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Watson University of the Arts
« on: December 14, 2009, 11:02:32 AM »
Upon entering the front gates, a long tarmac driveway takes the visitor through a wooded area which quickly opens up into a parkland with benches, barbecues, water fountains, walkways and cycleways.
The driveway ends in a signed roundabout with an elaborate fountain and garden in the centre. Directly in front is the Administration building and other offices, such as the Human Resource department and main Lecturer\'s Lounge. Behind this large, squat red-brick building is a large U-shaped dormitory five stories high, with a centre courtyard. A gymnasium containing an indoor pool as well as squash and basketball courts can be found between the dormitories and the small theatre.
The road to the left is signed as being the way to the Art, Drama, Fashion and Literature buildings. The road to the right leads to the Dance and Music buildings.
The University is open for both day and night classes, for those who are novices to those who wish to master their talents. The fees for beginners classes are very cheap, but stagger to exhorbitant prices when master classes are required.
Dormitories are available for full time students at no charge.