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Jonathon Mayers' Office
« on: December 22, 2009, 11:52:15 PM »
Also known as the Rental Office, Jonathon Mayers\' door is immediately reminiscent of a lawyer\'s office. Dark-stained maple is interrupted by highly polished brass characters at eye level.

Jonathon R. Mayers
Rental & Property Management

Once inside the door, one finds themselves in a surprisingly small office. At twenty feet from back to front and fifteen feet side to side with no windows, one would expect more than this extremely functional space for a high-intensity personality like Jonathon Mayers. The walls are the same sound-killing panels as the foyer, decorated on the left side facing in by a huge whiteboard that covers a large portion of the wall. The left side of the room sports a large flat-panel LCD screen that\'s connected to the tower computer in the desk. A broad landscape painting of autumn sun on grassy hills takes up the space behind the desk. Two luxurious, but professional, black leather chairs with brass details sit several feet back from the desk, level with its edges and facing diagonally in towards the center of the desk.

The desk is dark-finished and meticulously polished to a menacing gleam. A flatscreen monitor is positioned to the right of center, angled diagonally inwards towards the chair. Papers are noticeably absent from the surface unless they\'re being used, as are writing utensils and any personal items other than a pair of antique fountain pens resting at precisely matched angles in a wooden stand. Even the mouse and keyboard are concealed underneath the surface of the wide desk. The only thing generally visible is the phone system and monitor, occupying matching and opposite positions on the desk.

Everything in the office screams precision, of meticulous care and observation. There\'s something almost inhuman about the place, a lack of warmth that might send a chill through the weak of heart. There is never anything out of place, left on the desk or whiteboard, or on the screen. The drawers of the desk are always locked unless Jonathon is sitting in his high-back black leather chair, reminiscent of the swiveling chair associated with the stereotypical spy-movie villain. The carpet is a very neutral, low-pile commercial substance, the odd brown-touched gray color of wet silver.