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Dominik Lowe
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:44:00 AM »
Name: Dominik Lowe
Age (Appearance): Early thirties.
Age (actual): Twenty-ish (he doesn't pay much attention since his lifespan is mingled)
Gender: Male
Species: Were-shifter (Black Bear)

Physical Description:

Dominik has grey eyes with a hint of blue in them in the right light. His hair is dark brown and usually kept short enough that he doesn’t have to bother spending hours on it to look good. He does take care of his appearance, but makes it a low maintenance task, choosing simple styles and cuts which don’t need much effort to make them work. There is usually some stubble on his square jaw, giving him a rugged look.

He stands at about six foot four in his human form and weighs about 195lbs most of the year, although his weigh does fluctuate quite a lot throughout the year. His body is muscular, but not usually bulky, and his skin has a warm tan colour to it, but he doesn’t look like he’s just come back from holiday by any means. There aren’t many distinguishing features in Dominik’s appearance, apart from a scar which runs from diagonally downwards from his shoulder to the middle of his back which is very clearly a claw mark. There is also a new tattoo on his neck, showing him to be an Oligarch.

Dominik’s animal form is a large black bear. In his bear form Dominik is about six foot in length and almost three foot in shoulder height, when he rears up on his hind legs it’s quite an impressive sight. His fur, which is a similar dark brown colour to his hair as a human, is soft and thick, apart from the scar on his shoulder, where you can tell there is a mark under the fur because it hasn’t quite grown back properly. He is quite quick, faster as a bear than a human, and his hearing and eyesight is better than most humans’, as are his reactions.


Dominik isn’t a very sociable creature. He doesn’t really go out of his way to make a lot of friends and contacts, but he likes things to work and knows that for that to happen he has to work with others. He enjoys seeing things running smoothly and gets frustrated when things go wrong. Dominik doesn’t usually resort to anger or violence unless he is threatened or it’s necessary, but he is more likely to put on a tough front, blustering and shouting to scare his opponent than actually attack.

During the winter months Dominik becomes quite docile. He has in past years he has become dormant during the winter months, but it wasn’t a real hibernation, and he was still a little active and alert. More recently he’s been trying to live a more normal life during the winter months, although he does get tired more easily and can become grouchy and short tempered, but he becomes a lot more active as soon as the weather warms up again.


As all were-shifters, Dominik inherited his abilities from his parents. They were both able to turn into black bears as well so Dominik was brought up being taught about his abilities and embracing them, and learning about a few other supernatural creatures. Black bears can live up to about thirty, and in his human from Dominik ages at about the rate of two and a half years of age to a calendar year.

He lived with his parents until he was about seven, but then moved out to start his own life. He found himself drawn to the city and moved into his own small flat, doing menial jobs which were really just enough to pay the rent, but he couldn’t’ get anything temporary because he knew that come winter he may well get fired from a permanent job because of poor performance in the winter.

He’d been living in the city for about a year when he took a camping trip, just to get into the wild for a while and embrace his bear form. It was there he ran into a werewolf for the first time, although he’d heard of them before. Dominik, as a bear, kept an eye on the werewolf, and managed to stop him from getting too close to a group of campers. When the werewolf reverted back into his human form Dominik helped him get back to the city, since he was disorientated and hadn’t meant to shift when he had.

It was then that Domink found out more about the Oligarchy, which he’d only heard of vaguely previously. He was surprised to be offered a job by the then Oligarch of the Lycanthrope. As all of the werewolves were supposed to report to the Oligarchy during the full moon to keep them secure, Dominik was offered one of the positions keeping them secure and safe, and keeping others safe from them. He worked there for about half a year before being offered a more permenant job, and so now at other times of the month he seeks out weres who don’t come in at the full moon to try to convince them that the Oligarchy is the best place for them to be at the full moon.

He’s content working there and likes to see things fall into place and work. There are of course the occasional blips, one of those times was when he received the scar on his back. But Dominik is happy to take the bad with the good. Working with people who understand him was better than trying to make up excuses for why he had no good excuse for not getting up in the morning. He sees Lycanthropes as being cursed, but after that first night watching one rage he felt a desire to help them. He wouldn’t want them destroyed, but understands that they need to be controlled to some extent otherwise they could cause so much damage.

Dominik has gradually been working his way up through the ranks, eventually being offered a position at the second in command to the Lycanthrope Oligarch. Dominik didn\'t really think too much about accepting it at the time, but he gradually realised that the only reason the position had been created was because the current Oligarch wasn\'t that fussed about doing any work, and so Dominik was given most of the responsibility without the title and respect of the position. He had the position for about half a year before the Oligarch disappeared, which was just over a year ago.

Dominik hasn’t really been all that involved with the detailed politics of the Oligarchy, he barely noticed when Lazarus took over from Halen, but when Kerr took over Dominik noticed how things which had begun to slip tightened up once again, things getting back to normal and that order was how Dominik liked it. Politics don\'t matter to him, as long as things get done. When Kerr offered him the position of Oligarch to the Lycanthropes Dominik wasn\'t sure about accepting it, but after realising that he had practically had the job for a year already, he might as well make it official and enjoy another pay rise.

There are a lot of things he doesn\'t know about the different species in the city, but since working for the Oligarchy he has learnt a lot more and has got used to seeing some very strange things around. He is somewhat envious of angels, because he would love to be able to shift into a flying creature form.

Dominik enjoys being active most of the time. Every morning he wakes up early and swims a mile or more at the local pool and keeps on with that into the winter months because he tells himself it will help wake him up and he wants to remain active all year round. He, like all weres, is sensitive to silver. There aren’t many people he considers to be friends, but he works to get along with people without bothering to get too close to them. He hasn’t really been in a serious relationship, but he’s had several one night stands, not because he goes out looking for that sort of relationship, that’s just how it’s worked out.

Recent History:

Whilst acting as Oligarch for the werewolves, Dom met a female werewolf called Carrie and they started dating casually. Due to carelessness on both their part, she became pregnant. Dom had never really imagined himself settling down, but the idea of a cub quickly excited him and the couple move in together.

A young werewolf named Caden was causing problems by refusing to come in on the nights he was supposed to. Dom "suggested" to Caden that he come live with him for a while, so that he could keep an eye on him and hopefully get him to see the sense of coming to be locked up for the safety of others.

When the Oligarchy fell apart, Dom found himself suddenly a District Leader. He'd never intended to be a leader, but had only wanted to look out for those who needed it. He'd trained up other shifters to guard the werewolves on the full moons, so there seemed little point in sticking around. Dom took Carrie and Caden and they left, making a home in a forest far from the city, closer to others.


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Re: Dominik Lowe
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After the Time Jump:

Start and End: Dom's mate Carrie kills their daughter Sadie when she's a werewolf. Dom kills Carrie and he and Caden return to the city.;topicseen#msg92149  :
Blood & Bears: Dom goes to see Kerr at the Luminary
Return to the North: Dom goes to visit the new District Leader of the North - Saraekiel.;topicseen#msg93769