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Name: Zoheret
Age [appearance]: Mid-twenties
Age [actual]: roughly 1900 Earth years
Gender Expressed: Feminine
Gender Orientation: Cis woman
Sexuality: Heterosexual, aromantic
Occupation: North West District Leader
Species: Dark Angel
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing: Ask first
Killing: No

Hair: A gorgeous and natural dark blonde, highlighted extravagantly with lighter blonde streaks. Her hair is thick with gentle waves, extending just past the bottom of her shoulder blades. With beautiful volume and elegant body it falls about her face in gracious waves slightly shorter in the front than in the back. Her hair is impeccably soft and thick and has always been very well taken care of. She is fond of wearing her hair partially braided, though loves to try new styles and will do so often.
Eyes: A deep hazel which lean towards chartreuse, lined with beautiful long lashes, usually fixed in a glare or a look of contempt. Almond and always made up with at least mascara. Sculpted and curved eyebrows with a naturally high arch, giving her a divine appearance.
Skin: Flawless, healthy, firm, and a warm ivory. Tans generously in the sun.
Face: Oval, with a strong jawline and rounded chin. High and soft cheekbones.
Nose: Slender and perfect. Ever so slightly upturned with thin nostrils.
Mouth: Neutral pink and perfectly proportioned to her face. A perfect cupid's bow and full set of lips which she usually keeps made up. Straight, white teeth.
Frame: 5'5". 125 lbs (56 kg). A gentle hourglass figure with a small waist. Her body is toned but not muscular. She moves with an air of a queen, one who expects the world to succumb to her demands. She has a luscious frame with appreciative curves. Her breasts are full and her body has always been described as simply perfect. She takes meticulous care of herself. Most characters - especially men - find her extremely attractive albeit somewhat intimidating.
Hands: Slender and petite, long delicate fingers. Almond nails are kept perfectly manicured and painted.
Tattoos: Black dragon behind her ear which marks her as a former Oligarch.
Piercings: Ear lobes
Distinguishing Marks: Large blood-red feathered wings which are kept hidden from most immortals and humans. Wingspan is roughly 15 feet (5ish meters), though they are rarely extended this far. All angelic kind will be able to see these.

General style: Business casual, well fitted and form fitting, with dipping necklines and high hemlines. Clothing is often expensive and well made. Usually wears heels which give her added height.
Around the house: Casual blouses, the occasional tank top. Nice jeans or pants, of dresses.
Doing errands: Usually business casual layers. Occasionally nice jeans and blouse.
To bed: Lingerie or nothing. Depends on who is there.
To work: Business professional attire - usually slacks, heels, and a proper blouse.
To an Interview: Slim-fitted dress with an almost untasteful hemline.
Out for the night: Something with a bit more skin, usually a dress with a tasteful dip.
On a date: Doesn't date, but if she knows she'll be seeing someone, she will wear her special lingerie.
Daily Accessories: A clutch for every occasion, matching jewelry (fond of white gold).
Special Accessories: Thin gold body chains for the right lover. Has a fair selection.

Personality: Proud and showy. Ambitious, determined, and persistent. Cold, cunning, and self-interested. Manipulative, especially with lovers. Self-righteous, stubborn, and closed-minded. Often cruel for amusement, lacking in empathy and compassion. Very judgemental. Extroverted, but only just; she does not have any lasting relationships with anyone and she prefers it this way. Charming and seductive, but very conceited. Mostly fearless and meticulous in her execution of an idea. Tends to be impulsive when provoked.

Philosophy of Life: Keep things interesting
Strongest Positive Trait: Persistent
Strongest Negative Trait: Lacks compassion

Character Strengths: Determined, never self-critical, charismatic, supernaturally beautiful. Resistant to flattery.

She is knowledgeable in all the ways of the Angels and of all of the creatures of the earth. She rules with an iron-fist and is rarely disputed, standing firmly by her gut decision. She knows the ins and outs of angelic law both in Heaven and in the city. She is extremely attractive and powerful and has the ability to intimidate nearly anyone who approaches her
Character Weaknesses / Flaws: Vain, manipulative. Always believes that her way is the right way; it is almost impossible to change her mind if it's made up. Makes judgements without always investigating deeper. Arrogant and commanding. Loves to hold grudges, but only when it suits her. Often unsympathetic to the plight of others, especially if they are not directly in front of her.

Emotion or Logic?: Logic
Introvert or Extrovert?: Extrovert
Generous or Stingy?: Stingy
Polite or Rude?: Depends on who she is speaking to
  • Looks down upon many other species, especially demons and vampires.
  • Always wears makeup.
  • Carries around a small mirror wherever she goes.
  • Tends to look down upon guardian angels. Will purposely try to turn each of them away from the Light.
  • Never admonishes herself for mistakes.
  • A sister of Lucifer.
  • Has a sweet tooth.
  • Very comfortable in nature.

