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Kysis Liari
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:24:26 PM »
>Full Name and Title:
Lord Kysis Liari
(kI\'-sis lEE\'-ari)


September 23

Patriarch of the Liari weapons business, exiled lord of Kreos.

Thanatos, a greek god that symbolizes death and war. It is the perfect patron for the business, and has been the patron of the Liari family for years. In public, he doesn\'t talk about religion if he can avoid it, all the more since he doesn\'t pray or attend service.

It is of the palest of blondes, platinum in hue, straight and somewhat silky. It is roughly chopped to shoulderblade length. His hair has a tendency of looking slightly chaotic, but in no way unkempt.

Deep blue, like the oceans.

Edging towards small, but still considered medium. It was broken once but properly reset, a small scar on the bridge of his nose and slight bump the only indication.

Medium in width but slightly more plump than most.

>Skin Color:
His skin has a lighter to medium bronze sheen from extensive travel and time out of doors. There is a thin scar on his face, running through his right eyebrow, though it appears as if the eye was undamaged. Other scars line his arms and hands and shoulders from when he was not so good with his sword and from his recent battles in Greece.

Of his visible scars, Kysis has one running through his right eyebrow, with a slight continuation under his right eye.  Another scar runs through the left side of his lips, running down over his jaw line near his chin.  The palm of his left hand has a large scar across it.  Of his non-visible scars, the largest runs up his chest, a wide gash with holes around it from hastily done stitches.  There is an arrow scar on his left shoulder.  A newer addition, mostly scarred over but not entirely healed, is a stab under his bottom-most ribs on his right side; it barely missed his vitals, the scar showing on both front and back.

5ft10in, but be seems more imposing since he stands straight.

though not sheer bulk he still has a finely chiseled form, lean and streamlined but with obvious muscle.

>Physical Attractiveness:
he is attractive in a wild sort of way, but his charm is a bit too dark for most.

He prefers to wear earthen tones on most occasions, such as olive greens, browns, and beiges.  His tunics have a partial lace on the front, large collars, and laces at the bottoms of the sleeves.  He generally wears pants which are slightly baggy, a style from his home, tucked into lace up leather boots.  A baldric and sword generally ordains his waist.  For a special occasion, he might be found in black pants and a royal blue tunic, though this is rare.

She has always been quiet and deeply religious, all of her friends part of one priesthood or another. Raised in a very strict household in the Greek Isles, Arna has passed this on to her own children, teaching them the language of the faith nearly as a first tongue. She now lives north of the pass leading into Kreos, locked in her office, permitting no visitors whatsoever.

Marcos is the younger of two sons in the Liari family. As such, Marcos is not heir to the Liari Family mercantile business, but has been given a fair share by his elder brother. He grew up in a large family in the northern region of Greece, learning the ways of the sword from early on. He now lives north of the pass leading into Kreos, the head of a secret mining operation pulling Liari steel from back entrances to the mines on that northern side after the southern, Kreos side entries were collapsed.

Alia Liari was Kysis’ younger sister, fragile since birth.  She died as a young woman from the same illness Ryos Liari died from just a year prior to her.

Married to Lam Wilson.  It was not long into their marriage that Kysis was forced to leave Oberon.

Pandora, a daughter whom he saw born, but has not been there for for reasons outside of his control.

Kysis lived a secluded childhood in northern Greece. From a young age he was taught to become a clergy member by his hopeful mother, but Marcos refused to let it be, taking Kysis away from Arna and teaching him with weaponry. Kysis was quick to learn and loved it, alternating between more scholarly studies and swordsmanship his entire childhood.

Kysis was tutored mostly by his mother and a priest friend of hers, taking lessons five and a half days a week up to his nineteenth year. He is fluent in Greek, Latin and English.

>Natural Talents:
Kysis is great with hiding his emotions, letting out only the details needed. He would make a great merchant (liar). He is also quick of tongue, able to pull moments of wit as if from nowhere. There is also a mysteriousness about Kysis, which he himself tries building up, that always has someone asking questions. Above all else, Kysis knows his way around swords as if he was born swinging one.

Practicing with his sword, reading sometimes, wandering.

Kysis is a quiet, dark man.  He uses few words when he cares to interact with others at all.  He is intelligent, and often brutally tactless.  He has a warm side, though he rarely lets it be seen, keeping it safe behind an icy shell.

Kysis has war-battered armor which he can be seen wearing now and then, more often now than he used to.  Most of it is pressed leather with plates of Liari steel riveted to it.  He has pauldrons, gauntlets, shin guards, and a breastplate.

Kysis’ preferred weapon is a long sword, slightly tapered towards the tip, with a double ring guard and a wire wrapped hilt; however, he is trained with a large range of weaponry and actually enjoys engineering strange weapons and figuring out how they work effectively.

>Pictures: coming soon!

>Recent History:
He is just returning from Kreos, where the Ottomans have taken over his homeland, forcing his people to flee.  However, not all was lost.  The mines on the Liari Keep side were collapsed, preventing the Ottomans from getting to the precious Liari steel.  The small pass north, as well, was destroyed.  Tunnels open up on the north side of the pass where Liari men work to extract their sturdy steel; though these tunnels are much longer and more dangerous, it is worth it, as it is their only distraction from all they have lost.  After setting up the basics in the temporary camp, Kysis left for the north.

He won\'t talk about what happened in Kreos, though that shell is bound to crack sooner rather than later.

RPs With Kysis (almost all of them):

Distractions (Kysis is new and town and wants a distraction: Captain Wilson helps him out with that)
Soggy  (After a long day with irritating merchants, who doesn\'t need a drink?)
Soggy Farewell (Well, Kysis and the Captain WERE going to say goodbye)
Welcome Warmth (Kysis decides on a sleepover rather than getting lost)
A Not So Warm Welcome (Alia is a bitch)
Casual Distractions (A nice day at the market)
Exhibition (Kysis being a show-off and a moron)
Loose Ends (Kysis gets patched up and plans are made)
Little Rumors (It won\'t hurt anyone\'s reputation if he sleeps over at the Captain\'s again... right?)
Something to Talk About (A picnic gone wrong)
New For Business (The shop has to be manned by someone, and it\'s Kysis\' turn)
Nothing to Talk About (Misunderstandings cleared up between Kysis and the Captain)
Voices Carry (Rico, the ex-lover, crashes a nice dinner party!)
Judicious (Kysis is thrown to the wolves: the noble wolves)
Judicious Retreat (The relaxing time after the banquet.)
House Call (The apothecary comes over to see Alia.  Blindness comes out instead.)
Fine Line (Kysis and Lam have dinner out...)
Fine Lines (Major revelations much?)
Leaving Oberon (More than just going to Kreos)
Kreos (Time spent in the Greece city of Kysis\' lordship)
The Coronation (The title is finally transfered.)
Home Sweet Home (A turn for the worse)
Losing Touch (The harsh reality of death)
Competition (A new weapons merchant has come to town)
Arrangements for the Living (New business ideas?)
Wandering With Different Eyes (Wandering to cope)
A Spring Too Late (A new merchant arrives, and Kysis is curious.)

The Long Road (Kysis returns from war to a house that is no longer his own)
Μεταξύ λάμψη και τρέλα

Lord Kysis Liari (Ένας πεσμένος ήρωας.),
Fenwick Baldor (Song, wine, and a bit of trouble),
Calista Liari (Θραύσματα Ομορφιά)