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Haven Crest Complex
« on: December 18, 2009, 11:30:30 AM »
Haven Crest Exterior/General

Haven Crest is a large building with a courtyard and pond. The building itself is comprised of three floors and a basement. The shape of the building is an H, with freshly refaced brick walls. A broad flagstone path leads from the parking area to the building, making a rectangle around the entire structure, and leads to the two side doors on the west and east sides. The small lawns have been converted into sitting gardens, and are bordered on the outside by the path. The sitting areas are designed to offer sanctuary from the loud and noisy environment around them. Tall evergreen hedges present a selection of private spaces where one might enjoy one\'s lunch outside, or simply find a moment of privacy under the sky. These small spaces are outfitted with a tasteful selection of stone or wrought iron benches, and the occasional birdbath.

At the back the center of the H is not a path, but a pebbled courtyard, with a small man-made koi pond just near the reaches of the building. A high wrought iron fence with ornate, but still quite sharp, spikes at the top keeps unwanted guests out. A row of tall, narrow evergreen bushes provide a windbreak and a backdrop to the fence. The courtyard has four stone benches among corniced gardens, ensuring a rather symmetrical and formal feel of the old-world.

The street side of the H is devoted to business offices, currently vacant and awaiting occupants. The back side of the H is rented out as apartments available on a monthly, annual, or semiannual basis. The center section of the H is devoted to facilities such as laundry, rental offices, and the like.

Inside Haven Crest

The most common reason for people to go to the basement is the large conference rooms available for business meetings and other myriad functions. On request to the office manager, the staff is inclined to politely forget what the precise nature of an event is, and a small fee to the rental office ensures the staff's discretion concerning the activities of the guests. Audio/visual equipment is available for rental, and the rooms may be configured in a wide variety of ways. The rooms are carpeted with neutral blue, high-traffic carpet as one might find in a convention hall conference room, and is paneled in dark gray acoustic dampening panels. The ceiling is somewhat high, and the beams have been left exposed, giving easy access to beams and cables. Restrooms are readily available on the same level, and clearly marked.

Approaching from the residential side, the basement has an unusually large number of rooms, which have been outfitted with locking overhead aluminum doors, and these are rented to offices and tenants for storage. These are also accessible from the commercial side, though such access is discouraged by management, as the path to the commercial suites passes through the conference hall areas. Near the back of the long hall on the residential side, behind a thick wooden door marked with a large "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" sign, several rooms have been secured with stronger, swinging steel doors and are secured with thick deadbolts, locked with large padlocks. There are rectangles at the bottoms of these doors that look suspiciously like sliding doors to supply food through, but this is seldom noted, as there is no reason at all for the casual observer to venture so far away from the common areas.

Commercial Side

Ground Floor
Foyer, which leads into the center of the H, where lies the rental office. The floor is a businesslike creamy faux stone tile, and the walls are beige acoustic dampening panels. The ceiling in the foyer is a departure from the usual drop-ceiling tiles, and is instead an eye-catching pattern of blue that lies somewhere intriguingly between ocean and sky. A pattern that could be waves or clouds is inlaid into the plaster panels using a reflective metallic substance that reflects a distorted, incomplete image of the white floor below. The intended result is to create the illusion of moving waves or swirling clouds to reflect the atmosphere in the room. Elegantly bland works of modern art, primarily metal sculptures, stand against the walls around the room. In the exact center of the foyer, a circular help desk is manned at all times by a well-disguised, courteous supernatural in professional attire. The help desk is decorated to match its surroundings.

   When first entering the foyer through the front doors, broad halls extend to the right and left, with the elevators located at the end of each, along which business offices have glass doors, sometimes frosted for privacy. Directly behind the help desk, the Service, Rental, and Maintenance Office can be located at the back of a short, broad hall adorned with four huge potted fig trees and a giant mirror on each wall. Underneath each mirror there is a plain, light gray suede couch, with a highly polished oak coffee table. Precisely arranged, up to date, copies of financial, business, news, and culture periodicals occupy the center of the surface. Two armchairs flank each sofa, and the two sides of the hall are identical. The end of the hall is wood paneling matching the tone of the coffee tables, with a reception window and a door on each side.