Hobbies: Sunbathing, figure skating, horseback riding, archery.
Pastimes: Online shopping (especially for clothing), working
Likes: Travel, the ocean, flying, sex, humans, toying with people, holding political power, flirting, seducing men, most animals
Dislikes: Demons, vampires, her wings being touched, Angels, being rejected
Bad Habits / Vices: burning bridges, physically cursing others
Disabilities: Suspected diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Sense of humor: Dark and cruel
Temper: Blazing hot and easy to trigger. She
Pet Peeves: Being called a 'Bitch', being called anything except 'Zoheret',
Major Hangups: Being called 'Sarai'

Food & Drinks:
Movies & TV shows:
Books & Magazines:

Attitude towards religion: Accepting of all religions, but will roll her eyes when meeting a fanatic.
Morality/Ethics: What morals?
Stand Up Citizen or Law Breaker: Whichever fits her mood that day.
Last Good Deed Performed (If Any):
Last Time They Broke the Law (If Any): Two years ago.


Intelligence Level:
Awareness of Supernaturals: Has some familiarity with all supernatural beings, though she cannot always identify their exact species upon the spot. She can (naturally) tell if they are supernatural or human, but unless she is familiar with the identifiers of the species, she doesn't know. She is familiar with demons, vampire, angelic kind, werewolves, shifters, and certain fae and can usually recognize them by their auras.

Speech Patterns: Formal American English
Eye Contact: Intense and judgemental, piercing.
Gait: Slow and commanding with appropriate amount of hip swaying
Posture: Tall and straight. Shoulders are back and
Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities:

Commonly Seen Holding:
Common Stance 1: Crossing one leg over the other
Common Stance 2:
Common Stance 3:

Current Occupation: NorthWest District Leader
Salary: $89,500 yearly
Previous Occupations: Oligarch for Angelic kind
Socioeconomic Level as a child: N/A
Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Upperclass
Hometown: N/A
Current Residence: Attica Villa - 1346 Cliffside Drive
Type of home/ neighborhood: Greek-inspired manse


History: Sarai was a sister of Lucifer when she and the rest of the angels of heaven were first created many millennia ago, and she was considered nearly as beautiful as her brother. At creation, she was as good of a servant as any other angel was and loved the kingdom of Heaven. She was modest, happy, and always willing to help others. The two angels were very close, despite their differing opinions about Heaven. As time went on, however, she was influenced by her brother’s thoughts and opinions, though she never outwardly agreed with them. She began to regard God’s position with a touch of hatred, though she never acted upon these thoughts like her brother did. When the uprising of the angels under Lucifer finally occurred, Sarai stood on the side lines and remained neutral, preferring her position over punishment of being cast out of Heaven.

After his fall, though, Sarai visited her brother in Hell and tried to convince him to repent for his sins against God. When he refused, stating that he’d much prefer to be the ruler of Hell than a servant in Heaven, Sarai returned to Heaven and refused to visit her brother again. His ideas, however, remained with her and slowly festered in her mind over the millennia of remaining in Heaven. While she understood that she could only live in Heaven free of any of the sins, she felt the temptation grow in her. She threw herself into the protection of the earth, but she began to begrudge God a few things. The longer she remained under God’s control, the less she liked her position and the more she began to understand her brother’s decisions. Under God’s rule, she was sent to go out and fight against her brother’s influence over the human race, something she was never comfortable doing, knowing that their ideas about power were very similar. In order to fight against temptation of sin, she devoted herself to her kingdom and the greatness of God.

In order to get her mind away from her thoughts of coveting God’s position, she began to spend more and more time around humans in order to remind herself of her position in Heaven, as well as to flush the pride out of her head. Unfortunately, remaining around humans more in order to help them never helped rid her of her pride. Instead she slowly began to become smug about her position in Heaven, and began enjoying the human attention on her angelic beauty. She became vain, focusing on how the humans viewed and treasured her beauty over the years. Without realizing her mistakes, she spent more time getting attention for herself and getting the humans of earth to covet her.

It was a long time before Sarai crossed the line between delivering messages from God’s kingdom and coveting human attention and praise. It was nearly 100 C.E. before she fell out of God’s grace. Noticing that the angel had become very vain about her looks and position in Heaven above all of the creatures on earth, she was banished from the kingdom and labeled as Fallen.

When Sarai fell, instead of embarrassment, she felt anger toward God and cursed him, remember the actions of her brother. Seeking an audience with her brother, she begged him to forgive her mistrust of him. In return for her love and appology, he gave her the spell for becoming a Dark Angel and the name Zoheret. She was fallen for no more than a month before she chose the path of a Dark Angel. She has been wandering the earth ever since, observing her brother’s influence in the world, but never fully accepting his ways. Instead she helps fallen and dark angels the world over. Her name has become famous throughout the world of the fallen angels. Because of her own vendetta against God, she helps other fallen angels turn dark and tries to turn the guardians of earth away from their tasks of protecting the humans.

In recent times, her own ambition has granted her the chair of the Oligarch for the Dark Angels. For now, she’s content with her position.

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