shown to be quite wide and his smile makes him extremely handsome.

Skin Color:
Matthew spends most of his time indoors, so his skin is quite pale, although he gets enough sun strolling daily through the markets to keep him looking healthy.  He has very fresh-looking and clean skin at all times, because he bathes regularly.

178cm (5\'10)

73kg (163lbs)

Physical Attractiveness:
Matthew\'s features are, overall, quite attractive, but his eyes are set more widely apart than average and they stop him from being classically beautiful; he is appealing because of this slight irregularity but his personality somewhat detracts from it.  Quite frankly, Matthew has no personality, for he is quiet and submissive with anyone but those he knows well and so it is easy for eyes to slide across him without taking him for someone of any substance.

Matthew wears clothes made from quality fabrics and always has, since his family has served the Patrick tailors for two generations.  Although of excellent cut and style, he doesn\'t favour any fancy needlework or complicated styles in his clothing, sticking with fairly snug breeches and a loose shirt with long sleeves, always tucked in.  He occasionally wears jackets to dress his outfits up but never vests.  He favours boots with a solid heel, because he likes to measure up to his employer in height, if he can.

Amelia Dunn is a forty-eight year old woman with a happy smile, a quick wit and the ability to make even perfect strangers feel at home in her presence.  She works for Donald and Mairin Patrick, cooking their food.  She taught Matthew everything he knows about cooking and cleaning (even though she originally wanted him to become something better than a domestic, she eventually accepted that he seemed destined for it) and has a great relationship with her whole family.  She is the loving, vivacious glue that binds them all together.

Oliver Dunn is a fifty year old man who also serves the house of Patrick and has, ever since he was fifteen years old.  He is a beautifully-presented and stoic man with an eye for details and a sharp tongue should anything under his command go awry.  Generally, he says very little and is but a watchful presence, even when in his family\'s company.  Although he is a man of few words, he expresses himself clearly when the need arises and is very content with his station in life.

He has one brother, Campbell, who is three years older than him.  He is married to a woman named Hope and they have one child, a four year old daughter named Melanie.  Campbell is an armoursmith at the forge in Calendria, so he and his family travel back to Oberon once every month or so for a visit (Amelia and Oliver generally take a trip to see their granddaughter in that time, too).

Matthew grew up in a very quiet, well-organised household that instilled those characteristics into his personality as if by osmosis.  He was never interested in rough games with the other boys, nor experienced a thrill when tournament time rolled around; that excitement rose in him when looking at the results of baking competitions or going to the market hanging onto his mother\'s apron strings.  He was never really bullied because he was never noticed enough to be badly treated.  He always had a knack for fixing things that were broken and enjoyed being around healers but his true talents didn\'t lie in those fields.  Being so observant as a child, he watched his parents above all others, idolised them and wanted to be just like them when he grew up.

Matthew attended the public school in Oberon until he was fifteen.  He can read and write, and has a knack for numbers but he only ever needs to employ it when calculating change from his purchases at the markets.

Natural Talents:
Matthew is a gifted cook who has the natural ability to produce flavour from even the most bland ingredients.  He is an especially good pastry chef - since his employer has a love of sweet things and always encouraged him to expand his cooking in that area - and a loyal friend.  He is the perfect servant, as he is watchful, courteous and able to predict people\'s needs without them being voiced, yet he never repeats anything he sees or knows to anyone who has no right to be privy to such information.

Sadly, Matthew\'s hobbies and his work are very similar - he likes to cook.  Thankfully, what he really likes to do when he has some spare time, is invent new recipes that will make mouths water.  He takes meticulous notes on his trials and sometimes tests the results out on his employer but, since he is left to his own devices for large chunks of time, she would never suspect that she is a guinea pig or that he has such a daring hobby.  He also enjoys trading cooking notes with other domestics.

Matthew doesn\'t really have a great deal of personality.  He is not gregarious or inspired, he is not wildly attractive or desperate with want; he is a simple man who leads a simple life happily.  He gets to see his family regularly, is basically master of his own household (especially now that his employer has abandoned her townehouse into his safekeeping and granted him even more independence) and spends all his time doing what he loves.  Some would look down on his domestic enjoyments but he is stubborn and quick-witted enough to defend his viewpoint, should anyone challenge him.  He has a great sense of humour but the only one who sees it is Lam - and outsiders who witness their interactions often feel Matthew is way out of line for saying the things that he does (thankfully, Lam gets him and bears no such grudge against her pseudo-brother/mother serving man).  He is, therefore, generally quiet and observant, doing his best to fade into the background when he is not needed... and be there five seconds before he actually is.

Interesting facts:
Matthew has never had a relationship or been intimate with anyone, nor shown any desire to change this habit.  He enjoys his brother\'s family but, despite being twenty-four now, doesn\'t appear to want anything similar for himself.  Lam wonders if his always-polite behaviour is a defensive front but doubts she\'ll ever find out.