   The entire foyer is intended to create an extremely distinct impression upon entering. The person is to understand that this is place of wealth, professionalism, efficiency, and precision. Most of the business suites are unoccupied as of yet, however the level of clientele the owner is targeting has not been left to the imagination in the slightest.

Businesses in Residence
  • [/I][/U]Powell & Jackson Legal Services (Legal consulting firm, does not handle court cases.)
  • Wallasembe Technological Solutions (Networking and cyber-security firm.)
  • Atwood, Miller & Feinster, Inc. (Accounting firm, suspected of fraudulent bookkeeping.)
  • Artisan Design & Engineering Services (Architecture, engineering and landscaping firm.)
  • Brapha Human Resources (Staffing services.)
  • Dawn Brew Cafe & Bistro (A coffee, soup, sandwich, salad shop. 7 AM to midnight.)

1st Floor (1st Raised Level)
   As the ground floor, except the hallway between the two sides of the building has no foyer. A directory is mounted on the wall beside each elevator and in the center of the hall, each flanked by a leafy potted plant. The ceiling is made of foam drop-ceiling tiles on this level, though unlike the downstairs the echo-killing paneling is punctuated with a large print of a famous painting at equal intervals between offices. All the doors here have frosted glass in them instead of clear glass.

Businesses in Residence

Most of the public-level offices for the City Ward are on this level. A directory with tactfully generic references to who, or which specific agency, exists within each office can guide anyone aware of the City Ward's function to the appropriate office. The abbreviation for a City Ward functionary or agency is "C.W. & Partners," the partners being the District Leaders. These agencies include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • C.W. & Partners Investigations
  • C.W. & Partners Records & Archives
  • C.W. & Partners Security Services
  • C.W. & Partners Communications
  • C.W. & Partners Public Relations
  • C.W. & Partners Law Services
  • C.W. & Partners Psychological Care Services

2nd Floor (2nd Raised Level)
   Identical to 1st Floor, except the suites available here are much larger, and thus spaced farther apart. A powerful supernatural (the individual and species changes, although old vampires are the most frequent) with strong (although not infallible) psychic abilities stands guard at each end of the hall and functions as security. You must state who you have business with and identify yourself to pass. They have been instructed that security comes first, courtesy wherever they'd like to place it; depending on the individual working security, you may get fairly rude treatment, or be treated with great respect - even the District Leaders are not above this. Those not aware of the supernatural are told to be gone with no wasted time or explanation.
   Once you make it past security, the doors simply have names or very simple labels such as "Surveillance Center 2" or "Occult Team 1" on them. You are expected to know who you are there to see and what you are there to do.

Businesses in Residence

All the internal workings of the City Ward, and Conner Iessan's personal office. His door is marked only with "City Ward Directors." The Director of each Division (Surveillance, Enforcement, and Concealment) also have their offices in this suite.

Residential Side

Proximity to downtown, relatively low rent, spacious floor plans, easy access to Dawn Brew in-building, and brand-new appliances make these apartments perfect for the young and independent of means. For transient residents, semiannual and monthly contract terms are available. A handful of apartments are kept furnished and equipped for guests. These quarters are available for single-night and weekend accommodations for guests of the owner or the City Ward, and may be also be booked at the Rental office when available. These accommodations are now in short supply, as many of them are used for the City Ward's purposes.

Ground Floor

Two-bedroom apartments of generous proportions are available, recently renovated and updated. Modern floor plans, the option of hardwood or carpet floors, and energy efficient appliances make these a perfect choice for the up-and-coming bachelor or a childless couple. Wide windows look out onto the small but pleasant gardens, and shut out the light efficiently and effectively with heavy-weight blinds if the resident should so choose.

1st Floor (1st Raised Level)

Two- and three-bedroom apartments with the same options as the Ground Floor, designed and renovated in much the same manner. Three-bedroom facilities are equipped with an extra half-bathroom. From the windows of these domiciles, one can see past the garden and see just a bit of the city over the surrounding buildings.

2nd Floor (2nd Raised Level)

Larger suites are available on the top level of the building, including four-bedroom two-bathroom flats. These homes are insulated against noise and are significantly more expensive than the lower levels. Residents of this level are generally hand-picked by the property owner on an invitation basis, or reserved for use by the City Ward upper-echelon directors or visiting dignitaries. Humans are not permitted to reside on this level unless they are donors for the City Ward, one of the District Leaders, or the owner.