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Aureola Fairbairn [WIP]
« on: February 09, 2010, 08:12:12 AM »
Full Name and Title: Aureola Fairbairn

Age: 17

Birthday: Full Wolf Moon 23rd [February 7th]

Occupation: Stablehand & Horse instructor

Religion: Adora


Eyes: One of Aureola best features in her opinion, would be her deep ocean blue eyes. They still hold innocence and a little bit of joy, they are perfectly symmetrical to the other one. They are surrounded by thick eyelashes, naturally dark and slightly curled bringing out her eyes a lot more.

Nose: It is a fine sized nose for her, not to big or small for her face. It slightly curves out words, leaving a bit of a beak look to her nose. A bit lengthy which fits her long face,


Skin Color:

Height: 5\' 6" [168 cm]

Weight: 118 lbs. [53.5 kg]

Physical Attractiveness: While she is a common farmer girl and considered a undesirable person to noble standards, she has a certain allure around her that attracts people to her.


Mother: Matilda Fairbairn: Thick auburn brown hair, its normally kept in a long braid draped down her back. Silvery gray eyes, they are almost listless and rarely show signs of excitement. Thirty nine years old, she looks only in her early thirties to some surprise. Amongst the farming community, she is known for her tough exterior and terrible scars on her arms. Rumors about different kinds of things that may have happened to her, it is unlikely such events happened but Matilda will never tell. The hardest thing for the woman would be showing she cares, believing in a sort of tough love and life lessons for her family. The relationship with Aureola isn\'t close, the two rarely exchange a sentence between each other.

Father: Elwood Fairbairn: Sloppily kept graying hair, on the top of his head is a bald spot. Deep set ocean eyes, they have dulled with age and lost most of their luster. At the ripe age of forty two, he looks a lot more older for his age however. The fifth generation to run the family farm, despite being henpecked by his wife. Its no secret that Elwood was not cut out for a farmers life, he openly admits hating what he does in life. Most the time found in taverns or pubs, luckily a much merrier fellow when completely plastered. Aureola cares deeply for her father, although is quite often annoyed with his belly aching about life. More to her annoyance is when he confuses her for his sister, who passed away quite some time before Aureola was born.


[INDENT] Spencer Fairbairn: Long auburn brown hair, its kept tied back in a loose pony tail. Deep ocean blue hues, most people find that to be his best feature. The oldest son in the family, he is also the heir to the family farm and all its responsibilities. Unlike his father, he enjoys waking up early and working until the sun goes down. The relationship with his family has always been good, despite usually teasing Aureola about being mistaken as a male a couple times.

Fulton Fairbairn:

Wystan Fairbairn:  

Blythe Fairbairn:



Natural Talents: