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Quin Balderdash IV
« on: March 22, 2010, 07:08:52 PM »
Vinum et musica laetificant cor : Wine and music gladden the heart
Caoindealbhain Turlach Balderdash IV

Pronounced: Quind-lin Ter-lack
Nickname: Quin

Age [appearance]:  Somewhere in his early twenties
Age [actual]:  209 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Imp (Fae)
Hair:  A tousled rustic brown.  Some have likened his hair colour to mahogany, though it is not so red, and others call it walnut, though it is not so brown.  His hair is a wavy, lengthy mess on the top of his head, a mixture of curls and wisps that look like a brush has never run through it, yet it is constantly swept up and out of his eyes, perhaps remaining there through sheer willpower alone.  Long enough at the sides to be brushed back with his fingers and to cover his pointy ears, long enough at the back to curl over his collar and keep his neck warm (as he likes to explain).  The front is often a high swirling mess of moppy curls.

Eyes:  His very dark eyes would be described as so dark a brown they are black, by those who don\'t have supernatural sight, but in fact they are a deep purple, the same colour as his wings.  He is very vain about his eyes, wings and tail colour, and falls easy prey to those who compliment him on such.  He has quite large, round, innocent looking eyes, which are very expressive.

Face: With high cheekbones and an angular jaw and chin, he has the generically-described \'impish looks\', which give him a very boyish look overall.  He is clean-shaven but has toyed with the idea of either a thin Spaniards moustache or goatee.  So far he hasn\'t indulged in such.  With rosy cheeks that get a very angry red when he\'s flustered or enraged, it isn\'t hard to tell what he\'s thinking by one look at his face.  Even those that don\'t know him can read every feeling he\'s having just by the look he\'s giving them.

Frame: He\'s very slender and lean, but some might call him skinny.  His ribs do show if he holds his breath and puffs out his chest but otherwise they wouldn\'t be counted.

Standing at a breath over 175cms (or 5\'9") he dislikes the fact his height gives the impression that all imps are short when they are not.  He\'s shorter than most of his species, but doesn\'t like admitting this either.  He won\'t go as far as wearing platform shoes however.

His wings and tail are dark purple in colour, one he is exceptionally proud of.  The purple is so dark it looks black at first glance, but one with excellent vision (such as vampires) would never get the colour wrong.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: He has a light brown shadowy runic tattoo on his face, directly below his left eye, though it possesses no magical powers.  The rune is Naudiz, which in direct translation means \'need\', but he likes it for its greater meanings, which hold a wide scope of interpretation.
Personality:  A hot-headed sort, he\'s easy to rile up if verbally attacked on a personal level.  That said, anyone who disagrees with his opinion is regarded as attacking him on a personal level.  He can control his temper in order to be diplomatic, but it will outpour somewhere else later as he is unable to bottle it in for long.

He indulges in alcohol a great deal, and this makes him a very happy, calm sort.  Everything said to him while he is in a drunken stupor will be considered a joke, and therefore nothing said to him will flare up his temper.

An exceptionally touchy-feely type, he has no understanding of personal space.  All space is available for him to use, and there\'s no shortage of touches, hugs, squeezes, hair-ruffles or groping when he\'s around.  When told to keep his hands to himself, he gets resentful, but this isn\'t enough to flare up his temper - moreso he will mope and make a variety of comments under his breath, just loud enough for the other to hear.

He\'s been an assistant to the Oligarch for Fae for the past few years under Halen\'s (and then Lazarus\') leadership, and has figured out that the Oligarch for Fae is often spied upon.  He doesn\'t know why, however it was enough for his predecessor to resign in a huff, whereby he took over the position of Oligarch unofficially until the recent change of power from Lazarus to Kerr.
History:  Born in Ireland in the early 1800s, he entered the family as the first son but the sixth child, which had him named after his father.  After him came two more brothers and then three more sisters, none of which he has kept in touch with because he was always considered the \'black sheep\' of his family.  After spending his first 130 years with his family, he dreamed of travel and greater things, not wishing to pursue the typical Imp lifestyle of learning and self-sufficiency.  The last thing he wanted to do was learn a trade, especially that of his fathers (tailoring), though he did have a great love for making patches which his father would sew into large quilts for selling to merchants.

He had a very quiet childhood, but as soon as he stepped out of the sphere of his family\'s influence, he had an extremely busy and adventure-filled life, not always of the type that ended well.  Still technically a child until his 160th year, he refused to return to the cradle of his peaceful family life even though he found himself under times of hardship again and again.

Extremely naive and ending up being used (and discarded) by a variety of criminals, it wasn\'t until he stowed himself onto a ship for the Americas that his life took a turn for the better.  He befriended another Imp boy after a series of coincidences that took him to the other\'s front door, and was used once more for his gullible ways, except this time he was actually taught how to secret his identity away without having to skulk around in shadows, and given many other handy tips about surviving in the human world.  It wasn\'t long before he was betrayed, however, and after a physical battle between him and the friend he\'d thought he\'d made, he lost and bitterly left the city he\'d come to know as home, making his way across the country.

Some twenty years ago, he found himself in the city he\'s in now, drawn to it by its many leylines which thrum and help feed his weaving powers.  Because of the power he is able to tap into, thanks to this unusual city filled with supernaturals, he established himself as a tailor (much to his chagrin).  After some years of this, he made a network of friends that eventually led him to meeting other Imps.  He kept his head down when the supernaturals came out under Lazarus\' anarchy, though he did like being able to walk around the city without strapping up his wings and folding his tail.  It scared him, however, being out with demons who seemed to enjoy the violence and havoc they caused, and jumped at the chance of joining the Oligarchy who promised to bring peace to the city once more.

He became an assistant to an assistant, running errands until he became a proper aide a few years later, thanks to his enthusiasm for the job (for anything was better than tailoring for a living), and under Lazarus\' rule he saw his Oligarch walk out in disgust, and took up the position on a temporary basis, though it was mostly paperwork and filing, for very few Fae approached the Oligarchy for assistance.

He really didn\'t have a lot to do with Kerr, even though he was the Oligarch for Vampires, only because of the lack of cases he had to hear.  Now he wishes he\'d spent more time in the Chambers, for Kerr is not part of his network group and he now has to work a little harder to get noticed.  Working hard is not his favourite thing to do.

When the Mimic Demons left and he realised that nothing was stopping other creatures from tearing him apart, he walked away from the position.  Now he just wanders about the city in the more remote locations, living off his savings (which he has accumulated much thanks to his high paid position and the lack of needing money to acquire things supplied by the Oligarchy itself).  It won't take long to power his way through his finances, however.

Awareness of Supernaturals:He knows of every Imp type, and as he used to be the Oligarch for Fae, he also knows about all the species that were represented by the organisation.  However, he doesn\'t really know of the varying cultures his broad scope of Fae represents.

Occupation/Job: Unemployed

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Has a fear of small, furry animals.  A medium-sized dog is fine, but anything less than that has him whimpering and shuffling away (if not disappearing into the shadows - especially if there's a mouse around).

He's learned the art of folding his wings and tucking in his tail expertly under his clothing (though it often has to be baggy), so that he is able to walk among the populace undetected as anything except human.

Hobby/Hobbies: Drinking alcohol, expanding on his patch collection.

Powers: As a Dark Imp, he can weave the following spells:
  • Shroud of Darkness: He can summon a mass of darkness to sneak about or hide away in; it only lasts a short while but is long enough to run away from his enemies.
  • Blindness: He can send a pulse of dark energy to the target and temporarily blind them. He prefers to target using his eyes, as he finds his aim is much better than using his fingertips (sacrificing quantity of pulses for quality of aim).
  • Shadow: He can make a shadow of their choosing come ‘alive’ for whatever purpose, usually battle. An actual shadow is needed for the weaving to work, and it remains that way until the shadow itself is destroyed by no longer having access to the being it is attached to.
Likes: Alcohol of all different types.  Being complimented/flattered/propositioned, regardless of whether he\'s attracted or not.  Flattery will get you everywhere with him, and the cornier the better.  If you have the latest gossip, he loves hearing all about it.

Dislikes: Mice, guinea pigs, anything small and furry.  Hates when someone takes an opposing view to him.
Strength: He\'s crafty and quick to read between the lines
Weakness/Flaw: His quick temper will often get him in trouble, as will his touchy-feely ways, which can irritate some.  He drinks too much and this muddles his senses and powers but it does also make him calmer.